Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 3 & 4 recap

Week 3
Mon: made the 5:30 pm bikram class
Tues: opted for making a roast chicken dinner instead of evening bikram. Had a work conference so couldn't go to the am class.
Wed: went to 7:30 pm bikram class. Best class so far, didn't take any rests! Not sure if it was because there was lots of newcomers to the class or if I was just in the right physical and mental state.
Thursday: went to 6am bikram class. Had a very ordinary class, I think it's too tough to do a late class and then an early class. Was really sleepy for the rest of the day and ate lots of crappy food as I didn't feel like proper breakfast.
Friday: no bikram. Coughing lots though.
Saturday and Sunday: no bikram. Saturday had a birthday party to go to which overlapped with yoga. Saw a 10:20pm movie on Saturday night so was in bed around 1am, couldn't get to sleep for awhile. Woke up early before going back to sleep so was super tired when I woke up at 9:30am so didn't even try to make the 10am class.

Week 4
Mon: made the 5:30 pm bikram class but felt tired during and after class. Took a break in standing head to knee (side) pose as was feeling a bit ill. Had slept awfully.
Tues: didn't go to bikram class - didn't go to bed until 10:30 Monday night and back was really sore.
Wed: 5:30 pm bikram, felt incredibly tired. Was told I was probably lacking in electrolytes, probably true as I hadn't been having them at work. Guess the post workout coconut water wasn't enough.
Thursday: 6am bikram, felt bit better having dosed up on electrolytes, but still stiff! Can't wait until I can just do morning classes.
Friday: no bikram
Saturday: was thinking of doing bikram but decided breakfast appealed more! Hope the new timetable has classes on the weekend before 10am
Sunday: lazy day!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week 1 & 2 recap

So I've signed up for 3 months of bikram thanks to a new studio opening nearby. 

Week 1 looked like this:

Monday pm: bikram
Tuesday am: bikram (up at 5:10am!!)
Wednesday pm: bikram
Thursday am: up crazy early again for bikram
Friday: rest (no class suited, part relief but part feeling odd :))
Saturday am: bikram, afternoon of arbonne involving nibbles and sparkling Shiraz.
Sunday am: mothers day classic. 8km run at 52mins. Not bad given I can't remember when I last ran. I did walk 1.5 times Anderson st hill, and a little bit of a smaller hill on the 2nd lap but was happy with my effort.

Week 2 not so good:

Monday pm: bikram (jase cooked dinner - yay!). Had sore throat in the morning.
Tuesday: turned off my alarm about 4:45am after waking up at 3am, opting for more sleep instead of yoga. During day nose started running, in the evening spent an hour doing cardio tennis. Think I strained my neck.
Wednesday: sick but went to work. Neck came good overnight thankfully.
Thursday: sick stayed home to rest.
Friday: sick with major headache. Went to dr to be told it was viral, eventually bought mersyndol and felt a lot better after taking one. 1.5km walk to pick up the car with the dogs. Slept heaps.
Saturday am: bikram, lunch out then lots of watching Telly with the dogs.
Sunday am: bikram then ate wayyy too much at a local tapas place!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

12WBT finale! (a bit overdue as I was going to put in photos but its getting super late)

Group Workout time!

So the group workout was held at the stadium at Albert Park Lake.  A few of the girls from the local group headed off to the Timed Run that was happening nearby (and seems to happen before each end of round workout).  I didn't as I figured the day would be long enough as it was and was still nursing a sore back.   It was also FREEZING with spots of rain.

The group workout session included a stage where they were running fitness challenges in groups of 4, mini challenges, the best dressed prize, a coffee stand, sponsor tents, and the group workout.  There seemed to be a distinct lack of food - apart from the protein bars you could buy, and the samples from the George Foreman tent. By 12:30 when we left I was STARVING!!!  Didn't help an insomniac night had meant my plan of having a big breakfast turning into a banana smoothie before racing out the door.

So we checked out the sponsor stands, I liked the protein bars they had, especially the mint and chocolate mini bar.  Though it seemed expensive.  3 bars for $5 (they were tiny, but maybe they were seriously packed full of protein :)).

The fitness challenges were kinda cool.  4 people at a time got given a certain amount of stuff to get through and whoever finished first went through to the final.  This meant that technique went out the window a lot, but it was stuff like plyometric lunge where your back knee had to touch the ground, pushups with lifting hands off the ground (when on the ground), some jump squat/burpee type stuff, situps, knees open hands must touch the ground above your head when you went back.  One girl was so in love with Mish that she hugged her from the side then wouldn't let go.  Mish was funny with it though (as in in a good way), saying she might have to adopt her. For 2 rounds we secured a spot near the stage and it was so nice and warm! So that kind of meant we stuck around there.

I would have liked (now) to have done the mini fitness challenges, and potentially the DEXA scan. This was the first exercise I'd done in about 6 weeks though due to holiday, getting sick with a virus, then a buggered back.

The group workout was fun, hard work. I didn't do all the ground stuff as the ground was wet, but I did some of it.  I also did a lot of the lower impact options but still felt buggered.  Burnt about 600 calories for the hour workout and the 20 minute wait and photo opportunity that followed (forgot to turn off my monitor :)) The photo opp was groups of 10 or more queuing up with people fighting their way to the front to get the group up on stage. We got 2 photos before being ushered off the stage. There was a rush to get prime position next to mish.  Unfortunately no indication was given as to when to look at each camera but in one of the photos I was looking the right way!!

Had my hair and make up done by my friend Natalia one of the original transformer group members. She did an awesome job!! Then home to find stockings, shoes and a handbag! Picked up by Paula and her sister to head to crown palladium. The night was fun. They had buffets of food set up from the time they opened the door, including awesome lamb chops. They had a popcorn maker with no butter or salt so I gave away half my packet. Paula's friend was getting us drinks, taking away our dirty plates and holding drinks and jackets whilst we had photos taken. He rocked!!

There was the official photo wall, green screen where they superimposed mish into the photo, photo booth with props. I missed the presentations as was waiting for our group to get a photo taken, and spent way too long queuing for the green screen photo and enjoying a seat. By the time I went to find other people they had disappeared. Music was good and enjoyed a bit of dancing after the alcohol got cut off. We left about 11 when the music started getting unrecognisable.  So the only thing I'd change was trying to find other people earlier, but I still had a great time even though I didn't catch up with everyone. I also paid little attention to the photos they were projecting so not sure if our group made an appearance or not. Glad I stuck with 1 champagne and 2 red wines. No hangover for me :)

Back to Bikram

So a new Bikram place opened up in Yarraville.

Managed to find them on Facebook before their opening weekend and got one of their opening special packages.  They had an opening weekend with cupcakes and opportunity to win gear - didn't end up making it as the Saturday was 12wbt finale day, and Sunday morning I woke up super early then back to sleep, so by the time my alarm went off to the 10am class I was just too tired and went back to sleep.

Managed to convince a friend to sign up with me although she's only doing the 10 day trial.  It helps knowing someone else would be there, as otherwise I would have postponed starting it.  Although it's hard to chat after class as I'm usually so out of it!!

Day 1 & Day 2 apparently the temperature was lower than it was supposed to be due to building issues.  Still felt really hot. I'm finding it hard to find a good pattern of classes to attend.  At the moment going to a 7:30pm class and the next morning I'm back for a 6:00am class.  Which means I get home at 9:30pm and feel rushed to eat, drink, shower and sleep whilst setting my alarm for 5:10am the next morning. Day 3 the temperature was correct and it really hit you when you walked in the room.  I struggled with the heat and felt a bit dazed at the end of the class (which for me isn't unusual - but the heat was even more of  a challenge during the class).  Day 4 and it seemed to be more like the first few days heat, so whilst I'd like to think I was getting used to the heat I'm thinking that because it wasn't following on from another class that it wasn't as hot as the night before.  Getting used to hearing the commentary of the yoga moves and technique, so that you are reminded on what to focus on even though the teacher isn't doing anything.  Both teachers gave me small corrections too during class so that was helpful.

It's a bizarre kind of class. I tend to get distracted from the heat and don't really feel like I've worked out but my muscles are all really sore. Especially my legs, back, and today shoulders. Plus the more sessions I do, there are some moves which are getting better, and some (like sitting on my knees and feet straight back) I don't feel I'm making any progress at all. Today I had really bad balance, so probably wasn't locking out my standing leg enough.  I also go through waves of mentally being pumped for the class, then hit the point where I don't really want to be in the room any more.  Today I was starving when I got out of class, previously I hadn't felt that hungry.  Reading back on last year's attendance of Bikram it seems I usually felt ill after class.  So was good today that I felt good.  Although straight after the class felt bit crappy and out of it, then had a bit of a high, then back to feeling crappy..

Tomorrow is a day of rest - yippee!! No classes suit when I can go.  Then I think I'll try to attend the 10am class on Saturday morning and no class on Sunday as I'm running in the Mother's Day Classic.  Still have to see if I can fit in a short run on Friday.  I'm not sure what routine I'm going to settle into for Bikram - but for now am trying to go as much as possible and see if it helps my back and improves my strength.

Here's the poses of Bikram Yoga. I find them inspiring but not sure my computer job body will get to that flexibility any time soon :)

The Yarraville Bikram yoga place is here:

It's been interesting going to a new place, as some classes there's almost no one in the front row.  Plus there isn't the culture of don't talk in the room (before and after the session).  So you can pick the new people.  Sometimes its good seeing other people sitting down, but other times it is distracting when people aren't coping with the heat (like last night).  Liking the teachers though :)

Update - so today is my day of rest and I'm pretty sure I need it.  Can't recall how I slept but I dreamt that I woke up and turned off my alarm, then woke up and found that my alarm hadn't gone off yet.  I was really tired and my lower back is a bit twingy.  It already feels odd not to be heading to a bikram class today - maybe I have the bikram bug already??

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 12 - lessons

Final Tips - Part 2

4. Get Organised. Plan ahead and predict potential pitfalls.
5. Stick to the program.  Lay down the habits and stick to them.
6. Flex your willpower muscle.  Celebrate your mini wins every day, getting you closer and closer to your goal, and further away from your poor habits.  eg. Eating breakfast, keeping portion size down, doing training and with class.  Your mini wins will add up over time.
7. JFDI.  Listen to your inner adult. Strength of character and earning self respect by toughening up.

Be the best version of yourself that you can be and have fun!

You did it!

- Decide what it is you are telling your body to do.  Eating more than you need / working out.
- What example do you want to set to those who are influenced by you.
- Make yourself proud.
- Live the extraordinary life that you deserve.

week 11 - lessons

Taking stock

- Identify all the Roles you take on in your life
- What goals and aspirations you have for each of the roles in your life
- Create an action plan (intention becomes a plan by giving it a timeframe)
- Write down the actions into your diary (tend to it weekly like a garden)

Before you do this
- Statement to yourself about yourself.  Write yourself a letter that you will open 6 months from now.  Include the things you want to change, and the things you want to have achieved by that time.  You must write the statement in the present tense, as if it has happened.
- Use phrases like "I am a member of the local gym.  I am enjoying my run every morning."
- You cannot use negative phrases "I don't work for my crummy boss anymore, I no longer have an extra 10kg on me"
- Our negative language can define our thoughts
"Present tense and no Negative phrases"
- Put it in an envelope and write the date on it when you are allowed to open it.

Become the best version of yourself.

Final Tips - Part 1

- You can do what you set out to do.
- Don't think of "maintenance mode" as that's something you could slip in and out of.
- If you have to miss a training session, then balance it out with good nutrition or vice versa.
- Keep the habit of weekly weigh ins.
- Don't just plod through the motions, get into it.
- If weight starts creeping up - then go back to keeping a food diary.  Or get back to the program lessons.
- Be the best version of yourself that you can be.  Body, Health, Attitude, Relationship with others, Community.

1. Get support.  Don't expect to do this alone.  Nurture your supporters.
2. Become your own biggest fan. Use confidence boosting language. Believe in yourself.  Recognise your successes. Try looking back. After a win, smile and give yourself a pat on your back.  Be mindful of your inner dialogue keep it positive.
3. Set SMART goals.  Always be working towards something. eg. 1, 3 & 6 month goals.  Keep them clear in your mind, and attach rewards to your goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based.  a) be specific.  Be crystal clear about where you are going and what you want.
b) cold hard numbers - so you can monitor your progress. eg. weight, clothing sizes, fitness goal PBs.
c) capable of reaching given the time you have available to you and your circumstances
d) understanding what you can achieve (ie. if you're close to your goal weight then it could take longer to lose the last weight)
e) day by day, month by month plan.

Week 10 - lessons

Surviving in the real world

- How badly do you want it? Cost vs consequences
- Are you truly accepting responsibility for your thoughts and actions? Or are you still playing the blame game/victim mentality
- Have a clear goal to work towards.  Successful people know exactly what they want, pretty much all the time
- Self belief & self worth (achievements will boost this)
- Look for the cracks in your everyday choices.  Look for internal justification coming in.  Angel vs
devil on your shoulder
- Why are you using food as fun and spontaneity?  Doesn't use alcohol as a crutch for fun or confidence.
- Watch your weight. When you deviate 2kg from your goal weight - time for the warning bells. Do an audit on your nutrition and exercise.  Time to reign it back in.  Start a food journal, reduce the number of nights you eat out, and drink alcohol.  Or be pedantic about what you order at restaurants.
- Make sure your new habits are supporting and not hindering you
- To deeply ingrain, follow for 2 years


  • We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for
  • Identify the cracks when they appear
  • Those little decisions you make every day have the biggest impact.

Week 9 - lessons

Tighten Up Tuesdays
- reset your daily routine
- refocus on your goals and snap back into the healthy habits
- wholegrain bread & cereals, no calorie dense food.  Fresh, wholefood options with little processing
- caffeine free, sugar free, artificial sweetner free, alcohol free, chocolate free
- water and herbal tea are your only drink options
- give your exercise 110% today
- no reward or treat, apart from knowing you did a great job
- set your goals, and work out what you need to do to achieve them.  Revisit or update your goals
- get to bed early, and get an extra hour's sleep

Pay Offs and Costs
Answer these questions:
  1. What are your goals. Why did you join or return to the program?
  2. What is the payoff for you if you achieve your goal or goals?
  3. What is the cost to you in order to achieve your goals?
  4. What is your payoff if you don't achieve your goals? (eg. get to sleep in, don't have to exercise, can eat whatever I want, take no accountability)
  5. What is your cost if you don't achieve your goals? (Sickness, lack of energy, angry, depressed, early death)
Which answers are you most fearful of?  Which statements hit you the hardest?

The #5. costs considerably outweigh #3. costs.

Consider the payoffs (2. and 4.)
Answers to #4 seem easy and comfortable?  They will come at a cost, are you willing to pay the costs?

Imagine your life achieving your goal.  Look back with pride, look at what you can do having achieved your goals.  Payoffs for not achieving your goal appear as a rip off (inner teenager). You're an adult with responsibility. At what point are you going to be grown up about your health? This really important part of your life.

Short term payoffs vs the long term costs.

Be clear on what you have to lose.

Week 8 lessons

Support and Sabotage
- don't be a victim and don't play the blame game
- don't let others destroy what you have achieved

Identify your saboteurs
- they see it as something being taken away from them - what are they losing by you gaining?
- stir up their feelings of guilt, frustrations

By you succeeding what are they losing?

Put your intentions on those you are onboard and supporting you all the way.

Support & positivity.  Truly excited by your goals, offer love and encouragement, genuinely want to see you achieve your goals.

Why do we get our back up when people suggest things to avoid?  Self-sabotage.

There will always be saboteurs - its up to you how you react to these people.  Your responsibility is key to what happens next.


You have the ability to respond in any way you choose.  You can respond by giving them power, or by giving you power.

Be true to you.  You don't have to convince others - this can be a drain on your energy.

  1. Have faith in yourself, and your journey.  It's your response that can empower you or dis-empower you.
  2. Identify the intentions of your saboteurs (resentment, or indifference).  
  3. Don' fuel the fire, don't antagonise or try to change their mind.  They're entitled to their opinion and you to yours
  4. Don't be a saboteur to someone else (don't force your beliefs onto someone who doesn't want to know about it, or aren't ready for it).  You can't want it for someone else.
  5. Nurture your supporters.  Your well of inspiration and they will be there when you need them.

Do this program from a place of love not for revenge or out of frustration.

Eating Out
- 1 tablespoon of oil can = 100 calories
- eat like a sparrow
- share plates with people or eat an entree

Rules to follow:
1. never go out starving
2. have your afternoon snack a little later in the day, and is more filling (eg. yoghurt, protein shake)
3. always say no to the bread.
4. where possible view the menu online, and preplan your choices

Better choices
- Italian: never choose pasta, especially a creamy sauce.  choose a thin crust pizza, 50% or more of vegetables, or protein based meal (steamed/grilled rather than oven baked)
- Chinese: go slow on the rice, no on the fried stuff.  Stir fries can be better by be careful on sauces and nuts
- Indian: try sharing a few dishes so some of them contain vegetables.  Be mindful of the bread and rice you eat.  Put everything you plan to eat on your dish at once, and don't go back for more.  You can better guage
- Thai: curry is full of fat.  Green/Red contain coconut cream/milk - is the bad fat. Opt for salad or a soup.
- Ask for mixed vegetables or a salad instead of the roasted vegetables. Sometimes they are deep fried.
- Plate: 25% protein, 25% carbohydrates, 50% vegetables or salads (with minimal sauce/dressings)
- Holidays: have a decent breakfast, choose to have either a light dinner or lunch.  Steamed food is often the best choice.

Week 7 - lessons

Your body is perfect
- your body is perfect.  Amazing machines.  Do exactly as they're told and respond perfectly.
- they respond to what we tell them to do.

The way we think is important.

Looks at how your thinking has got you to where you are today

Don't use the past as an excuse, but use it as a tool for the future.  Bad habits that potentially go back to your childhood.  Let them go.  Understand your past, and make changes in the present - to make a change to your future.

Identify 3 habits you changed as part of the body transformation
- where did this habit stem from, why did I become so attached to it, how can I prevent it from reappearing
- eg. when I'm tired I don't need caffeinated drinks.
- automatically having a glass of wine (1-3 every night), to relax and sugar cravings.  Think about the calories, and sort out your sugar levels.  Feeling great is far more fun
- skipping breakfast

Pick 3 habits you want to change
1. where did it stem from
2. why did I become so attached to it
3. what childlike behaviours have you set up around this habit (but I want it, I deserve it)
4. how do I prevent it from reappearing, or how to shut it down when it appears

Change your behaviour to change your future.

To feel powerful and in control - you have to find your state of mind.

Being the best version of yourself

Thoughts on quitting
- you are not alone
- on the verge of quitting, you are full of potential.  Solid opportunity to behave differently to what they would have normally
- breakdown -> breakthroughs.
- based on being honest, open, and introspective enough to get that breakthrough
- learn something about yourself after having a breakdown
- make a change, and act differently
- take the emotion out of it, and look at what you can do to work around your current situation
- don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others
- you are unique there's nothing to achieve through comparison to others, always setting yourself up for disappointment

You - be the absolute best version of yourself that you can be

Worry about you and your personal best

Celebrate others victories.  Take on other's breakdowns and lessons (ie. learn about you, who you were, and who you are now).  Play on the team, don't stand on the sidelines.

Commit to being the best you can be.  Stay true to your cause.

What are you going to do that makes a difference, that makes you become a better version of yourself. How do you stop the old thoughts from coming back.  I'm not good enough, I don't deserve this.  Self-sabotaging behaviours that have held you back in the past.  Sneaky manipulations to give up.  I'm justified in giving up.  Victim mentality.

Don't blame others, don't compete or compare.  Take full responsibility for our actions and inactions.  Be as strong as you possibly can.

Every day - choose who you are going to be that day.  The better version of yourself. Choose to eat the correct portion of nutrition.  Choose to exercise.  Choose them from a place of love and respect to yourself.  Keep making the same choices every day, consistently.

Stop the self-limiting language and beliefs.  Stop saying negative things about yourself.  Say the exact opposite. "They're having some - why can't I?"  Grow up.  Acknowledgement.  Look at times in the past where you have set yourself up for failure.  Recognise the warning signs.  Victim mentality.  Put into place some techniques to stop it.  Visualise a stop sign, walk away from the situation, forward think it, how am I going to feel in an hours time, maybe blow off steam in a training session.

Do things differently.

Sabotaging behaviours just isn't on.  Stop comparing, use positive language (internally & externally) - your journey will become easier.

Live your life a better version of yourself.

Week 6 - lessons


Facing the thoughts and issues that you may have been hiding from.  Instead of resisting them, embrace them.  Acceptance.  Acknowledge the things you can't change.

Resistance or denial go hand in hand with negativity (thoughts and emotions).

Achieving positive changes seems overwhelming.

If you don't like something - change it.
If you can't change it, then change the way you think about it.

In our emotional state - we can go completely in the wrong direction.  Once you can accept where you're at, put logic into it rather than emotion - then you can move forward.

List 5 things you love about yourself.

Week 5 - lessons

Self Sabotage

Self sabotage vs lack of pre-empting or poor planning.

Self sabotage is unthinkingly doing something to punish yourself.  Ugly internal dialect.  You don't deserve it, you're not good enough.  This is different to being disorganised.

Honest realisation is the first step.

Tasks that we are most resistant to completing - these are the ones we learn the biggest lessons from.

You either continue down the same path - or you make changes.  The choices you make have implications attached to them.  A certain size, fitness level.  Choose to do something about your health, fitness, size and go about what you need to - to change it.

Don't say you will if you no you probably won't.  Be honest.  Free yourself from the torment - go one way or the other.  Do it with love.  Freely decide which way you want to go.

Injury and Exercise

Sedentary activity is like plaque on your teeth.  You got to work on it, keep chipping away from it - otherwise leads to back pain.

1. Start small, and work towards it.
2. Warm up and cool down properly
3. Seek advice.  If you're not sure - ask a question.

Running tips:
- shoes
- surface
- style

Foam rollers are good for "niggles" - improving blood flow. Speed up recovery.

Make sure you stretch - to improve flexiiblity.  Dynamic before and static after.

Week 4 - lessons

Blame Game

Stop being a victim and a blamer.  "It's not fair, its not my fault..."

Lurking behind each excuse is the real issue.

Deal with the issues - this takes work.

Organisation, flexibility...

Victims/Blamers are giving all their power to others.  Take it back.  You don't want to feel helpless.

Look at the areas of your life where there is blaming going on.

Be in control of yourself.  Look at the logic behind the results, rather than the emotion.

Remain calm, and in control.

Write down all the excuses - identify the blaming/victimisation that is going on.  Identify when you are giving away your power and control.

Clear the blamer/victim talk, and remove the roadblocks.  Get back in the drivers seat of your life.

Emotions and Willpower

Where there is expectation, disappointment can often follow.

Extreme good or bad scenarios - extreme way to live.  Emotions are like the waves of an ocean.  They rise and they fall.  Ride the wave, knowing that it will eventually be back up.

Often we try to rid or supress our negative emotions - which isn't very helpful in the long term.  Be ok about sometimes feeling bad. The more you try to block it out, the bigger it gets.  There will always be emotions and craving.

Recognise and accept your emotions - know you don't have to eat to make it pass, or try to make it pass.  It will eventually subside.  Accept that its there and try not to suppress or get rid of it.  The less troublesome it will be.

Understand the outcomes before they occur.

Instead of eating something to feel better, go for a run.

Willpower muscle.  Train it to get stronger.  Take back your power.  It will weaken if you stop your training. But you could potentially weaken your willpower too.  Overuse is bad.  Make your new habits - habits, instead of draw on your willpower.  Be consistent.

Gift of health and fitness - that you give yourself.  You have to nurture it every day.  Don't let the treats slowly sneak back in.

Be consistent and lay down habits.  Make it automatic reflex instead of having the flex your willpower muscle.

1. Let go of the good/bad conversation.  Become more aware of the meaning/emotion you are attaching  to your thoughts.  Look at what the reality is.  Fact vs fiction.  Labelling your thoughts as good and bad.  Get bogged down in the story of it all.  Stop passing judgement.

2. Remember the wave of emotions.  They will rise and fall.  Ride the wave instead of fighting it.

3. Flex that willpower muscle, so that whilst riding the wave, you don't fall off the surfboard.

Get your mind sorted, and your body will follow.

Week 3 - lessons

Motivation Myth

Like a bad boyfriend - never there when you need it.

Motivation is like any emotion.  It comes and it goes. It's an easy excuse.

People who don't do well:
All or nothing, On or Off, relying on emotion.

Consistency is the key.  Be consistent and you will achieve.

Don't think, just do.  Take the emotion out of it, and go into robot mode.  Just get on with the task.

Tools for this:
1. Flex your willpower muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it gets.
2. Don't think.  Just do the action.  Don't start negotiation, playing games.. recognise the internal conversation/debate that goes on.  "Don't think, just do"
3. The 10 minute rule.  I'm going to do 10 minutes of training, and if I really don't want to continue I'll stop.  Usually once you get going, you'll keep going.
4. JFDI. Stop the paralysis by analysis.