Monday, August 20, 2012

My first SSS

So on Saturdays there is supposed to be a 1000 calorie burning super session. The slight problem with that is I don't really wanting to be doing more than 1.5 hr workout. We'll see if that changes as the program kicks into gear. I think the theory is 1 hr of cardio and 1 hr of strength work. But I'd like to be able to rely on the local 12wbters group session. Today 524 calories in 1:12:00.

So preparation for this wasn't awesome. I walked highpoint for ages the night before and ended up with a sore foot, sore calve muscle from previous days workouts and sore lower back. I also slept badly and really didn't want to get out of bed when my alarm went off at 7:45am. But jase kicked me out of bed so I made my breakfast smoothie, got the dogs out of bed and into my exercise gear (me not the dogs).

The weather was kind to us - whilst it was grey and cold the rain stayed away until our last station and then poured down as we attempted planks in the park's gazebo. One of our team members (thanks Shannon!!) set up the stations with laminated signs, equipment and timed music and got us warmed up, exercised, planked and stretched :) I'm not sure I did the leg stations hard enough as my legs are mildly noticeable whereas my arms are dead and I feel like someone has kicked me in the guts! It was good group though for our first workout with a nice even number and a chance to get to know one another whilst working out. I look forward to finding out more peoples' story :)

Post workout was on an adrenaline high though my eating probably could have been heaps better. But will be interesting to see the scales on Wednesday compared to last week, given I've eaten stuff I wouldn't during my 12 weeks and increased my exercise intensity.

Here was the view on finishing!


  1. Stick with it, you are at least out there and well done Jase for adopting the JFDI attitude for YOU!!

    1. Hehe yeah it was worth doing. I think I'll need to stop worrying so much about the calories, as long as I'm out there trying hard. I'm not really doing this to lose much weight - it's more about getting active and eating healthier :)

      As a bonus I didn't have a headache - the last few times I've tried outdoor group sessions I've obviously tensed unknowingly and hurt my neck/back. Fingers crossed for next week!

      The good thing about this program already is meeting people with like minded goals from a range of backgrounds - so I should be able to find some workout buddies to help motivate me :)