Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 2 Mindset Lesson

Mindset lesson

  • Fear of having to give up the things (such as chocolate, wine, icecream, takeaway) can prevent you from reaching your goal.
  • Need to break the physical addiction or ritual (around 2 weeks), then comes psychology. It's an ongoing process.
  • Your entire palate will change and food won't have the hold over you.
  • You won't want to overeat anymore.
  • Establish healthy habits.


  • Strengthen your willpower 'muscle' - the more you flex it, the stronger it gets. 
  • Celebrate your mini wins
  • Would you fill up your car with cheap petrol that's of a crap quality?  Then why put that same level of fuel into your body.
  • Need a new habit to replace the old habit.

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence is not an act but a habit.


Week 2, Round 1, 2013 (recap)

Monday - slept awfully due to the heat, so waking up and staying awake from 4am meant I reset my alarm and didn't go for a run.  Belvita breakfast biscuits, pear, bob harper's cauliflower soup (too thick to really be known as soup, musnt have used enough stock?), yoghurt, banana.  Yoga session after work then chicken stir fry for dinner with a small amount of rice.  Was bad and had a glass of wine but didn't have dessert :)

Tuesday - still didn't sleep great, but got up and took my dog for a brisk walk/running intervals as he's officially been declared overweight. Breakfast was boiled egg with vegemite toast. Coconut water (kokomo brand which always makes me think of the beach boys song), Lunch was left over stir fry and probably too much white rice. Snacked on yoghurt. Dinner made a pasta bolognese using veal and pork mince, 800g crushed tomatoes, herbs, chilli, zucchini, mushrooms, a green and yellow capsicum.

Wednesday - Breakfast boiled egg with vegemite toast. Pear. Was bad and got a cadbury sensations bar (seriously 250 calories??), Lunch was left over pasta bolognese. Had powerade zero and banana to prepare for my 7.2km fun run.  Dinner was bad - two sausages in bread (with mustard and sauce) which weren't even that good, as one wasn't hot and there were no onions. Also had a cup of hydralite and a cranberry bar that had been given out after the fun run.  Dessert was a big bikkie Magnum ice cream when I got home.  I was seriously wrecked after I got home from the run - had been so hot, the course was hilly and didn't help that I hadn't run in months (apart from the 4km the Saturday before).
Same weight as last week.

Thursday - Belvita breakfast biscuits, a couple of lollies from the work lolly jar, Quakers oat bar with chocolate drizzled on the top, Lunch was not brought from home as I forgot to take something out of the freezer, instead got a Mr Burger burger and fries.  Shouldn't have had the fries definately as they tasted salty and left me feeling bleh! A couple of pieces of chocolate covered honeycomb (the lolly man visited and someone bought heaps to give out), a Banana, Powerade Zero trying to get rid of a headache. Ended up making my Pump class and it was so hot thanks to weirdness going on with the aircon.  Was like doing Bikram Pump!  Stayed for CXWorx but it didn't really grab me.  Maybe she was rushing through it as she'd run late with Pump but it just seemed over so quickly.  I did take the lower options to avoid straining my neck and back. Dinner was late - made Chicken Tacos with an El Paso mix including guacamole mix (which was a bit spicy). So it was chicken with capsicum, onion, guacamole in small tortillas. Not sure why but ended up having a slice of ice cream cake.

Friday - Was all set to have avocado on toast then pulled out two bits of bread and spotted massive bit of mould on it :(  Luckily not where I was holding it. So ended up having Belvita breakfast biscuits. I had brought in leftover chicken noodles from the freezer but ended up getting a lunch invitation to go try awesome pork belly sliders. Quakers nut bar (tastes like a snickers bar but without the chocolate so I imagine it can't be good for me).  Pilates after work. Dinner was beef stir fry with soba noodles.

Saturday - awake from 3:30am, couldn't sleep and aching legs. Didn't end up making SSS. Ended up skipping breakfast and going straight to lunch after a mocha. Went to meat and wine co - first weekend in 3 weeks jase wasnt working. Had a prawn and beef skewer, (with onion and capsicum), some chips and aoli. Also had glass of 3 pigs gsm. Had another mocha on the way home and a nap. Dinner was half a manoush pizza and ice cream and sorbets.

Sunday - had banana, muesli, protein smoothie, then did hours of tree trimming.  Drank lots of water and some juice - gardening in the heat was like doing bikram!! Lunch was chicken and veggies with rice vermicelli and chilli sauce from highpoint.  Tried to get enthusiastic about next weeks menu but feeling very lethargic. Didn't help that I seemed to wake every hour during the night. Missed the everlasting boxing session at 6am as part of the festival activities.  Dinner was curried (chicken and mushroom) sausages (used master foods mix) with some mashed potato and green beans. Also had 2 glasses of sparkling Shiraz.

Here's the bird that I thankfully didn't kill when trimming the tree :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NW 12WBT Transformers

Since Round 3, 2012 a group of locals have been getting together for Super Saturday Sessions.  We call ourselves the Transformers - and even have a cool purple top :) Saturday sessions are great - as we will take it in turns to devise workouts for each other, putting our 12wbt knowledge into action, still having lots of laughs whilst getting a great workout.

Sea turtles


A lot of members have learnt to run as part of the 12wbt journey - and its a lot more fun doing runs with a bunch of friends :)

Our first workout of Round 1, 2013 with lots of new faces - great to see

Our facebook group is well active and there's always support for people who are feeling down, want advice or want to celebrate their victories.  Apart from weight loss it's been the best part of the 12wbt program for me :) 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Popup yoga - 5 weeks done!

So I've completed my 5 week series. Today's session was lots of holding positions. She described it as a love-hate thing.. And I could relate in that sometimes the stretch felt good and other times you wanted to be free of the position. Apparently there was lots of stuff we didn't do, and the relaxation bit at the end seemed shorter than normal. Tonight was lots of forward bends, twists, lunge variations. We all got a bit more of a stretch in downward dog as she cane around to each of us. Felt really good. Theme today seemed to largely involve imagine breathing like waves. Tough class as it was hot and I felt so stiff!! I still find it hard to still the mind for 75 minutes!! So that's probably a good thing in that it's a challenge. Other weeks was lots of strength work like warrior poses, lots of downward dogs, twisting and folding. I found it a bit tough in that I'm not sure I like being committed to evening classes on a weekly basis (although she seems to be adding more times so you should find alternatives to make up the time).

There's a week's break and then another 5 week course starts. As I'll be away for 2 weeks during it so I don't think it will be worth doing. I'll see how I feel in the next round of series. Funny that another woman there was saying she had discovered her gym does yoga classes, I'm pretty sure she'll find them completely different as they won't be so meditative.

If you're interested:

Image taken from the official website - I felt wrong taking my own :)

Week 2 plan

This is more for me than anyone else - sorry for the mind numbing read :)

Here's a cute picture to distract you.

The weekly meal plan didn't really excite me this week - so I'm going to instead work through my leftovers in the freezer for lunches.  I have meat and vegies for dinners for stirfry or similar. Actually that's not completely true - but a lot of the meals I knew my partner wouldn't enjoy, and some of the meals like Prawns - I didn't fancy the idea of heating that in the microwave for lunch the next day.

Exercise: get up for a short run (to get my mind used to running again), Yoga after work.
Food: Belvita breakfast biscuits, Bob Harper's Cauliflower soup (I really hope this tastes yummy) with some toast, yoghurt, banana, quakers nut bar, chicken stir fry or tacos after yoga.

Exercise: Maybe upper body stuff at the gym in the morning (interrupted sleep is killing me at the moment) - want to be fresh for my run on Wednesday.
Food: Vegemite toast & egg, banana, yoghurt, muesli bar, leftover chicken noodles, Pasta Bolognese.

Exercise: 7.2km fun run after work
Food: Breakfast not sure, banana, yoghurt, muesli bar, lots of hydration, leftover bolognese for lunch.  After the run I may just grab something at the zoo, or takeaway on the way home.

Exercise: Pump after work. 6:30pm + protein shake
Food: Breakfast not sure, fruit, yoghurt, muesli bar, mystery container from the freezer for lunch. Dinner - stir fry (probably need to take meat out of the freezer for this).

Exercise: Pilates after work with butt clencher man. 6:30pm
Food: Breakfast not sure, yoghurt, dev lunch this week (not sure where we are headed), muesli bar. Dinner - Paprika chicken + sweet potato wedges.

Exercise: SSS
Food: unknown. Probably banana smoothie for breakfast.

Exercise: Rest
Food unknown.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 1 Mindset Lesson

Week 1 Mindset lessons:
- measured, fitness test done, weighed, before photo taken.
80% of success is just showing up

Mish's Top 6 Tips: 
1. Become a morning exerciser. Get the monkey off your back.  Requires you to go to bed early!
2. Count calories burnt in each training session. 400-800 per session. Motivate yourself to keep going until you've burnt a certain amount, or work out based on heart rate.
3. Don't drink sugary drinks. Water needs to be drink of choice
4. Mix up your training - keep it interesting!
5. Learn to run.  Great for fitness.
6. Always finish with a bang. Give it your all when you only have a few minutes to go.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 1, round 1, 2013

Recap of my first week:
Monday - was my birthday so ate what I liked! Banana smoothie for breakfast, body pump class, yum cha lunch with my mum, Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk and (free) pot of tea at my local bonsai garden, dinner was roast chicken, veggies and sparkling Shiraz. Slice of ice cream cake for dessert

Tuesday - wholemeal and grain toast with peanut butter, chicken wraps for lunch (12wbt recipe but extra chicken and extra rice mountain bread sheet). Yoghurt and maybe a banana as snacks. Workout was another pump class. Protein shake. Can't recall what dinner was, maybe a bolognese pasta with high fibre pasta spirals. Really sore - especially my legs.

Wednesday - bel vita breakfast biscuits, coconut water, chicken wraps for lunch, snack of banana and yoghurt I think. Boxing session in the park after work. Dinner I think was chicken stir fry in hoisin sauce with noodles but lots of veggies. Morning weigh in - down 200g from Monday but overall up 800g from last Wednesday.

Thursday - felt bit crappy so had coconut water when I got to work, no breakfast. Charity morning tea so bit naughty - two bits of I think Turkish bread, 2 cubes of cheese, beetroot dip, strawberry yoghurt with fruit (pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, melon), choc cupcake and v day heart chocolate. Lunch attempted to eat my potato frittata (12wbt) which I'd burnt the bottom of the previous night but tasted awful so after a few bites it got chucked out. Ended up with a mr burger burger. After work pump class, protein shake. Dinner was steak with mushroom sauce with corn and beans (12wbt recipe but slightly bigger quantity and I added corn).

Friday - wholemeal and grain toast with peanut butter, went with some work people to the people's market as there was a "brutal chilli dog" challenge thrown down. I had a cup of corn (with some red cabbage, some sauce or aioli or something -yummy), a small chorizo and hmm potato maybe taco, and a braised beef cheek taco with some spicy sauce added. Also got a bottle of pear cider. The tacos were tiny so i was still hungry, stole a bite of the mild chilli dog. Was in the mood for milkshake but didn't find one being sold (the place that did had no electricity for 10 mins...). Back at work miffed about spending lots of money and being hungry still and missing out on an "american style" milkshake, I had my yoghurt and an apple baked bar, then had a packet of salt n vinegar chips (bad), a milo (no milk). After work did a Pilates class followed by my legs being all crampy. Dinner was ham and pineapple pizza and sorbets and ice cream from my local cafe.


Saturday - banana smoothie, 4km run in 24:53. Felt slower than that as I had 2 short walking stints and I stopped for water! Felt real struggle town but my legs felt fine, chest felt really constricted. Felt better for the second half of the run. Was really warm though. Followed by our local group SSS workout that Sharon devised. Missed out on the butt track as I had to take the clan to the vet for annual vaccinations. Protein shake. Lunch had a yummy prawn pasta at a local cafe and mocha. Was naughty and had the leftover pizza from dinner and coconut water from a coconut and a bit of coconut flesh. Also had a cider to make housework seem less annoying :)

Sunday - contemplated a 10:30am Pilates class but everything hurt pretty much as I got up to let the dogs out. Thought I'd try and beat the heat and walk the dogs to the local cafe. Didn't really was 25 when we left and just got hotter (plus cafe was slow). Walked very slowly!! At the cafe was tempted to have bannoffee waffle with banana and honeycomb ice cream, but my evil (yummy) iced mocha arrived and I thought I should have savory. Instead I got the breakfast pizza which probably wasn't the best idea as I didn't feel great after. So after my 2x2km walk I relaxed with the dogs in the air con for a bit, did some washing, did grocery shopping, made dinner. Had Pinot noir before cooking oops, coconut water (before shopping), dinner was Rogan josh paste with lamb strips, onion, zucchini, tomatoes diced from can, and small amount of white basmati rice. Totally forgot i had bought roti. Missed having some natural yoghurt to mix in. Was bad and had a magnum big bikkie ice cream which I'd bought a box of 4 for my partner. The wine was also for my partner but went down real nice!

Not really the best eating week! Exercise was good though, will be a bit messed up with a fun run on Wednesday and preparation beforehand.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Mood Board

Here's my new mood board

Here's to maintaining my weight, toning up, cementing those good habits into routine.  Keeping in touch with good friends, keeping active with my boys and doing the things I love.  Here's to being happy.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Round 1 - 2013

I'm baaa-aack.

Largely because the finale is going to be in Melbourne and I think it will be fun to be a part of the round and then go to the workout/finale and also I'm off to Hawaii in March (bikini time?).  Weight wise I'm just looking to maintain.  Any weight I do put on just seems to go on my guts so I'm keen to stop it creeping slowly back up (which it started doing after Christmas).  Fitness wise - I slacked off a lot when I did Round 3 last year so this time I want to get more fitness happening.

At this stage I'm not sure if that means doing the full hour's workout each day, or taking bits from it and doing a more express workout.  I'm happy to spend 30 or so minutes in the gym in the morning during the week and chuck in a casual boxing session or gym class, and try to get a few SSS with the local ladies each month.

Foodwise I'm hoping to get inspired into the planning, shopping, cooking, etc.. rather than buying lunches during the week, and randomly deciding what I'm going to eat on a weeknight - often foiled because I've forgotten to take the meat out of the freezer in time.  I was a little disappointed to see that the Week 1 meal plan has a lot of Round 3 items in it.  Was hoping for a bunch of new things to try - rather than things like the Apple Muesli which I just don't like.  Yes I know I can swap things out and I will.  I should go check out the recipe index.

Having signed up a few days ago it feels odd to see all the preseason tasks you haven't done with only a couple of days to do them before the program kicks off.  I should do the fitness test but haven't gotten off my butt to do it yet, and I should do measurements.  But I should also work out what off the meal plan I'm eating next week and plan out my shopping list and stuff. A lot of shoulds there... :)  Overall I'm happy with how I've been tracking, but need to tidy up some habits and some bad eating too!

I commit to eating healthy meals during the week and to making regular exercise part of my week.