Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 2

Last night fell asleep during my 15 minute meditation session (iphone app).. was so tired.  But again my brain was stupid and I was awake at about 3am, and then 5:20am.  This time I thought bugger it I'm going back to sleep.  Alarm went off at 6 and was turned off.  I then woke up about 30 minutes later, back to sleep and finally up at 7.  So by this time I'm an hour off schedule (but I did feel a little better after extra sleep).  Got up, put Bear out (sorry Bear) and took my dog for a run.  2.8km approximately in around 20 minutes, then came in to do the short cardio circuit.

Because I was running late I wasn't overly prepared.  I hadn't blown up my fitball for my tricep dips (so they got skipped).  I did my pushups on my knees, did squats instead of squat jumps (as my indoor shoes were off in another room and I didn't want to be jumping barefoot).  I think I did the ice skaters wrong.  Tried doing the ab crunches and noticed how sore my neck was.. and didn't quite hold the plank for a minute.

So maybe I'll do my 25 minutes with the dog, then come in and have the dvd workout ready to go so I just follow along to that?? Or I'll do another dvd workout that doesn't require any equipment! Sure Jillian Michaels workouts are around 20-30 minutes.

So according to my HRM I only did 40 minutes of exercise and burnt about 256 calories.  I would have gone for a walk at lunchtime but as I'm leaving work a bit early today I'll most likely be working through lunch.  Won't get home until about 7:30 and after making dinner I don't think I'll want to be doing another 20 or so minutes of cardio.  So maybe I will stick with walking the dogs for 20 minutes tomorrow as I'm doing a boxing class tomorrow night.

Also as I was running late I didn't eat breakfast at home.. but diligently grated my half an apple, added to my oats, added a sprinkle of cinammon and came to work.  Turns out 1 serve of oats is MASSIVE.. I ended up chucking most of it out - as whilst apple and cinnamon sounded awesome, the taste didn't live up to the name.  Wondering if I'm allowed to add brown sugar?? :D  The thought of the Berry Bruschetta tomorrow is making me a little blegh.. so at this rate I might be going back to making my banana-berry "shakes" in the morning, as at least that's quick and I can work out rough calories for it.  I did want to try eating breakfast instead of drinking it.. but so far not loving it!

Add to that getting to work to find jelly beans on my desk (promo thing) and a project launch special (complete with sausage rolls & party pie - had 2:1 of those as I'd thrown out my breakfast and was hungry but passed on the chocolate cake).  One of my work neighbours keeps talking up his chocolate chip cookies to me, the other left a 100s and 1000s freddo on my desk yesterday.  Grrr..!  In the afternoon the freddo delivery puts chocolate cake on my desk - I move it to his (smelling the cake mmmm), he moves it back, so I put it to the other side - and when he got back he was eating it and noisily enjoying every mouthful).

Dinner was lamb cutlets with mushy peas (which I forgot to mush).  I was making more than the recipe said so that Jase didn't starve and ended up oven baking them as I didn't have a fry pan big enough to do them in one lot.  It felt a bit weird just eating lamb and peas.. but tasted alright.  Had a small cacao bite to tide me over.


  1. I've been struggling with the breakfast, personally wasn't a fan of the berry bruschetta (it was definitely 'bleh' for me).

    I know what you mean about pesky work neighbours, my boss greeted me with a bag full of food the other day because she knew if she kept it she would eat it all... nice rationale!

    1. Yeah I couldn't do the berry bruschetta again - even after defrosting the berries. Had a berry, banana and almond milk "shake" instead with a scoop of protein powder. Hope it helps my muscles after boxing last night!

      Hehe very nice of her to share ;)