Thursday, September 13, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #13 – My Pre-Workout Meal

Today’s Blog-A-Day question is: What do you eat before a workout?

I used to think that you had to eat before you do a workout - but that would prevent from doing what I'm doing currently.  Rolling out of bed and exercising.  I'm struggling with the earlier get up time so there's no way I'd get up have breakfast, wait an hour and then exercise.  Not without getting to work heaps later :)

Previously when I was doing fun runs I'd have a banana - and for my fun run on Sunday I think I'll be having a banana, muesli, almond milk shake at around 6:30 (running at 8:30).  I get about 3 km in to my running currently and then really start feeling it.  So not sure if that's just my lack of endurance or lacking fuel too.

The only time I'm really exercising after a meal is when I do a boxing class at 8:30pm - so I try to finish eating by 7:30.  Am just having whatever is quick to cook that's on the weekly menu dinner plan. So far no adverse reactions :)

Erin is having stuff I've never heard of!

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