Sunday, September 23, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #23 – My Dream Workout Partner

Playing catchup again. Today's blog post was if we could pick someone to work out with who would it be?

For me it'd be a draw between Jillian michaels who has overcome heaps and has such a kick - arse attitude, and bob Harper. For those not in the know - they're the original biggest loser trainers ( used to be hooked on this show :)). Both look awesome and would give me a killer workout. I love their workout DVDs and they'd pale in comparison to an actual in person training session :)

Although in reality I'd probably be super star struck! I'm really enjoying the Saturday workouts that have come about because of this program. It's great meeting new people in my area who I hope to continue staying in touch with once the 12 weeks is up!

Erin's dream workout partner is over here:

Here are some eye candy photos :

Imagine these two watching over your workout...

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  1. Yep i'd be stoked with having a workout with either of them!!! Great choice!!!