Monday, August 6, 2012

Gear up

The third pre-season task is about gearing up.

Six workouts a week based on what program you choose. I think I chose the intermediate tone up program - but there's a fitness test coming up to help determine that's the right one for me. Intermediate means I'm supposed to be exercising already - but since signing up I've started.

The at home workout suggests I need a bench, but supposedly a fitness ball will suffice. The outdoor workout apparently requires some lateral thinking to have the necessary "equipment". Ideally I'd be at a gym but I refuse to sign up to another gym membership unless I know I'm going to get my money's worth this time! We'll see how we go at home and with a Saturday outdoors workout. I still wonder how we're supposed to burn 1000 calories on Saturdays!

Thanks to the program I got a new polar heart rate monitor at 30% off with free express delivery, and 50% off berlei bras thanks to someone in a 12wbt Facebook group. Super happy with my FT60 - it's so satisfying seeing statistics about your workout!  Plus it arrived the day after placing the order. Potentially I need new running shoes but I think they'll be waiting at least another month.  Will also see how necessary a fitball is. Hopefully we get the program in advance.

It'll be good to start getting use out of the drawer of fitness clothes I own :)

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