Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 3

Alarm set for 6:30 as I was planning on going for a short walk with the dogs.  Didn't sleep well - bit stressed about work, non-work stuff and my back and neck were really sore.  Alarm goes off, turn it off, consider going back to sleep.  Decide I should walk the dogs at about 6:45 so got out of bed, dressed, dogs leashed and eventually out of the door.  Couldn't find my headphones so put my iphone on loud in my pocket.  Started off walking then did a bit of jogging, but for the last stretch of road Yoshi just didn't want to run anymore.  Probably because I switched sides so he was on the fence side, not the grassy side where he had been previously bolting off to.

20 mins and 136 calories later back home for breakfast.  Baked beans on toast with baby spinach leaves.  Whilst I'm a big fan of baked beans it still took me a while to get through it all - still not used to eating in the mornings I don't think!!  Prepared my Mediterranean vegetable sandwich - with no enthusiasm.  Basil and ricotta, artichoke heart sliced, char grilled capsicum and chargrilled eggplant.  Not being a fan of artichoke or eggplant I was kind of dreading lunch time.  However it turned out to be ok.  It still took me about 40 minutes to get through - I ate half of it and felt pretty full.  Pushed through the second half though. I still prefer the roast beef and rocket sandwich from earlier on in the week - however I had visions of me chucking out this sandwich but it wasn't bad.  I should probably have done my own capsicum and eggplant instead of buying it from the deli - but I wasn't sure if I'd like it enough :)

Dinner was the pumpkin soup - seriously awesome to be able to go home, spend a small amount of time heating up the soup and cooking little rolls.  I didn't quite have a small wholegrain roll - but had a bake at home type woolies white little roll.  I stopped at 1 though!  Even better was that Jase was happy with the consistency.  Just the serving size was a bit too small.  I was starving afterwards - and it was a bit iffy how big a serve actually was, especially when I didn't use 2 cups of the stock because I wanted it thick.  Meh.. I think my last two containers of soup I'll just heat up at once.

Had to wait until 8:30 for my boxing class to begin - sooo annoying.  Had I not been meeting someone there it's highly likely I wouldn't have gone.  The class itself was really intense.  When he called for a break you really wanted the break.  Burnt around 260 calories.. but worked my arm muscles good! Afterwards though my knee and foot were a bit sore from kneeing and kicking the heavy bag.  Plus the foot I'd been kicking with has been the one that's been sore for the past week - so maybe I should have switched sides :)

Took me a little while to calm the brain down to sleep!!  Good class though (I think).  Shame as the parking there is atrocious - and it's a decent drive away.  But $5 a casual visit - nice!

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