Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A little derailed...

So Saturday morning woke up feeling like I hadn't sleep, and I wanted to get stuff done with my partner who was off Fishing all day Sunday - so I decided to postpone my SSS workout to Sunday and have my rest day on Saturday.

Sunday was a little off kilter as I'd had a late night chaperoning a party full of 15 yo's (for my neice's birthday) and a long drive home which meant that brain was still a bit hyper when I was trying to sleep.  Though I got up around 10am and went for a run.  Did 4km (it didn't feel awesome but probably quickest I've done in a while).  I then thought I'd give the SSS circuit a go that Mish had provided.  Super Step Challenge or something.  I'm not sure I was doing it right as I got confused as to whether I was supposed to do 4,6,8,10,12 with each foot leading (which seemed like 2 x as many steps as I wanted to do).  So I started off not doing each foot leading, but then later tried doubling up so I'd do the rep with one leg leading, and the same amount with the other leg leading. I also moved to a slightly smaller step.  In theory you were supposed to do 3 rounds in an hour (although warmup was 5min run not 4km).  So I got through 1 round, had had enough (it was almost lunch time) and shuffled home (another 2 kms).  Made myself the yummy pancakes and then walked the dogs to the dog park (2.2 kms away). So I was really quite tired later in the day :)

Monday I woke up and could barely walk.  My calves were absolutely killing me. I thought I had done enough stretching maybe not?!  I then decided to push through it and do the Seek and Destroy cardio dvd. Can't say I love the dvd maybe I'm using it as an excuse but there's too many walk side to side and forwards and backwards making the most of your loungeroom (I don't have a big space to work in and don't want to get too close to the tv in case I knock it over being my klutzy self :))  Anyway - I don't feel like I get a great workout.  I also felt my neck and back were a bit stiff and not liking the crunches I was trying to do.  Off to work and discover that the filtered water is still broken.  Ended up going to a different level of the building to get 2 glasses full of water - so I'm already not drinking as much as I have been.  During the day a headache develops - everything is sore!  I try pain killers but they're having no effect.  I end up heading home at 4pm and lying down for a bit.  Not much relief.

Tuesday morning wake up and still have a headache - my usual Osteo is closed so I make an appointment elsewhere.  Couldn't get in until 2:20pm.  Had breakfast, then tried to nap.  Applied tiger balm to my neck and lower back and eventually got back to sleep - finally got rid of my headache.  Had lunch and cancelled the physio appointment. Went for a short walk with the dogs and then back in the kitchen to continue with the mountain of cooking I seem to be doing on this program.

Wednesday morning woke up tired so turned off my alarm and went back to sleep - leading to me getting up an hour later, rushing to have breakfast (boiled egg and toast replaced with banana/muesli shake thing), and rushing to make my lunch (wraps had started going mouldy already so it'll be a sandwich today :/).  Still hoping to make it to Boxing tonight and then a run tomorrow morning. Assuming me headache doesn't come back and my calves ease up.  Should have brought my tiger balm to work and stunk the place out hehe.

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