Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 4

Today woke up headachey and sore after my boxing workout. Really sore. Used to get headaches after doing body combat classes but haven't had one recently :(

Dragged myself out of bed at 6:30 and took Yoshi for a 4.11 km run! Half of it spent trying to control an out of control puppy! So slow but a decent distance and around 260 calories.

Couldn't face the berry bruschetta again so I turned my berries into a shake with banana, almond milk and a protein scoop. Lunch was pumpkin soup - tasty but left me hungry. Substituted a slice of toast for the whole grain roll.

Slight lapse of a koko black chocolate (I had to check my f-day present was ok...). It would have been a Vic market donut but they were sold out at 1pm!! >:( probably just as well.

Dinner was the caramelised pork with sweet potato mash and green beans. I probably ate more meat than I was supposed to - and it was slightly overcooked as I had thin steaks. But still a bit hungry after dinner.

Realized my beef mince was going to go off so had to precook that for tomorrow night (I swear I seem to be spending too much time in the kitchen now!!) 1 cup/100g of meat (with veggies) is supposed to feed 1 person?? I think jase will be getting 2 pies!

The meal and exercise plans came out. No change in the exercise. Have adjusted the meal plan so remove the fish and vegetarian penne on Sunday night. Also replaced the minestrone soup with the leftover pumpkin - beats making another 6 serves of soup whilst there's still some in the freezer!

Exciting though next week we get some pieces of chocolate for 2 evenings and pasta a couple of times. I'll have to hide my chocolate pieces from jase though to ensure I get to eat them :)

Today's work torment was someone eating cake at me and someone else emailing me photos suggesting there was a chocolate truck downstairs :P

Work team lunch tomorrow - yum cha!! Can't wait even though it's not the capsicum sandwich I was supposed to be eating!! :)

Sore and a bit grumpy.

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