Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halfway there

Week 6 was a little bit of a write off. The only exercise I did was my boxing class on Wednesday night and an 8.2km run on Saturday followed by a group workout (1097 cals woohoo!). Unfortunately our boxing instructor was a no show - and whilst we burnt 281 calories in 40 minutes. I managed to strain my neck resulting in another 2 day headache.

I mostly stuck to the food but went our for Japanese and glass of wine on Monday lunch, went out for a Thai dinner and had a waffle with strawberries, dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Week 7's meal plan really didn't excite me. After much procrastination I've done a custom meal plan for next week and custom exercise plan so that the dog comes for a run. It's not anything like the 5 day strength program I should be doing - its still being active :)

With summer looming I'll hopefully be able to start walking the dog after work and more strength workouts before work.

So I feel more on track than I did yesterday :)

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