Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Warm up challenges (4, 5, 6)

Here are the second set of warm up challenges

4. Write Down Everything You Eat

Over the next 7 days I want you to write down everything you eat and drink. Don't change your diet, eat as you always have. I'm not quite eating as I always have but I'm still having "naughty" stuff (by the end of the week more so :))

Mon - Raisin Toast x 2 slices, cheesy pasta, prime rib with roasted beetroot, onions and potatoes. Coconut water (without the splash of fruit juice, glasses of water)

Tues - Kapai Puku with almond milk, leftover prime rib steak and beetroot sandwich with white bread,  jam doughnut (from the vic market), Carman's Dark Choc Cranberry & Almond bar, chicken stirfry with udon noodles. Chai Tea, glasses of water

Wednesday - banana, raspberry and almond milk smoothie, beans on toast, big Mac (oops), 2 pieces of pizza hut pizza (oops)

Thursday - The second half of my smoothie from yesterday. Pear, a huge bowl of penne with chicken and mushrooms (well it was a girly lunch that I specifically had to have my last bowl of creamy tasty pasta - although it wasn't that creamy), a glass of Shiraz Cabernet, a 100s and 1000s freddo (it was for charity and the guy next to me has had 4 sitting on his desk uneaten all week, although it left me with a horrid sickly sweet aftertaste - boo!), small chicken stirfry and less than normal basmati rice, a weak glass of ribena

Friday - Kapai Puku with almond milk, Half a strawberry freddo twin pack (thanks desk buddy), Lamb Rogan Josh with rice, garlic naan, papadum with yoghurty stuff (I think I had too much naan but it sure was tasty), Apple Cider and a handful or potato chips, fried rice with beef

Saturday - my breakfast smoothie, small penne carbonara, a much too sweet mocha (good though), cinnamon doughnut, slice and a bit of iced fruit bun, peppermint tea, chicken taco, chocolate pudding with cream

Sunday - no breakfast as jase had to fix the rangehood (yay for having someone handy!), beef with fried rice (too salty - maybe MSG in there), cadbury's creation bar (jelly bean and popping candy - why am I just trying this a week before the program starts?!), roast lamb with potatoes, pumpkin, gravy, steamed carrot, corn and brocolli.

Wow looking back on that I sure eat lots of crap!!   I think I'm supposed to work out daily calories - but they'd just be largely guesses anyway.  From a take away perspective we did pretty good this week.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday all involved 1 meal eaten out - but it's not rare that we'd eat out twice on a saturday!  Alcohol intake was pretty good.   I look forward to having more meal ideas after the 12 weeks! :)

5. Set Yourself a Meal Schedule

This challenge is about pre-planning what you will to eat and also when you will eat it.  If I could be bothered organising my own meals and meal schedule I wouldn't have signed up for this challenge :)

I do see the benefit in pre-planning.  Makes it easier to eat healthy stuff if it's all planned out.

Can't wait until the program starts complete with shopping lists so that my thinking is largely done!

6. Track How Much You Spend On Food

How many times do you open your wallet each day to buy food?

Monday - almost bought Maccas but after waiting awhile and then having a little asian woman cut in front of me I decided just to eat at home.
Tues - $1 doughnut.
Wednesday - $4.80 big Mac.
Thursday -$22 for pasta and my glass of shiraz cabernet, $1 for a freddo
Friday - $20 for lamb rogan josh meal
Saturday - $2 water, $15 for pasta and mocha
Sunday -$12 for my rice and pasta

It's a bit rare that I'd organise a group lunch in the same week the work developer group lunch would happen - plus it was someone's farewell lunch on the friday as I wasn't stoked about paying $20 for indian food (not including a drink!) I think part of my choices are influenced by the fact I know I have 8 days to go before I'm "eating clean".  Whilst I'm sure it won't be as bad as part of me expects - it's still sitting there in my mind!  At least I've cut back on how much I buy from the work vending machine :)

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  1. Get prepared for no pasta like that or the creamy sauces, little if any rice and a total change to that diet. Don't stress though, that is similar to what I would have eaten. The food you will prepare is to die for and you will be surprised.