Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 11 recap

So I really let things slide. I stopped eating to the program and hadn't exercised in awhile.

After getting back from a weekend away (Melbourne cup long weekend) I committed to a run the next day. Whilst I didn't leap out of bed to go running (we went out and had a nice breakfast instead) - I did go running at lunch time. 9km worth of running! At a reasonable pace (at or under 6:30 min/km).

Wednesday morning I got up and walked the dog. That night was going to go to boxing but as my boxing buddy wasn't going I decided to skip the whole driving business and workout at home. Did bob harper's kettle bell DVD and wow what a killer workout! Although apparently my snatches were getting a little too close to the roof for my partners liking.

Thursday night I took both dogs for a walk (trying to get some of the stiffness out of my legs but it didn't work so well).

Friday nothing as I was super sore still from Wednesday.

Saturday went for the SSS workout with the local ladies. Those coming decided on an 8:30am start but I decided to stick with my 8:00am planned start and do an extra lap. So I did two laps of 4km (the second felt easier as I had company and was a slightly slower pace). Then we did 30 mins of boxing and a mini circuit. Around 750 calories burnt - woohoo!!

I had forgotten how good doing DVD workouts at home can be - and I look forward to being able to use a heavier than 4kg kettle bell!! 45 mins feels like a long time and at least this time I didn't strain my back (unlike the first time I tried it!!)

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