Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bikram yoga - session 1

Arrived early and got myself registered for my trial $19 for 10 consecutive days, bargain!! Lots of people were in there laying quietly, all facing the same direction so I did the same. At first it was quite pleasant, the heat, a little bit unusual. When the session started we stood up and then the heat started hitting me. it's a pretty consistent heat, sometimes you notice more heat coming at you, and you sweat a lot. I think I needed the four litres I had drunk the day before.

The class is I think 26 forms and 2 breathing exercises. The teacher talked us through the movements but didn't demonstrate, so you had to watch what other people were doing to figure it out. I quickly learnt to not follow the woman next to me, the people in the front row were the ones to watch. Honestly can't remember everything we did. We did 3 forms/whatever they're called, and then had a water break together. At this point I noticed all the beads of sweat on me and that my face was going really red as it does when I run. We were told to drink at any time but to wait until a balance move was finished to not unbalance people with movement. Despite having a hay fever tablet the night before and the morning was still breathing through my mouth at times (bad sinuses) and felt a bit parched.

The moves themselves weren't too bad, you could work at your own level. A couple of times I felt a bit... Woozy is probably the best word for it.. So took a drink and rejoined later. You do the first part standing up and then move to the floor. I thought the floor part might have felt easier but I struggled. Either because I'd had enough of the heat, or just the stuff we were doing I'm not sure. A lot of the moves required sitting on your knees and feet, and then moving your feet out, or going into a camel pose and my ankles were too sore to do it. But when I struggled I just sat and had some more water and waited. I did feel a slight niggle in my shoulder, and had noticed in all the standing up moves I had to keep pulling my shoulders down. I didn't feel nauseous at all which I was a little nervous about beforehand. Whilst I wanted the class to finish up quicker than it did, I tried to focus on giving things a go. I didn't feel a massive need to leave the room. It wasn't a relaxing session for me though.

After class I did some stretching and then left the room, the cold reception in comparison felt great. I felt a bit light headed, but sat and had more water. Had a cool shower and realized I had brought clean track suit pants but no clean top - whoops!! Walked to the car and sat for a bit. Still feeling a bit out of it. Drove home to have a proper shower and get non stinky, had a coconut water and a long shower. The rest of the day was conscious that my back was sore in places, knots at the top of my neck and sore lower back. Went into the city for lunch feeling pretty out of it, but still trying to drink more water. When we stopped for petrol bought a mizone vitamin water and had half of it whilst waiting for the slowest petrol attendant ever to serve customers. After lunch, some shopping, and sorbets at the local cafe - got back home and by this stage had an awful headache. Ended up having a painkiller, a big glass of electrolyte drink and fell asleep for a bit on the couch. Woke up feeling heaps better.

Had I not gotten rid of my headache I don't think I'd be going back tomorrow, I'd have a few days off). Mainly because I don't want to spend my holidays feeling like I did today. My back has been a bit crackly so will be interesting to see how I feel in the morning. I am glad though that this yoga place let's you drink in the class - maybe its better if you don't breathe through your mouth but I'd have struggled heaps more without water breaks. The parking in prahran is a nightmare though!! The teacher was helpful though giving direction to my sister and I if we were doing something not quite right. For example there was one bit where you were standing one one leg, other leg over the top, toe behind your calf, then you had to have a certain arm above the other kind of entwined, and she's saying your thumbs should be facing you... So then you had to figure out what you were doing wrong as your thumbs were facing the mirror.

Let's see how I go with round 2 - here's hoping for no headache!! :)

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