Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Giving up!!

No.. not the program  - which hasn't officially started yet.. but bad food!

So I might still be in a little bit of denial that I should be eating healthy now, not just when the program officially starts.  Here are some of my weaknesses.

Pizza - I love pizza!! Even before the days of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  But sometimes the pizza just isn't worth it.  We have a dodgy place just down the road, where I grabbed a small Hawaiian pizza from last friday - sometimes they have good days and the pizza is super yummy, other days it just tastes puffy, oily and largely flavourless.  Left me with a stomach-ache :(

Fish and Chips  - we went through a phase of not having fish and chips (I usually get grilled Fish so that counts for something right?!) - but recently I've had it a few times, also getting a yummy potato cake!  But I had this a week ago and after eating my grilled fish and fried chips I felt like I had drank a cup of oil - it seriously left an awful after taste.  I assume they must soak their chips in oil, or not have it at the right temperature or something?!  Or I've just never realised how oily chips taste.  I had their chips at a BBQ on the weekend and again the awful oily after taste. I'm not sure I can convince myself that potato cakes taste bad - but hopefully I won't waste my "chip quota" on chips that are going to make me feel crap.

Jam Donuts - There is an awesome donut truck at the Vic Market, that do "American Style" doughnuts - whatever that means.  The dough seems a slightly different texture but they're still sugar coated jammy doughnuts that taste awesome.  The only thing I can say about this is that they can leave a sickly sweet after taste - ie. too sweet.  I want to keep going to the market for stuff but I'm not sure I'll be able to pass the donut truck without stopping by.  $1 too!

Burgers - the Fish and Chip place does a pretty good traditional style burger.  But I think I'll choose to fill my burger quota with Jase's komodo home cooked burgers.  Maybe I can find a nice wholemeal bun or go breadless with salad instead...

Coke Zero - already given up.  Even when we've had free access to soft drink at work recently I've diligently stuck with my glass of water and sulked a little. :)

Popcorn - I LOVE popcorn.  But I love popcorn covered in butter and salt!  It's a good thing that I used up the last popcorn at home, and recently when we've gone to the movies I've eaten just beforehand and felt too full to eat popcorn.  But it means I have to put up with hearing other people eat it in the cinemas and I can drown it out with my own chewing.  It's a good thing we don't go to the cinemas often.

White Bread - Whilst I don't eat a lot of white bread (I'm not a fan of sandwiches) - I do prefer white bread if I'm going to have toast (I just don't like the taste of sourdough and multigrain is super annoying).  I also love crunchy white rolls with lots of butter.  But for the 12 weeks I'll have wholemeal if I have bread.

Chocolate - I tend to do alright with Chocolate unless people around me are eating it.  I try not to buy it for home because if I have a block of chocolate or box of maltesers sitting there then I struggle to pace myself.  Unfortunately work has a lolly jar so that when people are late for morning standups they contribute a $1 for the jar.  Then at our fortnightly meetings we then get to consume lollies/chocolate (as well as when walking past the table where the jar sits).  I think I need to tell more people at work that I'm doing this program.  The guys either side of me know - though they also know I haven't started yet ;)

Corn Chips - Mmmmm corn chips and Pringles are another weakness.  Just recently someone got me onto Mission cornchips and they taste awesome!! So much better than Doritos!  But I imagine they're still not on Michelle Bridge's healthy snack list.  Pringles - once I pop I can't stop.  I did write a post it note to myself to remind myself that CCs are not as awesome as I remember.  But then discovered Mission chips which don't seem to leave the same aftertaste :)

Cheese?  I'm sure Bob Harper says there are some cheese that are ok - but they're probably the cheddar (blegh) as opposed to a nice creamy Brie :)  This one will be annoying as we get Cheese and Chips on a Friday when the work bar opens.  That said I'm guessing my cider or red wine won't be part of the program calories :(

Dumplings!! Although I'm hoping here I could maybe have a few steamed ones and that would be ok as I don't want to give them up completely.  Maybe I can make some at home so I know the filling will be good quality :)  I feel my resolve wavering... :)

I can't say that I think I'll give these up for good but I'll make a massive effort to eat healthy for the program duration!


  1. is your turtle nuzzling mashed potato? I think I would donate one of my children to science for a potato bake at the moment.
    I think you are on the right track with finding the gross-ness in all the bad deliciousness that we have all loved till now.
    I also like to belive that fundraising chocolate has no calories becuase you are doing a good turn.
    How do we clever people allow ourselves to think like that? There has to be something in thinking about putting good fuel in your tank - crappy fuel with make your machine run badly. Good fuel and it will run more efficiently and give you less trouble. There's a car analogy for you. I shall try to think of a better one next time.

    But damn it, have the dumplings and the cider if you want. Just know you will have to compensate somewhere - super good food somewhere else in that day and when you do have the dumplings, portion contolled of course, it might not seem like it was worth it.
    We'll see.

    Good luck, Jen

  2. Seriously cute huh?!! I went look for a good food or effort related picture - and found that one instead. It was actually a struggle to find a junk food picture where it didn't make me want to go out and eat it :)

    Thanks! Yeah I tend to have something (like KFC) and feel absolutely awful afterwards but then over time you forget and you're like - mmm that looks good. So I hope that writing down reminders helps. It's stopped me buying CCs out of the vending machine at work at least :)

    Yeah not buying fundraising chocolate would be bad because you're supporting charity!! ;)

    But I think good fuel is a key thing to remind - so good analogy!

    For the 12 weeks I'm going to try and eat good things just to see if it makes a difference to how I feel - and then after that I imagine I'll balance the treats with good food and exercise. I've always been a big believer is justifying bad stuff with I'll compensate for it later - but I often fell down on that task.

    Hopefully a lot of stuff I love won't seem worth it down the track :)

    Good luck too!

  3. You will be surprised by the food that we can eat on the program and the recipes provided. In this current round there has been burgers (3 different sorts, all delicious) nachos, bacon and egg brekkies, steak sandwiches, curries PIZZA and pasta.

    There was not a lot of bread but you should try rye bread if you don’t like wholegrain.

    I am a pizza fiend as well, but I have found that the pizzas I used to eat are nothing compared to those we have now. There are a number of different types on the menus and you will be surprised. I am also a potato cake lover, but haven’t had one for 14 weeks. Love the smell of them when I walk past the chip shop but the grease puts me off considering eating them.

    If I can offer one piece of advice, be open minded with the food on this challenge. I was sceptical but have tried everything. There is very little cheese (hard cheese) but there is plenty of ricotta and cottage cheese. You are allowed lite swiss cheese in your wraps though

    1. Thanks Greg - am trying to keep an open mind about the food and try stuff that might seem a bit odd. I've been reading about how the meatloaf and lasagne with orange juice should be avoided!

      Is Rye bread the one with chunky grainy seed bits in it? The helgas wholemeal bread is ok, but maybe that means it's not good for me! Hehe. I don't eat a whole lot of bread at the moment - If I have it it usually goes stale before I've eaten it. It's only really when I'm trying to save money that I have been resorting to toasted sandwiches - so I am looking forward to getting new lunch ideas that I can take to work.

      I think I've had one of those cheeses before and it wasn't anything like cheese - but we'll see how we go.

  4. on previous rounds there was a recipe for nachos that used mountain bread for the "corn chips" that was pretty damn scrummy (still make it occasionally but it has grown with more things added)

    True rye bread is dark and heavy (and my downfall with soft cheese).

    I haven't bought bread at home for months, I just don't seem to want to eat it.

    Greg is right - keep an open mind with the food. You will be surprised.

    1. I am looking forward to the meal plans! I must admit I bought MB's crunch time book when it came out and didn't think much of the meal plan then but re-reading it now it doesn't seem so bad. Think Jillian michaels and bob harpers "brain washing" (I use that term loosely) has had some effect to my thinking :)