Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bikram yoga - session 5

After a late night it was a bit of a struggle getting up at 6:30am to make sure I made the 8am class. My sister was too late and the doors were locked before she arrived. Had Bridget again same as the first session. Wasn't off to a great start as she was telling us what to focus on for the breathing exercise and I wasn't paying attention. I reckon it would be tough doing as much talking as they do for 90 minutes reminding you what to focus on and correcting individuals when the opportunity arose. At some points reminded me of an auctioneer. But in a useful way :)

Today I managed in the second set of on knees and feet, both apart, sitting back into a bridge - to get both elbows on the ground. It must have helped having knees 8 inches and feet 6 inches apart as I didn't make it on the first set. I also got 1 hand to heel for camel pose. Although my lower back is quite sore now. I still find it hard to look into the mirror for balance poses without falling over.

Finished class and bought a nakula coconut water can, it tasted alright and had my protein shake. At lunch i drank lots of Chinese tea and a bottle of water but maybe not enough. No headache but was a bit tired. I had taken in a Gatorade powder mix to the class - think I would have preferred plain water but still drank almost all of it before class ended. Really tender spot on my right lower back. Maybe I pushed myself too hard in the class?

Two more days left of the trial. Will see how I feel - especially now jase is back home :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Bikram yoga - session 4

So I woke up yesterday feeling really sore. I didn't sleep well as I woke up about 4:30 and didn't get back to sleep until after 6. Woke up about 10:30 and noticed it was going to be over 30 degrees. So dragged myself out of bed and took the dogs for a 3km or so walk. After that I was feeling better. Thought about going to the 6pm session but then decided I really couldn't be bothered driving to prahran and I thought I'd go try out white guy cooks Thai as he was going to be in footscray park.

Didn't sleep well again. Probably fell asleep around 2am then woke up early again, dozed and got up at 9:30 to put the dogs out. Lazy morning reading as I found out there was a gunman loose nearby (that explains the helicopter over head for hours) so I wasn't in a hurry to leave the house. Made the mistake of going to a new fish and chip shop for a burger and fries. Felt awful afterwards. Was supposed to be meeting my sister for the 6pm session but she decided to go tomorrow. Decided to go anyway and make the most of my 10 day trial. Only 40 minutes early this time!! Again went into the room with 13 minutes to go. It was hot!!!

Different woman took the class today - I was impressed she remembered my name after our only interaction being at reception when I walked in and gave my name. The room was pretty fully. A girl set up near me and kept waving her towel around in getting set up which meant more heat waves for me (was in a bit of a grumpy mood). More of the same in the class. I found the heat harder than last class. I did feel better though in one move I wasn't the only one just standing waiting for it to finish. The majority of the class were. I can't seem to extend my leg straight whilst my hands are under my foot, which as I was reminded meant I hadn't even started the posture yet. However one leg was easier than the other balance wise.

The woman was good at getting the reminders through to you as you were trying to do the moves. She also seemed intent to get me doing a back bend thing on my knees with at least one elbow on the ground. She reckoned I was an inch off the ground. For the forward leg bend thing she spent time explaining the move to the group which was good. You make a hook with 2fingers and wrap around your big toes. Then walk your legs back to straighten them, then bend forwards. She looked really impressive in her demo. So second time around I attempted straighter legs and it killed. Apparently you had to straighten your legs and tighten your thighs, etc...

During the ground bit I got a bit over the heat (she did go and open the door when the ground work started so maybe the room was too hot again??). I think also I found it uncomfortable doing stuff like the bow move on my stomach as it made me feel a bit dodgy. But a little bit later got back into the swing of things though was still super happy when the class ended. Stayed and did some stretching then headed outside for coconut water. Left after a shower trying to make the local Vietnamese place before it closed for some dinner. Had a protein shake in the car. Was feeling better than last time. Had dinner and drank the last of the sugary flavored mineral water (bad), and had ice cream with m&ms (my own mcflurry!!). So really need to have some water!!

Supposed to be getting up for the 8am class and as its 10:30pm I really should head to bed. Still finding the class tough mentally!! Even after 4 sessions. Not to the point of wanting to leave, just to the "have we finished yet??"

A few positives however are that my shoulders seemed not to rise so much today, so I think my awareness of that has improved, my arms were looking good in the class, and I was in a better mood when I was at home after class than I was before. I really had to drag myself there today!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bikram yoga - session 3

So I've had 2days "off" since the last session. First day off my leg muscles were incredibly sore and then Christmas day kept me pretty distracted.

Back today. Simon took the class, 6pm session. Ended up sitting for 20 or so minutes in a warmish car beforehand, but decided to go into the room 13 minutes before class started this time. The breathing exercise is still a killer, I'm sure I'm not doing it right. I seem unable to tilt my head backwards without bending my spine and managing to get my elbows together. Always happy when this ends.

This time I think I coped better with the heat, doing most of the standing stuff, apart from when I lost balance and waited til the next move. Lying down I started to suffer a bit from the heat, or just lost my mental state to block it out so well. I only drank about half my water this time in the class. I couldn't do the locus(t?) stuff without having my arms to the side, and doing a full stretch forward over straight toes made me feel ill. So second time round I just laid down for that bit, confusing the teacher as we were supposed to be lying the other way. I also struggled with the backward bend stuff but to be expected with my mega tight hamstrings and lower back.the heat for the first half of the class seemed less overwhelming but maybe i was more focused in my breathing and meditation. I made sure not to eat after 3pm, but didn't hydrate until lunchtime and just before leaving so I think all that water made me feel a bit I'll.

Afterwards my sister asked if it was hotter this time round and seemed to be struggling. So maybe the second class is harder than the first! Driving home I almost collided with a car who was in my blind spot, and head check visibility sucks in our car so despite making a headcheck I didn't see them until I had moved towards that lane. Hope they got a lesson about staying in someone's blind spot. On the freeway the sun glare was awful and an incident on freeway ramp where I cross the bolte bridge brought 2 lanes to a standstill, thankfully I followed the lane closed signs despite lanes not being closed to continue over the west gate.

Home eventually and was feeling kind of awful. I'd had a coconut water straight after class and finished off my water. I had a protein shake when I got home but mentally felt really out of it. Sat watching tv for a bit then heated up last nights leftover casserole. I only ate part of it before deciding my stomach didn't feel awesome. Muscles sore, brain fuzzy and sore stomach. Blegh. Hoping I feel better after a sleep. Home alone and usually don't sleep well when that's the case.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bikram yoga - session 2

So I woke up early feeling sore - like I'd done a workout. Sore back in several places, neck, hips and legs. Had a piece of toast with butter and Vegemite with 2.5 hours until bikram. Allowed too much time to drive there and got there an hour before class. At least I got a park in the same place as last time. Bad thing about hydrating is all the bathroom breaks - but at least my Aussie toilets app came in handy! Ended up going to class and into the room 20 mins early. Outside temperature was about 30 degrees. Thinking maybe it would help to spend time just getting used to the heat inside.

Walking in to the room I think I was the 3rd person in the room so I was a bit early. The heat hit me as soon as I walked in - though everyone else I noticed walking into the room had a similar reaction (ie. making a noise of surprise). I got myself settled, did some stretching, moved my mat as the person in front of me was blocking my mirror view perfectly. Class taken by a guy this time. First breathing exercise and I still can't seem to lift my head up and back, without bending my spine - at least the guy explained that if you had a stiff neck you might have trouble with it, and explained it aimed to get you sweating. Sure did. Seems crazy that something so simply as breathing, moving your elbows and head gets you sweating profusely and feels difficult!

I'd like to say that I did better this class and I found the heat better but I didn't. Some of the standing up stuff I didn't do as I either lost balance quickly or was feeling a bit woozy. So I probably did less standing stuff than I did yesterday. Although the guy opened the door maybe 3-4 times as if the room was too hot. So nice feeling a cooling breeze but didn't last long. Was interesting having the guy lead the class although sometimes he'd be like - if your leg isn't straight you haven't started the pose yet. So if I can't straighten my leg I'm doing nothing so I should give up?? At least he tried to give me a slight variation for me for the japanese sitting in your knees with feet out to the side as I think my tight hamstrings were stopping me this time. I also still struggle with locus stuff - for some reason lying in my arms and hands is painful. I was probably more careful with my neck than yesterday but still feeling a bit niggly. I got through my 750ml of water before the class finished. After class I stayed to do some stretching then headed out to the cooler reception. Sat and drank coconut water. Had someone come up to me to tell me i had left all my stuff behind. As i was a little out of it, i looked next to me at my stuff a bit confused. Had a shower complete followed by a bitchy woman who came in and announced that everyone needed to hurry up (so she could shower). She walked out and back in again having another go at people. Eventually one lady walked out and the woman was like you're gorgeous, (pause) with this woman looking at her strangely. Then she goes you're the first person out and was the last in - which is rubbish as the last woman in went into my shower when I was done. But didn't bother pointing that out. Talk about killing the yoga buzz. As tough as it is you still feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards.

After walking back to the car and sitting for a but longer i drove home carefully, feeling a little niggly in my neck, left my water in the boot oops! Tried to keep drinking water after I got home. We ended up riding to highpoint on the motorbike thinking traffic and nightmare would be nightmarish. It so wasn't. So was very warm. High 30s. In highpoint it was still pretty warm so it was like bikram session temperature. But with more walking around.

Some Observations:
- enjoying the eye candy that was in the class
- sweating profusely (hoping that's a good thing), had been hoping I'd be slightly cooler in shorts and crop top but don't think it helped much apart from me seeing if I was engaging my abs
- my hips and legs are feeling worked out/stretched so must be doing something
- I think it was better drinking my coconut water immediately after the class but should have had more water soon
- I still got a bit of a headache that disappeared without drugs this time
- I don't think I coped better with the heat in class 2. Maybe class 3 :)
- I actually remembered a full change of clothes this time yay!! Still feels bizarre putting everything so damp in the washing machine. Was like I'd been swimming in my gear.

Taking a break tomorrow as it would be a struggle to make a lunch I'm going to after class, and I'm pretty sore (but in a good way), so I'll have 2 days off and be back on boxing day!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bikram yoga - session 1

Arrived early and got myself registered for my trial $19 for 10 consecutive days, bargain!! Lots of people were in there laying quietly, all facing the same direction so I did the same. At first it was quite pleasant, the heat, a little bit unusual. When the session started we stood up and then the heat started hitting me. it's a pretty consistent heat, sometimes you notice more heat coming at you, and you sweat a lot. I think I needed the four litres I had drunk the day before.

The class is I think 26 forms and 2 breathing exercises. The teacher talked us through the movements but didn't demonstrate, so you had to watch what other people were doing to figure it out. I quickly learnt to not follow the woman next to me, the people in the front row were the ones to watch. Honestly can't remember everything we did. We did 3 forms/whatever they're called, and then had a water break together. At this point I noticed all the beads of sweat on me and that my face was going really red as it does when I run. We were told to drink at any time but to wait until a balance move was finished to not unbalance people with movement. Despite having a hay fever tablet the night before and the morning was still breathing through my mouth at times (bad sinuses) and felt a bit parched.

The moves themselves weren't too bad, you could work at your own level. A couple of times I felt a bit... Woozy is probably the best word for it.. So took a drink and rejoined later. You do the first part standing up and then move to the floor. I thought the floor part might have felt easier but I struggled. Either because I'd had enough of the heat, or just the stuff we were doing I'm not sure. A lot of the moves required sitting on your knees and feet, and then moving your feet out, or going into a camel pose and my ankles were too sore to do it. But when I struggled I just sat and had some more water and waited. I did feel a slight niggle in my shoulder, and had noticed in all the standing up moves I had to keep pulling my shoulders down. I didn't feel nauseous at all which I was a little nervous about beforehand. Whilst I wanted the class to finish up quicker than it did, I tried to focus on giving things a go. I didn't feel a massive need to leave the room. It wasn't a relaxing session for me though.

After class I did some stretching and then left the room, the cold reception in comparison felt great. I felt a bit light headed, but sat and had more water. Had a cool shower and realized I had brought clean track suit pants but no clean top - whoops!! Walked to the car and sat for a bit. Still feeling a bit out of it. Drove home to have a proper shower and get non stinky, had a coconut water and a long shower. The rest of the day was conscious that my back was sore in places, knots at the top of my neck and sore lower back. Went into the city for lunch feeling pretty out of it, but still trying to drink more water. When we stopped for petrol bought a mizone vitamin water and had half of it whilst waiting for the slowest petrol attendant ever to serve customers. After lunch, some shopping, and sorbets at the local cafe - got back home and by this stage had an awful headache. Ended up having a painkiller, a big glass of electrolyte drink and fell asleep for a bit on the couch. Woke up feeling heaps better.

Had I not gotten rid of my headache I don't think I'd be going back tomorrow, I'd have a few days off). Mainly because I don't want to spend my holidays feeling like I did today. My back has been a bit crackly so will be interesting to see how I feel in the morning. I am glad though that this yoga place let's you drink in the class - maybe its better if you don't breathe through your mouth but I'd have struggled heaps more without water breaks. The parking in prahran is a nightmare though!! The teacher was helpful though giving direction to my sister and I if we were doing something not quite right. For example there was one bit where you were standing one one leg, other leg over the top, toe behind your calf, then you had to have a certain arm above the other kind of entwined, and she's saying your thumbs should be facing you... So then you had to figure out what you were doing wrong as your thumbs were facing the mirror.

Let's see how I go with round 2 - here's hoping for no headache!! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Relaxed too much with the food side of things

The weekend was a mixed bag. Went to a BBQ with a few ciders and ended up drinking those, a champagne cocktail (that was truly awful but I drank it instead of leaving it) and a captain Morgan spiced rum and coke! On the plus side I found myself not wanting to drink coke! I also ate a hamburger, salads and a veggie skewer stick thing. Oh and prawns and more salad. I would have previously had that and a sausage and a chop.. So that's kind of something. But I drank too much and was hung over on Sunday. On Sunday I had scrambled eggs, beans and hash browns. Lunch was tempura fish and prawns with fries and pickled zucchini ribbons. Also had a glass of Pinot noir. Dinner was a 180g burger with potato chips (big ones), a piece of bread and butter and a glass of red wine.

Monday involved visit to the gym, part of a berry banana smoothie for breakfast but then got to work and was ravenous. I think I ate 3 Quakers oat cookies, banana, lunch was reheated pasta bolognese with gluten free pasta, a fruit mince, some gluten free salt n vinegar chip things, and some snack things that look like twisters but are like curry flavored and crunchier. dinner ended up being Japanese as jase was working late so we shared haramaki rolls (little veggie I think spring rolls with mayo), and I had wafu steak with bean shoots, zucchini and a bowl of rice, and a glass of Japanese plum wine.

Tuesday went to gym again (more strength training - slowly increasing the weight). Had the other half of the banana berry smoothie, a protein shake with full cream milk (as opposed to my usual almond milk), 3 Quaker oat cookies, another fruit mince pie, lunch was a soup of vermicelli, veggies and prawns. I think it maybe had MSG in it as I was super sleepy afterwards and a bit headachey. Also had a small valia yoghurt. Dinner was chicken fajita using old el paso kit with chicken, capsicum and onion, I probably had 1 more than I should have.

Wednesday got up early and had a banana smoothie, was going to go for a run but was headachey and tired so I went back to bed. At work I had a milo, 3 Quaker oat cookies, lunch was spring rolls and beef noodles (were oily this time). A different fruit mince pie, a couple of tangy chips (bad desk neighbor hehe) and a small yoghurt. Got home and had a mini wagon wheel and some chocolate. (I won't be buying a whole packet again!!) dinner was teriyaki beef and lots of veggies and udon noodles. With dinner i had a glass and a half of nice red wine. Also had a coconut water as I hadn't been drinking enough water.

So I kind of think that's why I put on over a kilo this week. It's a little annoying as I don't like seeing the weight go up but on the plus side I'm probably a better weight now as I didn't mean to lose as much as I did. I've lost a lot of will to eat good "12wbt style" food - which I'll need to get back to keep fitting into the size 8 and small clothes I bought on the weekend!!

Thursday - we have no milk so jase probably won't go to the gym, lunch is free burrito day at Guzman y Gomez (if the queue isn't insanely long). Dinner will be something with beef as that is what I took out of the freezer.

Friday is our last day of work for the year with a long lunch planned to finish the day. I'm having a chicken club sandwich and probably a cider.. Or two. We're also having a secret Santa morning tea before lunch!

On the plus side likely to be trying out bikram yoga for a 10 day trial starting on Saturday!

Lessons learnt:
- I need to drink less
- I need to have healthy low calorie snacks at work so that when I get bored I'm not mowing through the calories
- I need to go back to planning out my meal plan instead of largely winging it
- keep drinking water even after I get home
- don't buy a packet of wagon wheels
- get out of the habit of getting home and snacking on chocolate

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week 15 & 16 - trying to establish good habits

Monday - home sick with a bad cold, had to cancel on my boxing session

Tuesday - back at work, but no workout, slept badly

Wednesday - Emma and toms Christmas run - 10km around albert park lake. Was really cold and windy. Started at 16 degrees then got colder. Didn't feel like an awesome run with it taking awhile to warm up (we missed the aerobics workout until the pat on the back part), had a sore foot for a lot of the run and then my other leg/thigh hurt for the last 2 kms. But apart from stopping and getting water 3 times (walked a short bit) I ran the whole way and picked up the pace for the finish. Time was something like 60:00:59. Was hoping for 6 min kms and then got sick so was hoping for 6.5 min kms on race day so I beat that :) was nice having running buddies and met an online friend who I'd been chatting to for years :) per race had 2 gatorades which tasted so sugary compared to drinking water! Had lost 700-900grams which I hadn't wanted to lose (morning weigh in)

Thursday - jase didn't go to the gym so I went back to bed.

Friday - cant recall.

Saturday - went for a run along the river but ended up mainly power walking. Had 3 new people come to the group workout so was good to chat about how they were finding the program. Still burnt over 500 calories in just over an hour. Had a few drinks at a friends birthday BBQ - got home and fell asleep. Eventually got dragged out for Thai for dinner. Had a can of lemonade as I was feeling so dehydrated (and lots of water too). First sugary drink in ages (apart from the gatorades).

Sunday - rest day

Monday - went to gym with jase, somehow strained my back/neck. Really must take the time to stretch afterwards too. It tends to be an express workout so we can get home and off to work on time. Headache formed!

Tuesday - no gym for me, neck still niggly. Dinner was out with the round 3 ladies that I've been working out with. Enjoyed a few ciders and mushroom risotto. There were lots of yummy looking desserts but figured I probably shouldn't with the extra cider.

Wednesday - gym in the morning, went light to ensure I didn't injure myself again. No xtraining class for me though, came home and made dinner (gluten free pasta with a cheeky glass of wine). We weren't going to the gym tomorrow as new equipment was getting setup. Gained I think 500g but making up for last week's loss that I didn't want.

Thursday - ended up taking the dogs for a walk whilst temperature was in the mid 20s. Did a few short sprints with yoshi. Boxing session planned for after work.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Week 14 - back on the exercise wagon

I'm sure this week will have gaps. My memory is shocking and I didn't record as I went along.

Monday - bad day of eating. Went out for a pasta lunch (penne con pollo e fungi - so not healthy), and might have shared a bottle of red wine with other people. Monday night did boxing in the park with 2 other ladies. Started a bit late waiting to see who would show up (couple of no shows and late cancellations), ended up doing a light warmup followed by a rotation of 2 people boxing and third person circuiting. Would have had 4 but someone couldn't find us :( dinner - Cajun chicken with sweet potato wedges and steamed veggies.

Tuesday - lunch was dumplings as a thank you for me giving away two taste of Melbourne tickets. Mostly vegetarian probably too much. Dinner was sausage casserole (probably not 12wbt friendly with a small amount of mash, whilst I cooked my bolognaise sauce.

Wednesday - weigh in day. Not surprisingly gained 900g from last week. Went to local gym with jase. After trying to do mb's workout - rower machine broken in that it didn't recognize I was rowing and was a stupid simulator thing so just started beeping at me annoyingly, no assisted chin up machine, chest press machine broken thanks to previous person so that only half the range of motion you were actually lifting weight, ended up doing a bob Harper circuit for posture. Must have done something as i was sitting taller during the morning. Lunch was bean and beetroot salad with a small amount of light cream cheese (really wasn't liking the ricotta). Snack of steamed egg bun. After work raced home to cook my pasta bolognaise (found a nice rice pasta which was gluten free), then off to xtraining class. Intense!! Involved things like hover on slam ball, move in plank position to ground, then rest (all timed). There were I think 2 other rounds with Burpees, kettle bell swings, ball slams, military (overhead press), dead lifts, step up where you were supposed to lift kettle bells up over head but I couldnt do that with 8kg kettle bells!!). I didn't do the rounds full on as I wasn't going to push myself to the extremes and likely strain my back but it was still a killer workout!

Thursday - went to the gym with jase and just did what he did. Was feeling really good until I got out of the car in the city (going to work). Then I was feeling it! Weighed myself in the morning again and had lost 700g.

Friday - can't recall.

Saturday - run along the river with the usual crew 8km! Can't recall too much but had my Christmas party for work where I only intended to have a couple of drinks as I was feeling pretty ordinary!! But I got a lift there and people kept offering to top up my glass so I drank a lot of champers and ate a lot of finger food.

Sunday - cant recall apart from being very hungover.

I stopped updating this hence why it got really vague by the end.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Round 3 - complete

My final weigh in - 3 kg lost since program started back in week 1, 6.1kg lost since pre-season (the 4 weeks prior to the program). My after photo I have less gut and my thighs look better!! Just wish I hadn't lost so much in the butt and chest area. I swim in my jeans now - don't want to have to back to boy jeans :( there are worse problems to have though!!

I'm a little disappointed that I fizzled out around week 7/8. I think hitting my weight target led me to ease off with my commitment to the program but I'm stoked that I've found how to stay at this weight.  I'm not counting calories - just eating mb 12wbt meals during the week with some lunches out with others and weekends largely free. I'm disappointed that I didn't form strong exercise habits (or really do any full weeks of her exercise program). I said that i would commit to the full 12 weeks of the program and i didn't give it 100%. Not that I had bad results but I let the excuses creep back in. I didn't do the fitness test in week 8. I should probably have set some SMART fitness test related goals rather than a general feeling of "I hope I improve by the end" :)
I did my last fitness test by doing the pushups, wall sit, and sit & reach first.  Was feeling a little bummed that my pushups had gone backwards.  I could probably have done more on my knees but ran out of time.  The wall sit I maybe would have done longer if I'd had something to distract me (like someone to talk to!) - I found it a lot easier in week 4 which was when I did it with a group in a park :)  So with that I was keen to see my running improve.  So my 1km was the fastest ever which I'm happy with, and after a short break I ran 7km.  That first km I felt like total strugglesville - and turns out I was running at 5'50" pace which is faster than I usually run by a bit!! I did slow down over the rest of the distance though.

I am stoked that I can now run 9km - it's still a big mental challenge but I definitely have improved my running fitness. I need to do strength training though!  My new short term goal will involve getting those pushups happening! I used to be able to do pushups with a dumbbell row!!

I found the last month of meals to be really uninspiring! I had to push myself to sit down and plan my week from the recipe index and shop accordingly. A lot of meals seemed to be member submitted ones so I felt a little jibbed too (though I didn't go through and count how many there were :)). I should have probably set more exercise goals.

Here's what my 1 & 3 month goals looked like:
Smashed my 1 month goals.  Ran 4km without stopping, and did several group training sessions!
Completed my 3 month goals.  The 3 exercise classes were based on the local gym offering classes which they didn't.  But I did 3 boxing classes at a different gym and definately more than 3 group training sessions. I also ran 8km for my second spring into shape run where I was debating between the 4 and 8, and the third race unless I'm injured by Sunday will be 8km.  Time to revisit my 6 and 12 month goals (as well as set new short term goas).

What I've gained:
- new friends and workout buddies!
- more confidence in being able to "invent" a workout.
- lost weight that I had trouble shifting
- improved running fitness
- more healthy meals to eat during the week
- mindset lessons and exercise plans that I can use going forward to hopefully establish a more fitness oriented routine

Week 13 - sorry it's an essay...

So after Saturday's effort of my fastest 1 km  yet followed by 7 kms, all of which were faster than I usually run at - I found I had a niggly lower back.

Sunday night I cooked a stir fry and organised my meal plan for the week.  I kind of struggled with deciding what to have - because seriously a week's worth of breakfast, lunch and dinners are a lot of meals!!

Breakfast was supposed to be a shake but got up late, so took yoghurt and  a muesli bar with me.  Lunch was leftover stir fry and more yoghurt (as I didn't have much leftover).  I was supposed to go to an x-training class on Monday night at the gym - but decided not to attempt the unknown class with a potentially dodgy back.  Walked the dogs instead. Dinner was Thai Chicken burger - however Aldi gimped me (market was closed).  No chicken mince - but I have a food processor so that was ok, no shallots so I added red onion, no fresh chilli so I added dry flakes and I don't think enough, no fresh coriander, so added dry and probably not enough.  No tomatoes that weren't mouldy, so I had lettuce and beetroot and the burger on turkish bread (as they didn't have normal rolls).  It just tasted a bit bland.  I got my pumpkin roasting in preparation for making soup.

Tuesday I was going to get up early and do a workout but had been awake for several hours during the night, and the alarm kept getting reset before I absolutely had to get up to go to work. So tired.  Lunch was with work people - Mr Burger.  I didn't order chips but had a couple of other people's so that's kind of a step in the right direction. Got home a bit late and couldn't leave the house as I was expecting groceries - so Jase walked the dogs.  I cooked up the bibimbap.  I added extra "Thai seasoning" - and also tried using some "chilli sauce" which looked like the stuff at korean places.  It was MEGA spicy and I think contained MSG.  I also felt like my finger was on fire later that evening as I must have gotten some on the end of my finger, licked it off and not really worried about it. Procrastinated too much so I should have copied off the last of the fitness programs I wanted before the 12wbt site closes to me, but I didn't.  I did cook up the pumpkin soup though - so that's good for tomorrow's dinner, Thursday's lunch and a spare dinner in the freezer. Got to bed after 11pm which was a bit dumb but happy to have had my food organised.

Wednesday had set my alarm in the hope of getting up for a run - fun run is on Sunday 8km so this was a good opportunity to fit in another run before resting up running wise for that. I woke up 10mins before my alarm and even though I was tired as hell I played with my iphone for a bit, then dragged myself out of bed and on a run. 5km run/walk in 34:48. So average of 6'52". I can see by the map that I started off strong, but at around 3km just ran out of steam, so it was walking and running for the last 2 km. That has just reminded me that I can't run without eating breakfast, and I shouldn't run in fleecy warm tracksuit pants and a jumper when it's 14 degrees. I was sooooo overheating. I do like my Halo Headphones but the thick headband seems to retain heat. But I enjoyed the endorphins post run, and did quite a bit of stretching afterwards. I also had a banana smoothie for breakfast. Lunch - leftover bibimbap - trying the sweet chilli sauce that doesn't have MSG in it. Much better! Although jase wanted to have snag stand with me so i met him after eating the bibimbap and had some chips. And a mocha! Dinner was pumpkin soup and little rolls you bake in the oven.

Thursday it was my turn to help with the charity breakfast at work. As I had to get in early I took in some belvite breakfast biscuits to eat whilst market shopping. I had a few items from the morning tea (maybe too much cheese), and late lunch of pumpkin soup. Dinner was beef stroganoff - the beef was a bit chewy but I liked the taste. I forgot I was supposed to be using whole meal pasta and made it with rice. Jase wasn't a fan so I might need to find a new recipe or use better meat or something. Before dinner I met up with a local 12 week buddy to try out a boxing workout. Went from 6 yeses to 1 but never mind - was probably better to have 1 person happy for me to try out my workout with them whilst chatting :)

Friday I think I had a breakfast smoothie. I also had a work function in the afternoon, and planned to have cajun chicken and sweet potato wedges for dinner. For the work function I had a beef burger in a brioche roll, with apple and beetroot, rocket maybe some sauce? And fries and aioli. It was yummy! Heaps better than the "man burger" a lot of the work guys got. I had too much to drink, 2 glasses of wine and a cider (didn't have to go back to work). That night I felt a bit dodgy so ended up having baked bean jaffles. Not sure if it was the alcohol or the raspberry coconut water nudie drink I tried.

Saturday was supposed to be a rest up for the run on Sunday. Instead we had breakfast at the local cafe (croissants with an awful jam), lots of walking around the motorbike expo and sitting on cool looking bikes. Lunch decided to splurge and go to meat and wine co. I had a steak and prawn skewer (with aioli), crunchy fries (left the dud ones) and to glasses of sparkling wine. Was such a nice day weather wise. Made beef stew for dinner which I'd started the night before (though struggled to find the will to make it in advance, was pretty easy though just time consuming).

Sunday got up at had a banana, muesli, rice milk & protein powder shake, followed by an 8km fun run. After that had a cup if Emma and Tom's recovery orange juice or one thing, a kids banana snack bar and not enough water as I discovered later. Jase and I headed for the witch mount winery's picnic in the west. I liked it but the sun came out after we got there and we'd both left home without our big hats (and could have taken the dogs). I had a couple of dumplings - prawn one was yummy, spring roll, a glass of cab sav, a cheese platter (with biscuits and two types of cheese) and a bottle of water. Was starving at about 5 - so by 6 I was at the local cafe where I had a cider, some prawn cutlets with I think pickled cucumber, and a white based pizza with pancetta and red onion. I stopped at the supermarket on the way home and bought one random veggies and meat with only a vague idea in mind.

So big weekend of eating and drinking starting from Friday. Next weigh in will be interesting!!

Apologies to anyone reading this and hating me talking about the bad food I eat :) keen to document my weeks as I continue to monitor my weight!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 11 recap

So I really let things slide. I stopped eating to the program and hadn't exercised in awhile.

After getting back from a weekend away (Melbourne cup long weekend) I committed to a run the next day. Whilst I didn't leap out of bed to go running (we went out and had a nice breakfast instead) - I did go running at lunch time. 9km worth of running! At a reasonable pace (at or under 6:30 min/km).

Wednesday morning I got up and walked the dog. That night was going to go to boxing but as my boxing buddy wasn't going I decided to skip the whole driving business and workout at home. Did bob harper's kettle bell DVD and wow what a killer workout! Although apparently my snatches were getting a little too close to the roof for my partners liking.

Thursday night I took both dogs for a walk (trying to get some of the stiffness out of my legs but it didn't work so well).

Friday nothing as I was super sore still from Wednesday.

Saturday went for the SSS workout with the local ladies. Those coming decided on an 8:30am start but I decided to stick with my 8:00am planned start and do an extra lap. So I did two laps of 4km (the second felt easier as I had company and was a slightly slower pace). Then we did 30 mins of boxing and a mini circuit. Around 750 calories burnt - woohoo!!

I had forgotten how good doing DVD workouts at home can be - and I look forward to being able to use a heavier than 4kg kettle bell!! 45 mins feels like a long time and at least this time I didn't strain my back (unlike the first time I tried it!!)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not quite chilli con carne

So my usual bad planning for the weekend food wise meant we were probably eating out but around 4:30 decided to take lamb mince out of the freezer. At 6:30 I started looking for a shepherds pie recipe. Couldn't find that in Jamie's recipe book but found chilli con carne. I thought I had tin tomatoes definitely and beans maybe in the pantry.

Fried up 500g lamb mince til brown
Food processor chopped 2 small carrots and 2 brown onions, added 3 garlic cloves. Missing celery stalks. Added to mince. Was also missing capsicum.
Added herbs - celery salt, cumin, cinnamon, ground chilli, salt and pepper.
Found I had no can of tomatoes so used a small tub of tomato paste. Found I had no beans apart from a snack pack of chickpeas, kidney beans and corn. Added 2 cups beef stock. Let simmer for 30ish more minutes. Added hot cayenne pepper to give more kick.
Cooked up some rice.
Decided to make guacamole.
Mashed 1 small avocado, added 1/4 diced red onion, 1 garlic clove, tbl of lime juice, ground chilli, 1/2 tomato diced all mixed together.
Also served with a small dollop of Greek style yoghurt.

I wasn't sure if jase would like it, and whilst he missed out on the extra flavours of the guac and yoghurt he said it was ok. Good considering he thought he was getting shepherds pie. When he had asked what I made I called it "jen's surprise" hehe.

So I'm mainly writing up the post in case I need the ingredients again - although I seem to struggle with duplicating meals later on :)

Week planning wise is off to a bad start with no groceries ordered. I'm also out for dinner Monday night, will be late home Tuesday night. Whilst I have meat in the freezer the veggies are a bit lacking. Plus Tuesday is market day and I'm having a lunch out with the girls. Wednesday it's shut again. My toe is getting better but still sore and I'm supposed to be running 8 km in a weeks time. So really would want to get at least one more run in.

Not feeling the commitment to getting my exercise done either. Once you lose the habit it seems tough to get it back. Just excuses :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And nope...

So after writing my plan and knowing what I had to do. I didn't do it. I've eaten my plan food and then some more. A mocha on Monday, a steamed custard bun today, squares of Lindt chocolate both days. Monday I didn't have the time to make my planned wrap and then I go leave my backup lunch of lasagna at home (was thinking of chucking it out as I needed freezer space and I'm not sold on the tomato soup sweetness). So it was in the fridge ready to go!

I didn't have the time as I had weird nightmares Sunday night and didn't sleep well. My sleep pattern is usually wake up middle of the night get back to sleep just before my early alarm would go off. I didn't workout when I got home as it was freezing riding home on the scooter so I focused on cooking dinner. Tuesday awake around 4am back to sleep after 5:30 - early alarm turned off. Get home can't be bothered, but clean up the backyard a bit and give my bearded dragon a short bath time. Cook dinner. Now lying in the floor with the dogs waiting for the rain to ease so I can put the cat in his enclosure.

I should go for a run tomorrow morning but made the mistake of looking at the weather. It's going to be 7 degrees at 6am. I'm going to boxing tomorrow night unless it's cancelled or I get a headache during the day. So will need to pick up my game Thursday and Friday too.

Was going to do the early morning sss on Saturday as I have a farewell thing to go to. But really I need to do another 8km run before then or that's what I should be doing instead of it. Need to get my body trained for that distance. 2.5weeks until race 2.

I hope I can get excited by the last month of this program. I don't feel like I've overly adopted new habits and whilst I'm still including healthy stuff in my diet, the crap is coming back!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halfway there

Week 6 was a little bit of a write off. The only exercise I did was my boxing class on Wednesday night and an 8.2km run on Saturday followed by a group workout (1097 cals woohoo!). Unfortunately our boxing instructor was a no show - and whilst we burnt 281 calories in 40 minutes. I managed to strain my neck resulting in another 2 day headache.

I mostly stuck to the food but went our for Japanese and glass of wine on Monday lunch, went out for a Thai dinner and had a waffle with strawberries, dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Week 7's meal plan really didn't excite me. After much procrastination I've done a custom meal plan for next week and custom exercise plan so that the dog comes for a run. It's not anything like the 5 day strength program I should be doing - its still being active :)

With summer looming I'll hopefully be able to start walking the dog after work and more strength workouts before work.

So I feel more on track than I did yesterday :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #30 – Excuse Me While I Take a Moment andToot My Own Horn!!

Last day of the blog-a-day challenge!

Fitness test improvements after 4 weeks:

1km time trial - 4:56 compared to 5:41
Wall sit - 2:56 compared to 1:30
Reach: improved by 6cm

I can do 2 x group workouts (2.5 hours) in a morning.

Weight wise I lost 2.4 kg in preseason, since the program started I've lost another 2.8kg which is 4.3%! Assuming I measured correctly I've lost 6cm although I'm now disappointed at at how my jeans sit :(

So I now hope to maintain if not put a little weight back on. It'll be based on appearance rather than a magic number!

Other achievements - I've largely stuck to the program which as a foodie I'm impressed with :) I've also designed a group workout and ran 2 sessions.

I've also completed 1 of 3 fun runs improving from approx 7 min kms to 6:15ish. The next hurdle will be distance and then pace for the third.

In terms of my 12wbt goals I can tick off my 1 month goals "Run 4km without stopping. Participate in at least 1 group training session.". Done! :)

It's been fun doing this blog-a-day challenge and seeing others' posts.

Erin's post over here:

Saturday, September 29, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #29 – Highs and Lows

- meeting fellow 12wbters in my area for a fun workout on Saturdays
- losing the weight I wanted to
- getting fitter! My running time and endurance is improving and if I can do 2.5 hours of group workouts now I must be getting fitter
- getting to run a couple of small group SSS

- days of mega grumpiness
- I haven't done a week of exercise to the letter yet. Whilst that isn't necessarily a bad thing I do need to make sure I do enough strength training
- the amount of time I seem to be spending in the kitchen - meh! Too much
- my sleep not improving with more exercise

Erin's highs and lows over here:

Friday, September 28, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #28 - 3 new foods you have added to your diet since starting the 12WBT.


Since starting the program I've found that I can enjoy more pumpkin.  Previously I only ate pumpkin if it was mashed with potato or I'd have a token piece with my roast.  Now I can have chunks of it in a curry and enjoy eating it.

(as a side note how awesome is that pumpkin carving?!!)

Wholegrain bread

I've always been a white bread girl - so I was pretty reluctant to try a grain bread.  I usually really hate wholemeal bread let alone grain bread.  However I found Helga's Wholemeal Grain bread.  Super tasty - so hopefully it's also good for me :)  It definately doesn't feel like a chore eating it!

Lindt 70% cocoa chocolate

I've always been a chocolate fan - often having a bar out of the work vending machine!  Week 2 of the program saw this chocolate introduced as a night time snack - and I learnt to make the most of 2 blocks of this chocolate.  They are bigger blocks than say Cadbury's family block.

Benefits of high cocoa chocolate are here:

I have tried 80% (different brand) which is a bit more bitter but I still enjoyed it. 
Erin's post:

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #27 – Check Out This App!

It’s day 27 of Blog-A-Day Challenge and today’s question is: what is your favourite health/fitness app?

Currently I'm using My Fitness Pal a lot for tracking calories.  I'm not sure though if I'll keep using it once the 12 weeks is up.  It is awesome though that the app is free - and it allows you to add any missing food (though all the 12 wbt recipes are generally in there already so its super easy if you only eat what's in the program :)).  The iphone app also has barcode scanner functionality which is awesome!

However my favourite app is the Nike Running app.

It has a really bad rap in the app store - but I use it to track my runs. On completion you put where you ran (ie. what terrain), your mood, and it uses local weather information and time to store that against your run too.

Where it really becomes awesome is if you remember to ever visit the website.  You'll see a replay of your run (showing your pace), and it tracks achievements and stuff.  Here's a sample:

Another app of note is Jillian Michaels new ipad app "Slim Down".  Whilst it requires a full subscription to her site to get a training program.  It allows you to track food, look up calories and follow a workout plan in the one spot.  I'll keep it in mind after the 12 weeks is up :)
Erin's post is over here:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #26 – My Favourite 12WBT Recipe

Today's post is about our favorite 12wbt meal.

Argh?!! I have to choose??

My favorite is one I modified slightly. Char-grilled Beef with Avocado & Corn Salsa. My modification was to wrap it in whole grain tortillas. As jase isn't an avocado fan I figured it would be a bit lacking otherwise. Just tasted super fresh and easy to make (despite making a bowl of filling for me and a separate bowl for jase!)

Honorable mentions go to:
- banana muesli shake which is great before a workout
- avocado toast with basil and tomato
- boiled egg with Vegemite soldiers

Erin's post over here :

Must go back and make it again - was yummy had forgotten about it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #25 – My least favorite exercise

Without a doubt Burpees! I would do these with a personal trainer years ago and just want to throw up!! I've never been keen on them since.

For some reason the sprawls we do as part of boxing don't seem as bad although maybe I'm just distracted by someone yelling sprawl and then yelling at me to get back up!!

Erin's post includes an awesome video - wish I could do them like that :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #21 – My Favourite Hobby

Out of order but hey just spotted some funkiness in my numbering and yep I'd missed a day.

Ummm hobbies...

I don't think my puppy would count as a hobby rather than a lifestyle change :)  Having a puppy does take up a lot of time though!! Here's a nice close up of Yoshi.

My other biggest hobby is probably photography. I tend to do it a bit sporadically - the last time I was ok was when there were fireworks at the docklands.  My first attempt at fireworks not in auto mode and was happy with my results. Did have to contend with people shuffling into the side of my frame - grrr..

Go check out my google+ images if you want to see more photos :)

Hopefully that link works for everyone.

Erin's blog about scrapbooking is over here:

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #24 – Great Advice

Whoops - looks like I missed a day in my blogging so it'll be out of order !

I'm sure I've been given good advice but not a whole lot springs to mind when I'm trying to think of something.  One thing that does is related to my pandora charm which is a ghost (you know like a friendly pac man looking ghost).  It's a reminder to not fade away into the background - related to an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I tried finding a suitable image - didn't really - so here's a "hot willow" instead :)

It's easy to kind of fade into a group of people and not speak up when you have something else to offer but it's important to not fade away like a ghost.

Erin's piece of advice is over here:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #23 – My Dream Workout Partner

Playing catchup again. Today's blog post was if we could pick someone to work out with who would it be?

For me it'd be a draw between Jillian michaels who has overcome heaps and has such a kick - arse attitude, and bob Harper. For those not in the know - they're the original biggest loser trainers ( used to be hooked on this show :)). Both look awesome and would give me a killer workout. I love their workout DVDs and they'd pale in comparison to an actual in person training session :)

Although in reality I'd probably be super star struck! I'm really enjoying the Saturday workouts that have come about because of this program. It's great meeting new people in my area who I hope to continue staying in touch with once the 12 weeks is up!

Erin's dream workout partner is over here:

Here are some eye candy photos :

Imagine these two watching over your workout...

12wbt blog-a-day challenge #22 - whats in your gym bag

Well as I work out at home I don't really pack a gym bag. Currently in my gym bag is a small orange towel, boxing liners, boxing gloves and bottle of water.

Maybe more interestingly my car was packed on Saturday with the following for the group workout I planned:
- towel
- boxing liners
- boxing gloves
- 2x water bottles
- 2 x kettle bells
- 2 x mats
- 2 x tops ( in case my first workout was too intense ;))
- spare jacket
- 2 x 5 kg plates
- mystery card set
- another set of exercises
- skipping rope

Maybe not so interesting but that's what I was carrying around. :)

Erin's bag:

Week 4 re-testing and milestone workout

So I decided to double up on workouts for my sss - week 4 milestone and go meet the Inner Westies. They were doing their fitness tests so I thought I may as well do it too.

1km time trial - 4:56 - beating 5:21 from Wednesday and 5:41 from week 1. Stoked as I wanted to stop running at 300m :) helped having Nikki standing at the finish yelling :)

Pushups - 6,19 vs 5,21 vs 6,25. Still work to be done

Abs - still level 3. No surprise.

Wall sit -2:56 vs 2:20 vs 1:30. Helped chatting to the girl next to me (I'm so bad with names).

So after the fitness test we did a tabata style workout until 8:30 when I headed off to the other park for workout #2.

I got to design the workout which was fun. After our warmup we did a mystery "card" activity. So group would do the designated activity as each person took it in turns to go do 4 stations before returning with the new card. After 2 rounds of 10 people we moved onto a "plank-limbo" exercise. Then shann's killer butt track and stretching.

From the 2 workouts and the drive inbetween, 3 hours and 967 calories burnt. As well as meeting new people and having fun with my regular crew.

Good finish to my slack week :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back to my goals!

"My commitment is to stick to the 12 week program following Michelle Bridge's healthy eating plan and exercise routine and I am committed to do the work to get me there."

It's time to get back on track! With my weight-loss so far I can feel it weakening my resolve to follow the program. I'm close to what I wanted to weigh so I've started making portions a bit bigger, having not so healthy snacks. Worst of all I haven't done the exercise program this week. Its bad as I had a really good run at the fun run on Sunday and felt like I was improving! I'm not sure where that enthusiasm went!

Monday - didn't check my alarm, slept in. Didn't exercise after work as I had two dinners to prepare (Monday and Tuesday night).

Tuesday - did a walk/jog with the puppy "tick". No cardio circuit though.

Wednesday - slept awfully. Woke up feeling meh. Got up but then went back to bed. Figured I'd work out at my boxing class. Mid afternoon headache formed so I chatted to my boxing buddy and decided to take the night off. Got home and did my measurements and fitness test so small tick.

Thursday - again alarm not set. Slept in until way late. Got home and relaxed.

So the plan is Friday morning - do run OR a yoga video. If I do a yoga video then Saturday morning I should run pre SSS. Though we're trying to buy a car which might come through tomorrow and need to be picked up Saturday. Which might throw a spanner in the works.

I think maybe because I'm not committing to the workout - I'm leaving myself the choice that it becomes "I'll do it if I feel like it". If I had a home gym I'd do the lean and strong program but I don't and I don't see at home variations for some of them. So I should just suck it up and keep going with the intermediate. I don't even think I've done a full week of circuits. My "adapting" to make it suit me I think is limiting what I could be doing.

Next week I commit to getting back on board with food and exercise. 8 weeks left so let's do it properly!!

Week 4 weigh in and progress

So we're now in week 4 - and the program definately works!

So assuming I didn't stuff up my measurements - I've lost 6cm (I found it hard to figure out where to measure so its possible I'm not entirely in the same spot.  Maybe I should have photographed where I was measuring each 4 weeks hehe.

My fitness test results:
- 1km time trial.  Completed in 5:21 that's 20 seconds quicker than last time
- Pushups (1 less on toes, and 1 less on knees than last time - I did have a neck related headache lingering so it probably wasn't the best time to test my arms - I also haven't been doing a lot of arm work apart from my boxing classes :))
- Abs - same as last time.
- Reach - supposedly 6 cm further than last time.  I say supposedly as I really couldn't hold that distance.  It was more like 6.5 but I'm not sure how legit it was so pulling it back a bit :)
- Wall sit - an extra 50 seconds (so something like 2:20 against the wall) - and OMG agony when I tried to get off the wall. Hehe when I first wrote this sentence I put minutes instead of seconds - that'd be pretty extreme :)

So I think that's advanced apart from my pushups and abs?? Something to work on for next time.

Things I have learnt so far:
  • I'm still not very good at JFDI - but I've never been a morning person and here I am getting up by 6:30am to do a workout most mornings.
  • I haven't gotten better sleep since starting the program. Though I'm not being overly diligent about getting to bed by 9:30, not reading the iphone/ipad in bed.
  • I get very grumpy at not being able to eat what I want, when I want it.  Not that I had much to lose - but I did want to try eating healthy and follow the program as closely as I could. I'm easing up slightly now - hopefully not too much :)
  • My portion sizes must be too large as I often feel what we're eating on the program is too small. There's a Penang Chicken recipe that's supposed to make 6 serves.  I got 2 dinners and a lunch out of it. (Granted that lunch was 2 big for me to eat.. but hey I got 4 serves out of what should have been 6).
  • It's nice to work out with other people - well I already knew this but having access to various Facebook groups lets you easily find people near you who are interested in exercising together.
  • I now have more recipes that I can add to my repertoire that are good for me (well I assume they're good for me) - I don't feel there's much discussion on why things are on the meal plan.
  • I hate spending so much time in the kitchen.  Granted I'm making dinners almost every night, lunches every weekday and breakfast most days (although I've started taking toast and sometimes an egg to work to have there rather than sticking to all that preparation). I'm hoping to find a happier balance once the program finishes - I miss just getting home and hanging out with the puppies.  Instead of standing in the kitchen as they sit to the side and watch.
  • Buying the food for the program is expensive - but it is replacing expensive eating out meals (most of the time :))
  • There are a lot of calories in innocent looking dumplings!
  • I don't need to work out an hour a day every weekday and 2 hours+ on Saturday to achieve results - I think it largely is related to watching what goes in (calorie, and health wise) and being active in some way.  Although its nice to do a big workout knowing you can stuff more calories in :)
  • Some days when you're sore sometimes its better to rest up.  I pushed through a cardio workout and did ab work when I wasn't feeling over well.  Ended up with a 2 day headache.
  • I'm still not sure I want to run the distance of a half marathon - but lets see how I go with 8kms :)
  • I still hate burpees - the sprawls we do in the boxing class seem marginally easier!

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #20 – My Recommended Read

Today’s task is to recommend a book for others to read and say why you think they should read it.

I enjoy reading for fun.

Recently I read the Dexter series

It's different to the TV series which took me a little while to get over but I was hooked.  Even if they made Deborah sound REALLY annoying.  Although I can appreciate this won't be a series for everyone.

Someone at work currently recommended The Dresdon Files.  So I'm currently reading Book 1 - Storm Front.

The Dresden Files are Jim’s first published series, telling the story of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Chicago’s first (and only) Wizard P.I.

That's right a Wizard ("Yer a Wizard Harry!!" - can't help have that jumping into my head).

Erin's recommended book sounds interesting.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #19 – My 5 Must Have Fitness Items

Here are my 5 must have fitness items!
  1. My Polar HRM.  I could have been happy with the FT40 but ended up getting the FT60.  Still yet to see if I'll use their "pick a program" functionality once the 12 weeks is up :) Thanks to the program's sponsor offer of 30% plus free express delivery!
  2. My shoes.  I might have a slight obsession with buying sneakers. After probably 6 years of running (ad hoc fun runs really) in the same shoes - I decided it was time for an upgrade.  I recently went to a place near the Melbourne City Baths and did treadmill analysis to confirm that I need a shoe with support.  So I ended up with these:
  3. Fitness DVDs - am over joining gyms that I don't end up going to, so I enjoy a good at home dvd.  Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels have my favourite ones (although Bob Harper's can feel a bit long - but he has a great yoga workout where you SWEAT!!!). Seriously who wouldn't be inspired by these two?!! :)
  4. Boxing gloves.  Whilst not essential for every workout - am including it as a boxing class or training makes you work hard!
  5. Tunes! Music helps me JFDI! I'd struggle without my iphone or ipod going for a run, and really enjoy the music aspect of fitness classes (except when they pump it up so loud you feel like you should be wearing ear plugs :))
Erin's list is over here:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #18 – My Favourite Workout

My favorite workout used to be 1 on 1 pt session with a martial arts guy. Could switch off my brain and exercise hard. Was also a bonus doing combat pad work with him.

Unfortunately he did a runner from the gym with no mention. :(

Now I enjoy doing a boxing circuit once a week. Includes bag work, sometimes pad work and lots of sprawls. Some classes seem more thought out than others (or the right number of people planned for).

Apart from that stuff - I am getting back into running. Mentally I find it hard. But it's good in that I can do it conveniently!

Here's Erin's post:

Will have to come back and add pictures to all these posts.

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #17 – A Day in The Life…

So I'll follow Erin's format (think i'm a day behind again) - and go through my day tomorrow.

6:30 wake up (assuming I sleep ok and don't reset my alarm to later). 20ish minute walk/jog with the dogs (though bear is limping for some reason). Eat breakfast (reminds me I need to check my planner as to what I'm eating). Have shower (or before bfast) & go to work.

After an annoying scooter ride in get to work. Tomorrow is sale day at aldi so I'm trying to be there when it opens. Might be the last time I attempt this. I'm sure the one near home would have less people interested in the arm band! Eat breakfast if I ran out of time at home.

Work. Typically snack before lunch and after lunch. Some days I've been so hungry on this program. Lunch will be leftover Penang chicken. I really should go buy crickets for my bearded dragon. Finish work (in front of a computer all day).

Come home, cook dinner. Tomorrow is beef stir fry. Off to boxing at 8:30pm - annoyingly late but it's a good class.

Then check if there's any prep for food the next day and try to be in bed by 10:30. Not heaps of time between getting home from boxing.

Erin's post over here:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #16 – Everyday I’m Shufflin!

I'm betting my song list will be a bit naff. I put a bunch of stuff I wouldn't usually listen to on it and have been meaning to change it for awhile.

1. Heaven
Paul van dyk

2. Santo Domingo
Rodrigo y Gabriela

3. Human saviour

4. Stainless steel providers

5. Good times theme
Richard cheese

6. Cattle grind

7. Egmont overture
London symphony orchestra
(I have no idea how I got this classical stuff on my phone)

8. Believer
Freemasons feat winter Gordon

9. Da ya think I'm sexy

10. Libertango
Rodrigo y Gabriela

Lots of revco as their discography is on my phone but there's probably only a fraction of songs I'd listen to in full :)

Erin's (old school) playlist:

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #15 – I can’t believe it!

What's one thing that has surprised me since starting the program.

A group of local women get together on a Saturday for our group SSS. I found I was burning 500-600 calories in the session. One week I couldn't sleep and had considered going for a run before the session. So I dragged myself out of bed and did 5km of mostly running. Had breakfast and then went and did an hour forty five minute workout. Never would I have considered a 5km run a warmup! 961 calories burnt.

It actually wasn't that bad and I will do it again :)

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Friday, September 14, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #14 – My Favourite Recipe

Today’s Blog-A-Day Challenge question is: What is your favourite recipe?

I'll take this opportunity to have a whinge about how much time I'm now spending in the kitchen. Granted I'm eating breakfast which I didn't use to do, preparing lunch to take to work which I never used to do, and cooking dinners - sometimes in advance. I do miss my nights where I would spend a lot of it in front of the tv with the dogs.  I can't overly remember what I used to cook - but I think more stir fries will be coming back after the 12 weeks - I can't see how they're not healthy for you.  The one stir fry I've made as part of the challenge tasted pretty blegh.  It was largely meat, vegies and soy sauce.  I often use a different sauce to help prepare it and spices. Maybe that stacks on the calories not sure?  Had swapped rice largely for noodles (like udon, somen, others I can't remember the name of).

As part of the 12 week challenge.  Our favourite meal so far has been the Beef and Red Wine Stew.  When I swap out a fish meal I'm generally replacing it with this one.  Even though it takes AGES to cook - its freezeable and easy to reheat whilst steaming potatoes + beans.

My favourite breakfast so far has been the boiled eggs and vegemite toast (soldiers).  Though I'm still perfecting boiling an egg.  I'm sure it's supposed to be one of those things you can't get wrong.. but recently it's been too runny to enjoy :(

I have enjoyed the meal plan of the program as I'm trying stuff I wouldn't usually - like the vegetarian shepherds pie.  And the lasagna (super easy.. but I'm not sold on using tomato soup as the base.. oh and added vegies to the recipe :)).

I think I'll have to give Erin's casserole a go!

Oh - just noticed everyone else has actually posted a recipe lol
I don't think I'm allowed to post the exact recipe due to copyright blah blah but it's pretty much:

cook mushrooms, set aside
cook diced onion, celery, carrot, garlic, set aside
cook diced chuck steak until browned, add flour + mustard powder
add stock, wine, and onion mixture (I also get a bit lazy and usually just chuck in the mushrooms now)
Simmer for 1.5 hours (I then freeze it)

When eating it I let it heat up for about 30 minutes, and steam potatoes and green beans to go with it :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #13 – My Pre-Workout Meal

Today’s Blog-A-Day question is: What do you eat before a workout?

I used to think that you had to eat before you do a workout - but that would prevent from doing what I'm doing currently.  Rolling out of bed and exercising.  I'm struggling with the earlier get up time so there's no way I'd get up have breakfast, wait an hour and then exercise.  Not without getting to work heaps later :)

Previously when I was doing fun runs I'd have a banana - and for my fun run on Sunday I think I'll be having a banana, muesli, almond milk shake at around 6:30 (running at 8:30).  I get about 3 km in to my running currently and then really start feeling it.  So not sure if that's just my lack of endurance or lacking fuel too.

The only time I'm really exercising after a meal is when I do a boxing class at 8:30pm - so I try to finish eating by 7:30.  Am just having whatever is quick to cook that's on the weekly menu dinner plan. So far no adverse reactions :)

Erin is having stuff I've never heard of!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #12 – If I could, I would…

Today’s blog-a-day question is: What is something that you have never done but would if you could?

It's hard to justify trips and their expense when there's other stuff to spend money on.  Cars, a new house, stuff! :)  I have done a bit of travel but things that I'd still like to do if someone else was paying for them.

Churchill Polar Bear Experience

There's no guarantee of seeing a polar bear so it's hard to justify the expense.  I have however done the behind the scenes tour in Sea World and loved it - there was just a mesh fence between me and a massive polar bear.  Couldn't take photos unfortunately but as stoked as apparently it's luck as to whether the polar bear will stay out in the display area or choose to come back to see what's going on.

African Safari
(more so than this)

Love animals and love photography.  Hate bugs and camping - so if I went it would need to be one of those luxury tours and a change in my expectation of what luxury means :)

Other places include Vegas and Paris.

In terms of experiences I wouldn't mind doing like a hot lap on the back of a motorbike - I reckon that would be exciting. Also want to see a Volcano so hopefully get to experience that when we go to Hawaii next year.

Last year I went to NZ and got to do some cool experiences like climbing a glacier, and landing on top of a glacier in a helicopter and getting to walk around the top for a bit.  I also did some quad biking (harder than they made it out to be) over I think volcanic rock.  I was getting the hang of it by the end but was glad it was a small group as I drove like a bit of a grandma. Oh I also paraglided off the top of a mountain (one of the smaller mountains.. but still paragliding).  And got to steer for a bit.  I have a video and all.

Erin's wishlist is over here:

A little derailed...

So Saturday morning woke up feeling like I hadn't sleep, and I wanted to get stuff done with my partner who was off Fishing all day Sunday - so I decided to postpone my SSS workout to Sunday and have my rest day on Saturday.

Sunday was a little off kilter as I'd had a late night chaperoning a party full of 15 yo's (for my neice's birthday) and a long drive home which meant that brain was still a bit hyper when I was trying to sleep.  Though I got up around 10am and went for a run.  Did 4km (it didn't feel awesome but probably quickest I've done in a while).  I then thought I'd give the SSS circuit a go that Mish had provided.  Super Step Challenge or something.  I'm not sure I was doing it right as I got confused as to whether I was supposed to do 4,6,8,10,12 with each foot leading (which seemed like 2 x as many steps as I wanted to do).  So I started off not doing each foot leading, but then later tried doubling up so I'd do the rep with one leg leading, and the same amount with the other leg leading. I also moved to a slightly smaller step.  In theory you were supposed to do 3 rounds in an hour (although warmup was 5min run not 4km).  So I got through 1 round, had had enough (it was almost lunch time) and shuffled home (another 2 kms).  Made myself the yummy pancakes and then walked the dogs to the dog park (2.2 kms away). So I was really quite tired later in the day :)

Monday I woke up and could barely walk.  My calves were absolutely killing me. I thought I had done enough stretching maybe not?!  I then decided to push through it and do the Seek and Destroy cardio dvd. Can't say I love the dvd maybe I'm using it as an excuse but there's too many walk side to side and forwards and backwards making the most of your loungeroom (I don't have a big space to work in and don't want to get too close to the tv in case I knock it over being my klutzy self :))  Anyway - I don't feel like I get a great workout.  I also felt my neck and back were a bit stiff and not liking the crunches I was trying to do.  Off to work and discover that the filtered water is still broken.  Ended up going to a different level of the building to get 2 glasses full of water - so I'm already not drinking as much as I have been.  During the day a headache develops - everything is sore!  I try pain killers but they're having no effect.  I end up heading home at 4pm and lying down for a bit.  Not much relief.

Tuesday morning wake up and still have a headache - my usual Osteo is closed so I make an appointment elsewhere.  Couldn't get in until 2:20pm.  Had breakfast, then tried to nap.  Applied tiger balm to my neck and lower back and eventually got back to sleep - finally got rid of my headache.  Had lunch and cancelled the physio appointment. Went for a short walk with the dogs and then back in the kitchen to continue with the mountain of cooking I seem to be doing on this program.

Wednesday morning woke up tired so turned off my alarm and went back to sleep - leading to me getting up an hour later, rushing to have breakfast (boiled egg and toast replaced with banana/muesli shake thing), and rushing to make my lunch (wraps had started going mouldy already so it'll be a sandwich today :/).  Still hoping to make it to Boxing tonight and then a run tomorrow morning. Assuming me headache doesn't come back and my calves ease up.  Should have brought my tiger balm to work and stunk the place out hehe.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

12wbt blog-a-day challenge #11- my favorite healthy snack

Today's topic is on our favorite healthy snack.

So we were told to go find snacks around 130 calories. At the supermarket I found Quakers oat cookies. They fit the calorie bill but am not sure if they have an ok level of sugar. They taste too yummy to be healthy - with 3 flavours. Apple & cinnamon, raisin and umm nut and honey?

Apart from that I've been eating 100g tubs of yoplait yoghurt which again probably has too much sugar.

Erin has a few yummy looking snacks over on her site!

I was excited that mish was suggesting some nights we have 2 pieces of Lindt 70% chocolate - so I now eat chocolate if I'm peckish and have some spare calories.. But it kinda feels wrong.

Monday, September 10, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #10 – 5 Favourite Quotes?

So I don't have quotes off the top of my head that I live by so off to Google I go :)

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”
― Bob Marley

“Be the kind of person that you want to meet.”
― Unknown

“It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that's where transformation happens. That's how change occurs.”
― Jillian Michaels

“It isn't about winning a game, it about fixing what's broken.”
― Bob Harper

“What I hear most often is that people just aren’t motivated to exercise. But here’s the thing about motivation: it’s a crock.”
― Michelle Bridges

and a 6th because it's something that's good to remember :)

“Yelling doesn't get your point across, it only makes it louder.”
― Grant Hill

I also went to google lolcat inspiration and this made me laugh:

Erin's favourite quotes:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #9 – are you a strength or cardio junkie?

I don't think I'm an exercise junkie per see but I find it easier to put on a pair of sneakers to go for a run than do a strength workout.

Plus I really struggle with going to the gym and doing a strength workout on the equipment - I find it hard to motivate myself!! I'd much rather be zoning out in a class or doing a DVD workout. Though strength work would probably help my dodgy back issues - so its good this program does both :)

My favorite workout at the moment is a boxing circuit class. Works so much of the body at an intensive level. Plus it's fun just hitting stuff :)

Go check out Erin's blog over here:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #8 – My 3 Favourite Blogs

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #8 – My 3 Favourite Blogs

Well this one:
because it's provided me with the incentive to do a blog-a-day challenge, and is inspiring to read too.

This blog is by someone I am in a Facebook group with - and train together in our group SSS sessions.  It's nice to read a blog of someone you also interact with in person as you get a better picture of them :) 

The third is difficult, there's a few that I've been reading adhoc (or as part of the blog-a-day challenge).  I'm going with one of the first blogs I found when starting the program - although she's been a bit quiet recently.  Apart from standard blog posts there are recipes there too.

I really enjoy reading other people's experiences of the program.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #7 – My Treat Meal

Saturday night was dinner out for my neice's birthday. Ended up going with 250g rump steak, veggies and chips (they freaked out when I asked for salad instead of the chips). Oh and mushroom sauce. So the steak was ok, the veggies just tasted mushy and couldn't overly tell what I was eating (of course mish told us afterwards that places often deep fry their roast veggies so I probably should have gone chips and salad). I had about 4 chips - they were ok. The ones I left were mushy and blegh! Though I didn't want to eat too many and undo my days workouts :) I also had only a mouthful of birthday cake. Didn't feel sick or anything must it felt like a bit of a waste due to its quality.

I have noticed that if I eat a bigger serve than I should I feel horribly over-full. I also had had yum cha on the Friday for a team lunch. I didn't feel I'll afterwards - just incredibly sleepy!!

Tonight I bumped up the calories of my chicken korma as I wanted some rice with it - and used the 350g of korma sauce rather than 250g. Seemed like a waste otherwise. I'm also enjoying a glass of my favorite wine. I do feel really full but the wine is going down nicely :) I'm at someone's house tomorrow night so hopefully it's not a bad meal!

Erin's blog post:

Inspiration Board

Finally got around to doing my inspiration board :) Hate that pinterest won't let you re-order stuff >:(

Thursday, September 6, 2012

12WBT blog-a-day challenge #6 - 3 weaknesses

Today's challenge is to identify 3 weaknesses and how you are going to turn them into strengths. Trust me to me be doing this one at the end of the day :)

1. The glass is empty!!
I tend to be a little negative and pessimistic at times. I don't really see how this can be turned into a strength. Maybe it means I'm a realist or less likely to be disappointed?? :) I think I need to get more positive thoughts flowing - am hoping my headspace meditation program helps with that, and in general ensuring that there is a healthy balance of positive :)

2. Lacking self confidence
Sometimes I struggle with being confident in my abilities and opinions. I think a strength of this is that I'm happy to ask for help if I need it or need clarification. I'll also put thought into something before getting it reviewed. It would be nice to find a better balance though - linked to a less negative outlook on things?

3. Struggling to let go
I don't forgive or forget easily. I guess a strength could be that I consider friendship as important and trust my close friends. I'll often give people a chance rather than assume they'll disappoint. I'm aware however of how negative baggage is not a good thing to carry around so would like to learn how to let things go effectively. Am hoping meditation gives me a more forgiving, less angry outlook on wrongs - but not to the point where I can be walked over.

Erin's post - go check it out :)