Sunday, September 2, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge – Day 1

I'm already running a day late with this blog-a-day challenge!  Today's task - introduce yourself, post a recent picture, and tell 10 things about myself.

My name is Jen, and below is my puppy Yoshi.  I'm an avid food fan who never thought they'd go on a healthy food diet!

Here are 10 random things about me:

  1. I ride a scooter.  Not a wussy 125cc - a 300cc scooter that can go over the speed limit on the freeway! :)
  2. I have always been a cat person until I got myself a Puggle puppy in January and now I'm converted! He was supposed to be a little lap dog but last time he was weighed - 17kg.  He seems bigger than any Beagle I've seen.
  3. I enjoy photography - I have a camera with more functions than I now how to use.  Although am slowly learning.
  4. I LOVE polar bears.  I blame my sister who also likes polar bears.  If I won tattslotto I'd go do one of those polar bear tours in Churchill, Canada - where you go out in a tundra buggy and polar bears potentially come right up to the window! I did go and do a behind the scenes tour at Seaworld and that was awesome.
  5. I used to do a lot of running - especially when Nike were running free training runs from their big store in Swanston st.  I managed to win a cap, a running belt with drink bottle, umm maybe a second cap? Just from lucky numbers.
  6. I'm a software developer - so a little bit geeky!
  7. I love food!  Mexican, Japanese, Steak, Ribs! My favourite foods would probably be Macaroni Cheese & Tacos (not together).
  8. I also love red wine.  My favourite winery is the D'arenberg winery in SA.
  9. I've done a fair bit of travelling.  Asia, America, Europe, New Zealand.  My last overseas trip was to New Zealand - where we drove around the South Island enjoying the moutain scenery, their nice pinots and lamb dishes.  We did some cool stuff like walking up a Glacier, taking a helicopter trip and landing on top of a different glacier, and Quad Biking (harder than it looks!).
  10. My favourite films include Labyrinth, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Princess Bride, Army of Darkness and Office Space.

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