Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NW 12WBT Transformers

Since Round 3, 2012 a group of locals have been getting together for Super Saturday Sessions.  We call ourselves the Transformers - and even have a cool purple top :) Saturday sessions are great - as we will take it in turns to devise workouts for each other, putting our 12wbt knowledge into action, still having lots of laughs whilst getting a great workout.

Sea turtles


A lot of members have learnt to run as part of the 12wbt journey - and its a lot more fun doing runs with a bunch of friends :)

Our first workout of Round 1, 2013 with lots of new faces - great to see

Our facebook group is well active and there's always support for people who are feeling down, want advice or want to celebrate their victories.  Apart from weight loss it's been the best part of the 12wbt program for me :) 

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