Monday, September 24, 2012

12WBT Blog-A-Day Challenge #21 – My Favourite Hobby

Out of order but hey just spotted some funkiness in my numbering and yep I'd missed a day.

Ummm hobbies...

I don't think my puppy would count as a hobby rather than a lifestyle change :)  Having a puppy does take up a lot of time though!! Here's a nice close up of Yoshi.

My other biggest hobby is probably photography. I tend to do it a bit sporadically - the last time I was ok was when there were fireworks at the docklands.  My first attempt at fireworks not in auto mode and was happy with my results. Did have to contend with people shuffling into the side of my frame - grrr..

Go check out my google+ images if you want to see more photos :)

Hopefully that link works for everyone.

Erin's blog about scrapbooking is over here:

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