Tuesday, September 11, 2012

12wbt blog-a-day challenge #11- my favorite healthy snack

Today's topic is on our favorite healthy snack.

So we were told to go find snacks around 130 calories. At the supermarket I found Quakers oat cookies. They fit the calorie bill but am not sure if they have an ok level of sugar. They taste too yummy to be healthy - with 3 flavours. Apple & cinnamon, raisin and umm nut and honey?

Apart from that I've been eating 100g tubs of yoplait yoghurt which again probably has too much sugar.

Erin has a few yummy looking snacks over on her site!


I was excited that mish was suggesting some nights we have 2 pieces of Lindt 70% chocolate - so I now eat chocolate if I'm peckish and have some spare calories.. But it kinda feels wrong.

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