Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 1 Mindset Lesson

Week 1 Mindset lessons:
- measured, fitness test done, weighed, before photo taken.
80% of success is just showing up

Mish's Top 6 Tips: 
1. Become a morning exerciser. Get the monkey off your back.  Requires you to go to bed early!
2. Count calories burnt in each training session. 400-800 per session. Motivate yourself to keep going until you've burnt a certain amount, or work out based on heart rate.
3. Don't drink sugary drinks. Water needs to be drink of choice
4. Mix up your training - keep it interesting!
5. Learn to run.  Great for fitness.
6. Always finish with a bang. Give it your all when you only have a few minutes to go.

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