Saturday, December 1, 2012

Week 14 - back on the exercise wagon

I'm sure this week will have gaps. My memory is shocking and I didn't record as I went along.

Monday - bad day of eating. Went out for a pasta lunch (penne con pollo e fungi - so not healthy), and might have shared a bottle of red wine with other people. Monday night did boxing in the park with 2 other ladies. Started a bit late waiting to see who would show up (couple of no shows and late cancellations), ended up doing a light warmup followed by a rotation of 2 people boxing and third person circuiting. Would have had 4 but someone couldn't find us :( dinner - Cajun chicken with sweet potato wedges and steamed veggies.

Tuesday - lunch was dumplings as a thank you for me giving away two taste of Melbourne tickets. Mostly vegetarian probably too much. Dinner was sausage casserole (probably not 12wbt friendly with a small amount of mash, whilst I cooked my bolognaise sauce.

Wednesday - weigh in day. Not surprisingly gained 900g from last week. Went to local gym with jase. After trying to do mb's workout - rower machine broken in that it didn't recognize I was rowing and was a stupid simulator thing so just started beeping at me annoyingly, no assisted chin up machine, chest press machine broken thanks to previous person so that only half the range of motion you were actually lifting weight, ended up doing a bob Harper circuit for posture. Must have done something as i was sitting taller during the morning. Lunch was bean and beetroot salad with a small amount of light cream cheese (really wasn't liking the ricotta). Snack of steamed egg bun. After work raced home to cook my pasta bolognaise (found a nice rice pasta which was gluten free), then off to xtraining class. Intense!! Involved things like hover on slam ball, move in plank position to ground, then rest (all timed). There were I think 2 other rounds with Burpees, kettle bell swings, ball slams, military (overhead press), dead lifts, step up where you were supposed to lift kettle bells up over head but I couldnt do that with 8kg kettle bells!!). I didn't do the rounds full on as I wasn't going to push myself to the extremes and likely strain my back but it was still a killer workout!

Thursday - went to the gym with jase and just did what he did. Was feeling really good until I got out of the car in the city (going to work). Then I was feeling it! Weighed myself in the morning again and had lost 700g.

Friday - can't recall.

Saturday - run along the river with the usual crew 8km! Can't recall too much but had my Christmas party for work where I only intended to have a couple of drinks as I was feeling pretty ordinary!! But I got a lift there and people kept offering to top up my glass so I drank a lot of champers and ate a lot of finger food.

Sunday - cant recall apart from being very hungover.

I stopped updating this hence why it got really vague by the end.

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