Saturday, August 25, 2012

First week planned

So last Thursday the exercise plans and food/recipes got released. Overall looks pretty good! There's a few food items I've swapped out. Briefly considered the Cajun fish stew but meh! Have swapped out the breakfast frittata as I don't have a grill - and realised a banana breakfast smoothie would be easier before our Saturday group session. Will be trying heaps of different food which is pretty cool! Will be super weird taking in prepared lunches especially! I've also printed out the intermediate indoor and outdoor workouts.

Now that I have the plan I can complete the organise and diarise task (for week 1). Already I have 2 red flag days. Friday is a work team lunch we try to do fortnightly - I figure I'll try to find a vego dish (I'm supposed to be eating a roast capsicum sandwich). Sunday is fathers day. No idea what's happening for it. Shame as that's when I'm supposed to be enjoying a beef and red wine stew. My Saturday lunch is supposed to be leftovers and dinner is open. Hoping to persuade jase to make something yummy. As long as I don't go overboard! :)

So the plan:
Monday - toning DVD (supposed to be on Tuesday but I'm working around a boxing circuit class on Wednesday).
Tuesday - 25 mins cardio run with the puppy followed by the cardio circuit (outdoors planned for Monday).
Wednesday - potential walk with both puppies, boxing class at derrimuts at night. Will see how many meatheads go :/
Thursday - 25 mins cardio run with the puppy followed by cardio circuit that was planned for Wednesday.
Friday - Bob Harper yoga DVD
Saturday - group pt session with the Transformers
Sunday - well earned rest!

But to do all that I'll be getting up at 6 am most weekdays. Seriously?!! Hopefully I don't have my usual insomnia - if I miss a morning workout I'll do the full DVD option when I get home from work!

Must do my supermarket shopping tomorrow - might need to change that to Saturdays in future in case something unexpected crops up!

It's amazing how full the diary seems when you plan everything out. Only thing missing is my snacks but will have to see what I find at the supermarket.

Good luck everyone :)

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