Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 7 - lessons

Your body is perfect
- your body is perfect.  Amazing machines.  Do exactly as they're told and respond perfectly.
- they respond to what we tell them to do.

The way we think is important.

Looks at how your thinking has got you to where you are today

Don't use the past as an excuse, but use it as a tool for the future.  Bad habits that potentially go back to your childhood.  Let them go.  Understand your past, and make changes in the present - to make a change to your future.

Identify 3 habits you changed as part of the body transformation
- where did this habit stem from, why did I become so attached to it, how can I prevent it from reappearing
- eg. when I'm tired I don't need caffeinated drinks.
- automatically having a glass of wine (1-3 every night), to relax and sugar cravings.  Think about the calories, and sort out your sugar levels.  Feeling great is far more fun
- skipping breakfast

Pick 3 habits you want to change
1. where did it stem from
2. why did I become so attached to it
3. what childlike behaviours have you set up around this habit (but I want it, I deserve it)
4. how do I prevent it from reappearing, or how to shut it down when it appears

Change your behaviour to change your future.

To feel powerful and in control - you have to find your state of mind.

Being the best version of yourself

Thoughts on quitting
- you are not alone
- on the verge of quitting, you are full of potential.  Solid opportunity to behave differently to what they would have normally
- breakdown -> breakthroughs.
- based on being honest, open, and introspective enough to get that breakthrough
- learn something about yourself after having a breakdown
- make a change, and act differently
- take the emotion out of it, and look at what you can do to work around your current situation
- don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others
- you are unique there's nothing to achieve through comparison to others, always setting yourself up for disappointment

You - be the absolute best version of yourself that you can be

Worry about you and your personal best

Celebrate others victories.  Take on other's breakdowns and lessons (ie. learn about you, who you were, and who you are now).  Play on the team, don't stand on the sidelines.

Commit to being the best you can be.  Stay true to your cause.

What are you going to do that makes a difference, that makes you become a better version of yourself. How do you stop the old thoughts from coming back.  I'm not good enough, I don't deserve this.  Self-sabotaging behaviours that have held you back in the past.  Sneaky manipulations to give up.  I'm justified in giving up.  Victim mentality.

Don't blame others, don't compete or compare.  Take full responsibility for our actions and inactions.  Be as strong as you possibly can.

Every day - choose who you are going to be that day.  The better version of yourself. Choose to eat the correct portion of nutrition.  Choose to exercise.  Choose them from a place of love and respect to yourself.  Keep making the same choices every day, consistently.

Stop the self-limiting language and beliefs.  Stop saying negative things about yourself.  Say the exact opposite. "They're having some - why can't I?"  Grow up.  Acknowledgement.  Look at times in the past where you have set yourself up for failure.  Recognise the warning signs.  Victim mentality.  Put into place some techniques to stop it.  Visualise a stop sign, walk away from the situation, forward think it, how am I going to feel in an hours time, maybe blow off steam in a training session.

Do things differently.

Sabotaging behaviours just isn't on.  Stop comparing, use positive language (internally & externally) - your journey will become easier.

Live your life a better version of yourself.

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