Friday, August 2, 2013

The week that's been..

So I didn't quite stick to my plan.

Monday: Didn't run.  Walked maybe 1.5 km with the dogs after work before I had to be home for groceries to be delivered.

Tuesday: Didn't sleep so didn't go to Yoga. Had hairdressers appointment after work so sleeping in meant no exercise

Wednesday: Almost talked myself out of boxing, to the point where I was hoping traffic would stay bad enough that I'd miss the class.  But I was only a few minutes late (so might have missed a warmup). Apparently the ladies had a mini celebration when I arrived as that meant there were 4 people in the rotation.  We got 4 rounds each.  First round I think was moving backwards whilst punching, Second round was chasing him whilst trying to throw punches (he got a workout with all his moving), Third round was standing still but he had us ducking, stepping, turning, etc in between doing punches, Fourth round was 3 minutes of alternating high punches, straight punches, repeat.  I stopped twice to roll my shoulders as man they were hurting, and some of the time there wasn't anything to my punch.  But the guy was so enthusiastic when I did hit so I didn't feel too bad :)  So it was dumb that I almost talked myself out of the class as I don't overly feel fit enough for it - but then it's a good workout and the guy is really positive.  I like that he's trying to liken what we do to proper boxing even if it makes it more challenging for me as I'm used to Body Combat type classes :)

Thursday: didn't get out of bed when my alarm went off but I still went out for a run.  Did a pretty average 3.95km at a 7'06" pace.  Don't think I can run without breakfast, unless I was just tired after doing Boxing the night before.  Will see how I go on Saturday.

Friday: Awake from about 3:30am - so I made myself go to bikram as I didn't get back to sleep by 5.  Again I've been talking myself out of bikram.  Seems I've got over a month to go unless the woman told me the wrong thing this morning.  The heat was also less than normal (so was an enjoyable heat although still hot enough to be sweating profusely).  I found my shins and knee were sore - I imagine from my running.  I also struggled with triangle pose - one shoulder was definately stiffer/sorer than the other.  I struggled with keeping my arms up for the whole time but least did the two sets of everything.  I also struggled with balance, although it was especially hard with the person next to me constantly falling over.  It was a nice 4 person class with 1 pro.  I felt bad as she was next to me (in front) so I was hoping she was able to ignore my awful balance :)  So maybe Friday morning bikram classes are a good idea.

Saturday: alarm went off at 6:30am, forced myself up to have a banana smoothie. Went to the tan track for the lululemon running group. It was freezing!! Friend from my Fernwood days was running the group so it was nice to catch up with her. Decided to go in the medium pace group and ended up buddying up with a lady who she had met in port Douglas on a run. This lady turned 50, decided to take up running and in 2 years had run 7 half marathons already with her eyes set on a marathon next year. The end of the run got a bit confusing as I pushed myself up Anderson st hill and saw the rest of the group ahead but they ran off, then did a loop back thing. Despite having being told on the hill to just make it round the corner for some stretching!  I'm not sure I would have made that hill had I not been running at a really cruisy pace. We got a free breakfast which was little bits to eat. Even ate a smoked salmon mini bagel and had a latte no sugar :)  I'm not sure if I'm fast enough for the medium paced group so I'll have to give it another go! I also got chatting to a woman from the Bourke street store. So good way of meeting new people! Completely forgot to start my Nike running app and take my gloves when I left the car.

Sunday: no exercise. So tired as had been out of the house most of Saturday.