Sunday, September 23, 2012

12wbt blog-a-day challenge #22 - whats in your gym bag

Well as I work out at home I don't really pack a gym bag. Currently in my gym bag is a small orange towel, boxing liners, boxing gloves and bottle of water.

Maybe more interestingly my car was packed on Saturday with the following for the group workout I planned:
- towel
- boxing liners
- boxing gloves
- 2x water bottles
- 2 x kettle bells
- 2 x mats
- 2 x tops ( in case my first workout was too intense ;))
- spare jacket
- 2 x 5 kg plates
- mystery card set
- another set of exercises
- skipping rope

Maybe not so interesting but that's what I was carrying around. :)

Erin's bag:

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