Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 4 re-testing and milestone workout

So I decided to double up on workouts for my sss - week 4 milestone and go meet the Inner Westies. They were doing their fitness tests so I thought I may as well do it too.

1km time trial - 4:56 - beating 5:21 from Wednesday and 5:41 from week 1. Stoked as I wanted to stop running at 300m :) helped having Nikki standing at the finish yelling :)

Pushups - 6,19 vs 5,21 vs 6,25. Still work to be done

Abs - still level 3. No surprise.

Wall sit -2:56 vs 2:20 vs 1:30. Helped chatting to the girl next to me (I'm so bad with names).

So after the fitness test we did a tabata style workout until 8:30 when I headed off to the other park for workout #2.

I got to design the workout which was fun. After our warmup we did a mystery "card" activity. So group would do the designated activity as each person took it in turns to go do 4 stations before returning with the new card. After 2 rounds of 10 people we moved onto a "plank-limbo" exercise. Then shann's killer butt track and stretching.

From the 2 workouts and the drive inbetween, 3 hours and 967 calories burnt. As well as meeting new people and having fun with my regular crew.

Good finish to my slack week :)

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