Thursday, September 6, 2012

12WBT blog-a-day challenge #6 - 3 weaknesses

Today's challenge is to identify 3 weaknesses and how you are going to turn them into strengths. Trust me to me be doing this one at the end of the day :)

1. The glass is empty!!
I tend to be a little negative and pessimistic at times. I don't really see how this can be turned into a strength. Maybe it means I'm a realist or less likely to be disappointed?? :) I think I need to get more positive thoughts flowing - am hoping my headspace meditation program helps with that, and in general ensuring that there is a healthy balance of positive :)

2. Lacking self confidence
Sometimes I struggle with being confident in my abilities and opinions. I think a strength of this is that I'm happy to ask for help if I need it or need clarification. I'll also put thought into something before getting it reviewed. It would be nice to find a better balance though - linked to a less negative outlook on things?

3. Struggling to let go
I don't forgive or forget easily. I guess a strength could be that I consider friendship as important and trust my close friends. I'll often give people a chance rather than assume they'll disappoint. I'm aware however of how negative baggage is not a good thing to carry around so would like to learn how to let things go effectively. Am hoping meditation gives me a more forgiving, less angry outlook on wrongs - but not to the point where I can be walked over.

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