Tuesday, September 18, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #17 – A Day in The Life…

So I'll follow Erin's format (think i'm a day behind again) - and go through my day tomorrow.

6:30 wake up (assuming I sleep ok and don't reset my alarm to later). 20ish minute walk/jog with the dogs (though bear is limping for some reason). Eat breakfast (reminds me I need to check my planner as to what I'm eating). Have shower (or before bfast) & go to work.

After an annoying scooter ride in get to work. Tomorrow is sale day at aldi so I'm trying to be there when it opens. Might be the last time I attempt this. I'm sure the one near home would have less people interested in the arm band! Eat breakfast if I ran out of time at home.

Work. Typically snack before lunch and after lunch. Some days I've been so hungry on this program. Lunch will be leftover Penang chicken. I really should go buy crickets for my bearded dragon. Finish work (in front of a computer all day).

Come home, cook dinner. Tomorrow is beef stir fry. Off to boxing at 8:30pm - annoyingly late but it's a good class.

Then check if there's any prep for food the next day and try to be in bed by 10:30. Not heaps of time between getting home from boxing.

Erin's post over here:

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