Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Exercising with Dogs

So I've been varying taking my Puggle Puppy for a run in the mornings with doing an exercise dvd in the loungeroom.  I feel a bit guilty leaving them in their crates whilst I'm working out so I thought I'd see how they'd go whilst I was doing a yoga workout.

So I let them out of their crates and they ran outside whilst I set up my mat and towel and got the dvd going. The staffy then ran back in and jumped excitedly over the mat and started doing little downward dog moves with his tail wagging.  I managed to get him off my mat so I could start my workout.  Then my Puggle puppy ran back in, ran in front of me, tried to chew my towel, then proceeded to roll around in front of me before going back to trying to steal my towel.

They were both stupidly excited but not quite ready to let me do a Yoga workout in peace :)

This is Bear the Staffy doing pushups whilst I was sitting in front of the telly (from a completely different day but I thought it was cute)

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