Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not quite chilli con carne

So my usual bad planning for the weekend food wise meant we were probably eating out but around 4:30 decided to take lamb mince out of the freezer. At 6:30 I started looking for a shepherds pie recipe. Couldn't find that in Jamie's recipe book but found chilli con carne. I thought I had tin tomatoes definitely and beans maybe in the pantry.

Fried up 500g lamb mince til brown
Food processor chopped 2 small carrots and 2 brown onions, added 3 garlic cloves. Missing celery stalks. Added to mince. Was also missing capsicum.
Added herbs - celery salt, cumin, cinnamon, ground chilli, salt and pepper.
Found I had no can of tomatoes so used a small tub of tomato paste. Found I had no beans apart from a snack pack of chickpeas, kidney beans and corn. Added 2 cups beef stock. Let simmer for 30ish more minutes. Added hot cayenne pepper to give more kick.
Cooked up some rice.
Decided to make guacamole.
Mashed 1 small avocado, added 1/4 diced red onion, 1 garlic clove, tbl of lime juice, ground chilli, 1/2 tomato diced all mixed together.
Also served with a small dollop of Greek style yoghurt.

I wasn't sure if jase would like it, and whilst he missed out on the extra flavours of the guac and yoghurt he said it was ok. Good considering he thought he was getting shepherds pie. When he had asked what I made I called it "jen's surprise" hehe.

So I'm mainly writing up the post in case I need the ingredients again - although I seem to struggle with duplicating meals later on :)

Week planning wise is off to a bad start with no groceries ordered. I'm also out for dinner Monday night, will be late home Tuesday night. Whilst I have meat in the freezer the veggies are a bit lacking. Plus Tuesday is market day and I'm having a lunch out with the girls. Wednesday it's shut again. My toe is getting better but still sore and I'm supposed to be running 8 km in a weeks time. So really would want to get at least one more run in.

Not feeling the commitment to getting my exercise done either. Once you lose the habit it seems tough to get it back. Just excuses :)

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  1. Well no more excuses get out there and exercise, I am sure you can do it!