Friday, September 28, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #28 - 3 new foods you have added to your diet since starting the 12WBT.


Since starting the program I've found that I can enjoy more pumpkin.  Previously I only ate pumpkin if it was mashed with potato or I'd have a token piece with my roast.  Now I can have chunks of it in a curry and enjoy eating it.

(as a side note how awesome is that pumpkin carving?!!)

Wholegrain bread

I've always been a white bread girl - so I was pretty reluctant to try a grain bread.  I usually really hate wholemeal bread let alone grain bread.  However I found Helga's Wholemeal Grain bread.  Super tasty - so hopefully it's also good for me :)  It definately doesn't feel like a chore eating it!

Lindt 70% cocoa chocolate

I've always been a chocolate fan - often having a bar out of the work vending machine!  Week 2 of the program saw this chocolate introduced as a night time snack - and I learnt to make the most of 2 blocks of this chocolate.  They are bigger blocks than say Cadbury's family block.

Benefits of high cocoa chocolate are here:

I have tried 80% (different brand) which is a bit more bitter but I still enjoyed it. 
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