Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Relaxed too much with the food side of things

The weekend was a mixed bag. Went to a BBQ with a few ciders and ended up drinking those, a champagne cocktail (that was truly awful but I drank it instead of leaving it) and a captain Morgan spiced rum and coke! On the plus side I found myself not wanting to drink coke! I also ate a hamburger, salads and a veggie skewer stick thing. Oh and prawns and more salad. I would have previously had that and a sausage and a chop.. So that's kind of something. But I drank too much and was hung over on Sunday. On Sunday I had scrambled eggs, beans and hash browns. Lunch was tempura fish and prawns with fries and pickled zucchini ribbons. Also had a glass of Pinot noir. Dinner was a 180g burger with potato chips (big ones), a piece of bread and butter and a glass of red wine.

Monday involved visit to the gym, part of a berry banana smoothie for breakfast but then got to work and was ravenous. I think I ate 3 Quakers oat cookies, banana, lunch was reheated pasta bolognese with gluten free pasta, a fruit mince, some gluten free salt n vinegar chip things, and some snack things that look like twisters but are like curry flavored and crunchier. dinner ended up being Japanese as jase was working late so we shared haramaki rolls (little veggie I think spring rolls with mayo), and I had wafu steak with bean shoots, zucchini and a bowl of rice, and a glass of Japanese plum wine.

Tuesday went to gym again (more strength training - slowly increasing the weight). Had the other half of the banana berry smoothie, a protein shake with full cream milk (as opposed to my usual almond milk), 3 Quaker oat cookies, another fruit mince pie, lunch was a soup of vermicelli, veggies and prawns. I think it maybe had MSG in it as I was super sleepy afterwards and a bit headachey. Also had a small valia yoghurt. Dinner was chicken fajita using old el paso kit with chicken, capsicum and onion, I probably had 1 more than I should have.

Wednesday got up early and had a banana smoothie, was going to go for a run but was headachey and tired so I went back to bed. At work I had a milo, 3 Quaker oat cookies, lunch was spring rolls and beef noodles (were oily this time). A different fruit mince pie, a couple of tangy chips (bad desk neighbor hehe) and a small yoghurt. Got home and had a mini wagon wheel and some chocolate. (I won't be buying a whole packet again!!) dinner was teriyaki beef and lots of veggies and udon noodles. With dinner i had a glass and a half of nice red wine. Also had a coconut water as I hadn't been drinking enough water.

So I kind of think that's why I put on over a kilo this week. It's a little annoying as I don't like seeing the weight go up but on the plus side I'm probably a better weight now as I didn't mean to lose as much as I did. I've lost a lot of will to eat good "12wbt style" food - which I'll need to get back to keep fitting into the size 8 and small clothes I bought on the weekend!!

Thursday - we have no milk so jase probably won't go to the gym, lunch is free burrito day at Guzman y Gomez (if the queue isn't insanely long). Dinner will be something with beef as that is what I took out of the freezer.

Friday is our last day of work for the year with a long lunch planned to finish the day. I'm having a chicken club sandwich and probably a cider.. Or two. We're also having a secret Santa morning tea before lunch!

On the plus side likely to be trying out bikram yoga for a 10 day trial starting on Saturday!

Lessons learnt:
- I need to drink less
- I need to have healthy low calorie snacks at work so that when I get bored I'm not mowing through the calories
- I need to go back to planning out my meal plan instead of largely winging it
- keep drinking water even after I get home
- don't buy a packet of wagon wheels
- get out of the habit of getting home and snacking on chocolate

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