Sunday, September 2, 2012

Days 5, 6 and 7

Day 5 I fell off the wagon.  Alarm went off at 6:30 - after not sleeping well I went back to sleep and up at 7:30 with no exercise.  That also messed with my breakfast so I packed bread to make toast at work.  Had my oat cookies for my snack.  Lunch was Yum Cha with the work team - I tried to take it easy.. but Yum Cha would have to be one of my favourite meals!! About 3:30 I was hanging for a break so found a coffee buddy and went and got myself a mocha.  I shouldn't have!  Then dinner I made the beef stew (which was supposed to be Sunday lunch).  Probably ate a bit too much.  Also had a glass of wine.

Day 6 couldn't sleep - awake at 5:30.  Got up at 6:30 to go for a run.  Was going to run to the dog park and back which is just over 2.2km away.  I then got to the dog park and figured I'd turn it into a block.  Ended up being 5km (I think sub 7 just..) - got a stitch about 2.6 km in, had to walk at about 3.5km as I felt ill, then just before 4 I enjoying stopping at a traffic light to get my breath.  Managed to get going again and I think ran for the last 1km without stopping even though I wanted to.  I can't quite recall.  But happy with the time.  Would be happier to have been closer to 6 min kms.  Home and made a MB banana smoothie with muesli.  Bit of a break then off to our group workout SSS.  Had a few new faces which was good and lots of laughs.  I think our workout went slightly longer than normal and I burnt 620 ish calories instead of the usual 520.  So that in addition to my run made it 962 cals for the day WOOHOO!  Lunch was out as I'd run out of food (we were supposed to be eating leftovers) - so we went to a cafe.  I got a Mocha, omelette with mushrooms, spinach & feta and 1 slice of sourdough toast. Oh and a side of "home style" baked beans.  Probably not the healthiest  - but could have been worse.  Dinner was my neice's birthday dinner at a hotel.  After much deliberation I got the 250g rump steak with mushroom sauce (bad!) and vegetables.  They refused to do salad and vegetables so I gave away some of my chips, had 4 crunchy ones and left the rest.  The vegetables were a bit mushy and unidentifiable.  I then only had a mouthful of birthday cake (despite it being chocolate mousse cake !!) I did say no to softdrink and wine - and had 2 big bottles of water.

Day 7 again awake about 6.  Felt tired but wide awake!  After 6:30 I must have gotten back to sleep as I woke up again about 8:15 and felt mega head foggy.  Eventually struggled out of bed - and made a bacon and egg roll (in mountain bread!). Also had a mocha.  Then tried to do a whirlwind grocery shop.  Dropped them back home and raced off to Father's Day lunch - where I had another mocha (oops).  Also had a chicken and leek pie with salad (super tasty).  Got home and went for a walk around the block with the dogs and Jase.  We were going to head out to dinner but I didn't buy anything for Jase to cook so he used that as an excuse to suggest eating out.  Then we were both a bit buggered so stayed at home.  Snacked on a few strawberries.  Ended up making the Beef Stroganoff for dinner with mushrooms, green beans, wholemeal pasta (suprisingly a small amount).  This was supposed to be next Sunday's dinner.. but we'll just deal with that later!  I'd usually have a bowl of pasta and sit the meat and stuff on top - the recipe called for 40g of pasta - I ended up using 80g as I didn't believe it (plus it said to give guys more pasta).  Gave Jase a bigger serve than me and I still went back for another spoonful - was sooo tasty.    I think it was Barilla pasta - didn't taste cardboard-y at all!  Managed to put back the apple pie into the box before it made it into the oven for me, but had a hot chocolate. I wasn't left feeling hungry after dinner so I'm guessing I ate more than I was supposed to.  I still think eating in instead of going to the local cafe was a win.  I should have done a yoga workout today to make up for Friday but it didn't happen. I also should have pre-cooked the meatballs for later on in the week. Back on track tomorrow!

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