Friday, September 7, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #7 – My Treat Meal

Saturday night was dinner out for my neice's birthday. Ended up going with 250g rump steak, veggies and chips (they freaked out when I asked for salad instead of the chips). Oh and mushroom sauce. So the steak was ok, the veggies just tasted mushy and couldn't overly tell what I was eating (of course mish told us afterwards that places often deep fry their roast veggies so I probably should have gone chips and salad). I had about 4 chips - they were ok. The ones I left were mushy and blegh! Though I didn't want to eat too many and undo my days workouts :) I also had only a mouthful of birthday cake. Didn't feel sick or anything must it felt like a bit of a waste due to its quality.

I have noticed that if I eat a bigger serve than I should I feel horribly over-full. I also had had yum cha on the Friday for a team lunch. I didn't feel I'll afterwards - just incredibly sleepy!!

Tonight I bumped up the calories of my chicken korma as I wanted some rice with it - and used the 350g of korma sauce rather than 250g. Seemed like a waste otherwise. I'm also enjoying a glass of my favorite wine. I do feel really full but the wine is going down nicely :) I'm at someone's house tomorrow night so hopefully it's not a bad meal!

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  1. I went out for a pub meal last Friday night and had steak, no sauce, salad with no dressing & no chips. I did eat a couple of chips off my bestie's plate and felt ikky afterwards.