Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bikram yoga - session 5

After a late night it was a bit of a struggle getting up at 6:30am to make sure I made the 8am class. My sister was too late and the doors were locked before she arrived. Had Bridget again same as the first session. Wasn't off to a great start as she was telling us what to focus on for the breathing exercise and I wasn't paying attention. I reckon it would be tough doing as much talking as they do for 90 minutes reminding you what to focus on and correcting individuals when the opportunity arose. At some points reminded me of an auctioneer. But in a useful way :)

Today I managed in the second set of on knees and feet, both apart, sitting back into a bridge - to get both elbows on the ground. It must have helped having knees 8 inches and feet 6 inches apart as I didn't make it on the first set. I also got 1 hand to heel for camel pose. Although my lower back is quite sore now. I still find it hard to look into the mirror for balance poses without falling over.

Finished class and bought a nakula coconut water can, it tasted alright and had my protein shake. At lunch i drank lots of Chinese tea and a bottle of water but maybe not enough. No headache but was a bit tired. I had taken in a Gatorade powder mix to the class - think I would have preferred plain water but still drank almost all of it before class ended. Really tender spot on my right lower back. Maybe I pushed myself too hard in the class?

Two more days left of the trial. Will see how I feel - especially now jase is back home :)

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