Monday, February 18, 2013

Popup yoga - 5 weeks done!

So I've completed my 5 week series. Today's session was lots of holding positions. She described it as a love-hate thing.. And I could relate in that sometimes the stretch felt good and other times you wanted to be free of the position. Apparently there was lots of stuff we didn't do, and the relaxation bit at the end seemed shorter than normal. Tonight was lots of forward bends, twists, lunge variations. We all got a bit more of a stretch in downward dog as she cane around to each of us. Felt really good. Theme today seemed to largely involve imagine breathing like waves. Tough class as it was hot and I felt so stiff!! I still find it hard to still the mind for 75 minutes!! So that's probably a good thing in that it's a challenge. Other weeks was lots of strength work like warrior poses, lots of downward dogs, twisting and folding. I found it a bit tough in that I'm not sure I like being committed to evening classes on a weekly basis (although she seems to be adding more times so you should find alternatives to make up the time).

There's a week's break and then another 5 week course starts. As I'll be away for 2 weeks during it so I don't think it will be worth doing. I'll see how I feel in the next round of series. Funny that another woman there was saying she had discovered her gym does yoga classes, I'm pretty sure she'll find them completely different as they won't be so meditative.

If you're interested:

Image taken from the official website - I felt wrong taking my own :)

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