Sunday, September 30, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #30 – Excuse Me While I Take a Moment andToot My Own Horn!!

Last day of the blog-a-day challenge!

Fitness test improvements after 4 weeks:

1km time trial - 4:56 compared to 5:41
Wall sit - 2:56 compared to 1:30
Reach: improved by 6cm

I can do 2 x group workouts (2.5 hours) in a morning.

Weight wise I lost 2.4 kg in preseason, since the program started I've lost another 2.8kg which is 4.3%! Assuming I measured correctly I've lost 6cm although I'm now disappointed at at how my jeans sit :(

So I now hope to maintain if not put a little weight back on. It'll be based on appearance rather than a magic number!

Other achievements - I've largely stuck to the program which as a foodie I'm impressed with :) I've also designed a group workout and ran 2 sessions.

I've also completed 1 of 3 fun runs improving from approx 7 min kms to 6:15ish. The next hurdle will be distance and then pace for the third.

In terms of my 12wbt goals I can tick off my 1 month goals "Run 4km without stopping. Participate in at least 1 group training session.". Done! :)

It's been fun doing this blog-a-day challenge and seeing others' posts.

Erin's post over here:

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