Sunday, September 2, 2012

12WBT Round 3 Blogger Challenge

An interesting idea on a blog I follow.  Starting September 1st (yes I'm running a day late!!) you add a new post to your blog each day based on set topics.  Then read and comment on others' posts.

12WBT Round 3 Blogger Challenge

The topics:

Day 1. Introduce yourself, post a recent picture, and share 10 things about yourself.
Day 2. Your 5 favourite workout songs and why you love them.
Day 3. The 3 most difficult foods you’ve had to give up since starting the 12WBT. Have you been able to resist?
Day 4. Do you workout in the morning or at night? Why?
Day 5. What are 5 strengths you have.
Day 6. What are 3 weaknesses you have. How do yo plan on turning them into strengths?
Day 7. What did you have for your treat meals? How did you feel after eating it?
Day 8. What are your 3 favourite blogs at the moment?
Day 9. Are you a strength junkie or a cardio junkie?
Day 10. Your 5 favourite quotes.
Day 11. Your favourite healthy snack.
Day 12. Something you have never done but would love to do.
Day 13. What do you eat before a workout.
Day 14. Share your favourite recipe.
Day 15. What is one thing that has surprised you about yourself since starting the 12WBT?
Day 16. Put your iPod on shuffle, list the first 10 songs.
Day 17. Describe a typical day in your current life.
Day 18. What’s your favourite workout?
Day 19. What at your 5 must have fitness items?
Day 20. What book would you recommend others read and why?
Day 21. What is your favourite hobby? Why?
Day 22. What’s in your gym bag?
Day 23. If you could workout with anyone, absolutely anyone, who would it be and why?
Day 24. A piece of advice you will never forget.
Day 25. What is your least favourite exercise? Why?
Day 26. Your favourite 12WBT recipe.
Day 27. Your favourite health/fitness app an why.
Day 28. 3 new foods you have added to your diet since starting the 12WBT.
Day 29. Highs and lows this month.
Day 30. I want to brag for a minute…

Time to catch up :)

Feel free to comment/share too!

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