Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #12 – If I could, I would…

Today’s blog-a-day question is: What is something that you have never done but would if you could?

It's hard to justify trips and their expense when there's other stuff to spend money on.  Cars, a new house, stuff! :)  I have done a bit of travel but things that I'd still like to do if someone else was paying for them.

Churchill Polar Bear Experience

There's no guarantee of seeing a polar bear so it's hard to justify the expense.  I have however done the behind the scenes tour in Sea World and loved it - there was just a mesh fence between me and a massive polar bear.  Couldn't take photos unfortunately but as stoked as apparently it's luck as to whether the polar bear will stay out in the display area or choose to come back to see what's going on.

African Safari
(more so than this)

Love animals and love photography.  Hate bugs and camping - so if I went it would need to be one of those luxury tours and a change in my expectation of what luxury means :)

Other places include Vegas and Paris.

In terms of experiences I wouldn't mind doing like a hot lap on the back of a motorbike - I reckon that would be exciting. Also want to see a Volcano so hopefully get to experience that when we go to Hawaii next year.

Last year I went to NZ and got to do some cool experiences like climbing a glacier, and landing on top of a glacier in a helicopter and getting to walk around the top for a bit.  I also did some quad biking (harder than they made it out to be) over I think volcanic rock.  I was getting the hang of it by the end but was glad it was a small group as I drove like a bit of a grandma. Oh I also paraglided off the top of a mountain (one of the smaller mountains.. but still paragliding).  And got to steer for a bit.  I have a video and all.

Erin's wishlist is over here:

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