Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Round 3 - complete

My final weigh in - 3 kg lost since program started back in week 1, 6.1kg lost since pre-season (the 4 weeks prior to the program). My after photo I have less gut and my thighs look better!! Just wish I hadn't lost so much in the butt and chest area. I swim in my jeans now - don't want to have to back to boy jeans :( there are worse problems to have though!!

I'm a little disappointed that I fizzled out around week 7/8. I think hitting my weight target led me to ease off with my commitment to the program but I'm stoked that I've found how to stay at this weight.  I'm not counting calories - just eating mb 12wbt meals during the week with some lunches out with others and weekends largely free. I'm disappointed that I didn't form strong exercise habits (or really do any full weeks of her exercise program). I said that i would commit to the full 12 weeks of the program and i didn't give it 100%. Not that I had bad results but I let the excuses creep back in. I didn't do the fitness test in week 8. I should probably have set some SMART fitness test related goals rather than a general feeling of "I hope I improve by the end" :)
I did my last fitness test by doing the pushups, wall sit, and sit & reach first.  Was feeling a little bummed that my pushups had gone backwards.  I could probably have done more on my knees but ran out of time.  The wall sit I maybe would have done longer if I'd had something to distract me (like someone to talk to!) - I found it a lot easier in week 4 which was when I did it with a group in a park :)  So with that I was keen to see my running improve.  So my 1km was the fastest ever which I'm happy with, and after a short break I ran 7km.  That first km I felt like total strugglesville - and turns out I was running at 5'50" pace which is faster than I usually run by a bit!! I did slow down over the rest of the distance though.

I am stoked that I can now run 9km - it's still a big mental challenge but I definitely have improved my running fitness. I need to do strength training though!  My new short term goal will involve getting those pushups happening! I used to be able to do pushups with a dumbbell row!!

I found the last month of meals to be really uninspiring! I had to push myself to sit down and plan my week from the recipe index and shop accordingly. A lot of meals seemed to be member submitted ones so I felt a little jibbed too (though I didn't go through and count how many there were :)). I should have probably set more exercise goals.

Here's what my 1 & 3 month goals looked like:
Smashed my 1 month goals.  Ran 4km without stopping, and did several group training sessions!
Completed my 3 month goals.  The 3 exercise classes were based on the local gym offering classes which they didn't.  But I did 3 boxing classes at a different gym and definately more than 3 group training sessions. I also ran 8km for my second spring into shape run where I was debating between the 4 and 8, and the third race unless I'm injured by Sunday will be 8km.  Time to revisit my 6 and 12 month goals (as well as set new short term goas).

What I've gained:
- new friends and workout buddies!
- more confidence in being able to "invent" a workout.
- lost weight that I had trouble shifting
- improved running fitness
- more healthy meals to eat during the week
- mindset lessons and exercise plans that I can use going forward to hopefully establish a more fitness oriented routine

Week 13 - sorry it's an essay...

So after Saturday's effort of my fastest 1 km  yet followed by 7 kms, all of which were faster than I usually run at - I found I had a niggly lower back.

Sunday night I cooked a stir fry and organised my meal plan for the week.  I kind of struggled with deciding what to have - because seriously a week's worth of breakfast, lunch and dinners are a lot of meals!!

Breakfast was supposed to be a shake but got up late, so took yoghurt and  a muesli bar with me.  Lunch was leftover stir fry and more yoghurt (as I didn't have much leftover).  I was supposed to go to an x-training class on Monday night at the gym - but decided not to attempt the unknown class with a potentially dodgy back.  Walked the dogs instead. Dinner was Thai Chicken burger - however Aldi gimped me (market was closed).  No chicken mince - but I have a food processor so that was ok, no shallots so I added red onion, no fresh chilli so I added dry flakes and I don't think enough, no fresh coriander, so added dry and probably not enough.  No tomatoes that weren't mouldy, so I had lettuce and beetroot and the burger on turkish bread (as they didn't have normal rolls).  It just tasted a bit bland.  I got my pumpkin roasting in preparation for making soup.

Tuesday I was going to get up early and do a workout but had been awake for several hours during the night, and the alarm kept getting reset before I absolutely had to get up to go to work. So tired.  Lunch was with work people - Mr Burger.  I didn't order chips but had a couple of other people's so that's kind of a step in the right direction. Got home a bit late and couldn't leave the house as I was expecting groceries - so Jase walked the dogs.  I cooked up the bibimbap.  I added extra "Thai seasoning" - and also tried using some "chilli sauce" which looked like the stuff at korean places.  It was MEGA spicy and I think contained MSG.  I also felt like my finger was on fire later that evening as I must have gotten some on the end of my finger, licked it off and not really worried about it. Procrastinated too much so I should have copied off the last of the fitness programs I wanted before the 12wbt site closes to me, but I didn't.  I did cook up the pumpkin soup though - so that's good for tomorrow's dinner, Thursday's lunch and a spare dinner in the freezer. Got to bed after 11pm which was a bit dumb but happy to have had my food organised.

Wednesday had set my alarm in the hope of getting up for a run - fun run is on Sunday 8km so this was a good opportunity to fit in another run before resting up running wise for that. I woke up 10mins before my alarm and even though I was tired as hell I played with my iphone for a bit, then dragged myself out of bed and on a run. 5km run/walk in 34:48. So average of 6'52". I can see by the map that I started off strong, but at around 3km just ran out of steam, so it was walking and running for the last 2 km. That has just reminded me that I can't run without eating breakfast, and I shouldn't run in fleecy warm tracksuit pants and a jumper when it's 14 degrees. I was sooooo overheating. I do like my Halo Headphones but the thick headband seems to retain heat. But I enjoyed the endorphins post run, and did quite a bit of stretching afterwards. I also had a banana smoothie for breakfast. Lunch - leftover bibimbap - trying the sweet chilli sauce that doesn't have MSG in it. Much better! Although jase wanted to have snag stand with me so i met him after eating the bibimbap and had some chips. And a mocha! Dinner was pumpkin soup and little rolls you bake in the oven.

Thursday it was my turn to help with the charity breakfast at work. As I had to get in early I took in some belvite breakfast biscuits to eat whilst market shopping. I had a few items from the morning tea (maybe too much cheese), and late lunch of pumpkin soup. Dinner was beef stroganoff - the beef was a bit chewy but I liked the taste. I forgot I was supposed to be using whole meal pasta and made it with rice. Jase wasn't a fan so I might need to find a new recipe or use better meat or something. Before dinner I met up with a local 12 week buddy to try out a boxing workout. Went from 6 yeses to 1 but never mind - was probably better to have 1 person happy for me to try out my workout with them whilst chatting :)

Friday I think I had a breakfast smoothie. I also had a work function in the afternoon, and planned to have cajun chicken and sweet potato wedges for dinner. For the work function I had a beef burger in a brioche roll, with apple and beetroot, rocket maybe some sauce? And fries and aioli. It was yummy! Heaps better than the "man burger" a lot of the work guys got. I had too much to drink, 2 glasses of wine and a cider (didn't have to go back to work). That night I felt a bit dodgy so ended up having baked bean jaffles. Not sure if it was the alcohol or the raspberry coconut water nudie drink I tried.

Saturday was supposed to be a rest up for the run on Sunday. Instead we had breakfast at the local cafe (croissants with an awful jam), lots of walking around the motorbike expo and sitting on cool looking bikes. Lunch decided to splurge and go to meat and wine co. I had a steak and prawn skewer (with aioli), crunchy fries (left the dud ones) and to glasses of sparkling wine. Was such a nice day weather wise. Made beef stew for dinner which I'd started the night before (though struggled to find the will to make it in advance, was pretty easy though just time consuming).

Sunday got up at had a banana, muesli, rice milk & protein powder shake, followed by an 8km fun run. After that had a cup if Emma and Tom's recovery orange juice or one thing, a kids banana snack bar and not enough water as I discovered later. Jase and I headed for the witch mount winery's picnic in the west. I liked it but the sun came out after we got there and we'd both left home without our big hats (and could have taken the dogs). I had a couple of dumplings - prawn one was yummy, spring roll, a glass of cab sav, a cheese platter (with biscuits and two types of cheese) and a bottle of water. Was starving at about 5 - so by 6 I was at the local cafe where I had a cider, some prawn cutlets with I think pickled cucumber, and a white based pizza with pancetta and red onion. I stopped at the supermarket on the way home and bought one random veggies and meat with only a vague idea in mind.

So big weekend of eating and drinking starting from Friday. Next weigh in will be interesting!!

Apologies to anyone reading this and hating me talking about the bad food I eat :) keen to document my weeks as I continue to monitor my weight!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 11 recap

So I really let things slide. I stopped eating to the program and hadn't exercised in awhile.

After getting back from a weekend away (Melbourne cup long weekend) I committed to a run the next day. Whilst I didn't leap out of bed to go running (we went out and had a nice breakfast instead) - I did go running at lunch time. 9km worth of running! At a reasonable pace (at or under 6:30 min/km).

Wednesday morning I got up and walked the dog. That night was going to go to boxing but as my boxing buddy wasn't going I decided to skip the whole driving business and workout at home. Did bob harper's kettle bell DVD and wow what a killer workout! Although apparently my snatches were getting a little too close to the roof for my partners liking.

Thursday night I took both dogs for a walk (trying to get some of the stiffness out of my legs but it didn't work so well).

Friday nothing as I was super sore still from Wednesday.

Saturday went for the SSS workout with the local ladies. Those coming decided on an 8:30am start but I decided to stick with my 8:00am planned start and do an extra lap. So I did two laps of 4km (the second felt easier as I had company and was a slightly slower pace). Then we did 30 mins of boxing and a mini circuit. Around 750 calories burnt - woohoo!!

I had forgotten how good doing DVD workouts at home can be - and I look forward to being able to use a heavier than 4kg kettle bell!! 45 mins feels like a long time and at least this time I didn't strain my back (unlike the first time I tried it!!)