Monday, September 3, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #3 – 3 Foods You’ve Given Up For The 12WBT

Today's post is about the 3 most difficult foods to give up since starting Michelle Bridges 12WBT. This is kind of a tough one as I haven't necessarily given them up completely!  I'm also listing 4 instead of 3...

Coke Zero - this is kind of a cheat one as I'd started giving it up before I signed up to MB's pre season.  However I've always LOVED coke, especially coke zero.  I hear the sound of a can of coke opening and I want one!  I went 3 weeks without having one and then had one when I was out at someone's BBQ and it tasted awesome!!  However I think it's now been months since I've had one.  Mentally I still miss it but it's getting easier (mostly).  I never thought I'd drink as much water as I do now.  I always found it really boring.

Chocolate - we have lots of chocolate available to us at work so it was pretty easy to go get a chocolate bar out of vending machine.  Plus the guys who sit next to me at work sometimes share :)  Sometimes if I buy a block of chocolate it can sit there for ages and I'll have a piece every now and then.  Other times I'll buy a box of maltesers and not be able to pace myself very well.  I did havea Koko Black chocolate last week as I bought my dad chocolates for Father's day, but I just had one!  I also had some chocolate on the weekend (as in a mouthful of chocolate mousse cake and some of the chocolate flake bits) - and we are allowed a couple of squares for our dessert this week.  Although I think I went a little overboard as I bought 2 x 100g blocks to make sure I got my squares of chocolate (in case Jase found it and ate it all) :)  Oh and it was on sale.  So I'm not sure this really counts as giving it up :)

Pasta - I LOVE pasta.  The week before the program started I made sure I organised a lunch out at a local Italian place :)  I especially enjoy creamy, cheesy pastas.  I was quite surprised when I had Beef Stroganoff last night which said to use 40g of pasta.  I thought that must have been a misprint - and when I saw to add more for the guys I used 80g.  It was actually an ok quantity.  Whereas I previously would have had a bowl of pasta, and then the meat, etc.. the small amount of pasta just got mixed into the meal and was tasty.  I've even found a brand of wholemeal pasta which didn't taste like cardboard!

Dumplings - I'm adding a 4th as the Coke one I'd given up a little earlier, and this one I haven't completely gone without.  We had a team lunch Yum Cha on Friday which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I'm not sure I really ate less than what I usually do - but at least we didn't have fried dumplings.  I could quite happily have dumplings most days of the week so this program will definately see a reduction in frequency.

Erin's food list is over here:

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  1. Oh yes, pasta...and dumplings. How could I forget dumplings? Especially those soupy pork ones...