Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And nope...

So after writing my plan and knowing what I had to do. I didn't do it. I've eaten my plan food and then some more. A mocha on Monday, a steamed custard bun today, squares of Lindt chocolate both days. Monday I didn't have the time to make my planned wrap and then I go leave my backup lunch of lasagna at home (was thinking of chucking it out as I needed freezer space and I'm not sold on the tomato soup sweetness). So it was in the fridge ready to go!

I didn't have the time as I had weird nightmares Sunday night and didn't sleep well. My sleep pattern is usually wake up middle of the night get back to sleep just before my early alarm would go off. I didn't workout when I got home as it was freezing riding home on the scooter so I focused on cooking dinner. Tuesday awake around 4am back to sleep after 5:30 - early alarm turned off. Get home can't be bothered, but clean up the backyard a bit and give my bearded dragon a short bath time. Cook dinner. Now lying in the floor with the dogs waiting for the rain to ease so I can put the cat in his enclosure.

I should go for a run tomorrow morning but made the mistake of looking at the weather. It's going to be 7 degrees at 6am. I'm going to boxing tomorrow night unless it's cancelled or I get a headache during the day. So will need to pick up my game Thursday and Friday too.

Was going to do the early morning sss on Saturday as I have a farewell thing to go to. But really I need to do another 8km run before then or that's what I should be doing instead of it. Need to get my body trained for that distance. 2.5weeks until race 2.

I hope I can get excited by the last month of this program. I don't feel like I've overly adopted new habits and whilst I'm still including healthy stuff in my diet, the crap is coming back!

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