Friday, September 28, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #27 – Check Out This App!

It’s day 27 of Blog-A-Day Challenge and today’s question is: what is your favourite health/fitness app?

Currently I'm using My Fitness Pal a lot for tracking calories.  I'm not sure though if I'll keep using it once the 12 weeks is up.  It is awesome though that the app is free - and it allows you to add any missing food (though all the 12 wbt recipes are generally in there already so its super easy if you only eat what's in the program :)).  The iphone app also has barcode scanner functionality which is awesome!

However my favourite app is the Nike Running app.

It has a really bad rap in the app store - but I use it to track my runs. On completion you put where you ran (ie. what terrain), your mood, and it uses local weather information and time to store that against your run too.

Where it really becomes awesome is if you remember to ever visit the website.  You'll see a replay of your run (showing your pace), and it tracks achievements and stuff.  Here's a sample:

Another app of note is Jillian Michaels new ipad app "Slim Down".  Whilst it requires a full subscription to her site to get a training program.  It allows you to track food, look up calories and follow a workout plan in the one spot.  I'll keep it in mind after the 12 weeks is up :)
Erin's post is over here:

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