Tuesday, September 4, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #4 – When do You Workout – Morning or Night?

Today's 12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge question is When do you workout – morning or night?

Now I've never been a morning person.  My partner went through a phase years ago where he was getting up at like 6am to go workout in the gym and do a personal training session.  I couldn't see how he could do it!  No way did I want to get out of bed that early!

Since pre-season I've been trying to get out of bed and exercise and most days I've been successful.  I had a few mornings in pre-season where the alarm got reset and I went back to sleep - but I usually wake up at least once during the night and sometimes struggle to get back to sleep.  I watched Mish's snip tip about where she set the challenge of 14 days - be in bed by 9:30 am (no tv, iphone/ipad), and up at 6am.  I watched it thinking why on earth would you want to be up at 6am?

So my alarm got set for 6am once the program started but I think I've managed to get up at that time once.  Other mornings have varied - but it is kind of annoying if I want to wake up and go for a run straight away and the sun isn't rising until close to 7am. I've only missed one day of exercise after a bad night's sleep - I should have done a light exercise/yoga workout when I got home from work but it was a Friday night and I had dinner to cook and a glass of wine to enjoy :)  The sun is now rising at 6:30am and whilst I'm still not loving it I do enjoy having the evenings to myself - or would if I didn't find myself constantly in the kitchen :/   I have had many an angry thought of a bubbly MB on my tv screen as I do her dvd workout - but eventually get into the groove of it :)

My plan for this week:
- Monday (morning): strength training.  Was going to do JM's Shred with weights but due to technical difficulties I did her killer buns and thighs workout.  I started with level 2 and during the warmup felt maybe I was aiming a little too high - went back to level 1 and that was enough of a challenge.
- Tuesday (morning): cardio.  Took Yoshi out for a 3km run/jog with the added workout of leash training (he has some decent pulling strength on him).  Did MB's cardio circuit - though I had to do cheat Burpees as I can't do 45 hardcore burpees (so I was stepping rather than jumping down into a plank/hands and feet position).  What a workout though!
- Wednesday (morning):  Walk with the 2 dogs. (evening) Boxing class at Derrimuts - sucks that its at 8:30pm but was an intensive class when I tried it last week so going back again.
- Thursday (morning): cardio.  Will either do a repeat of Tuesday or go for a 5km run on my own. 1.5 weeks until I'm doing a 4km fun run.
- Friday (morning): yoga.  Am thinking either Bob Harper's yoga for the warrior or JM's yoga workouts.
- Saturday (morning): SSS.  If I can manage what I did last week - 5km run, followed by a group workout session. This may depend on when I drag myself out of bed.  But will definately go to the group workout.
- Sunday - REST (with probably a walk with the dogs if the weather's good).

This routine works well when the sun's up - but in the middle of winter I don't see myself doing the morning runs.  If I didn't go beetroot I'd probably do them at lunchtimes.  I'm not a big fan of running in the dark as you don't know what dodgy person you could run into.

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  1. I'm not a morning person either, much as I would love to be.