Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kitchen Makeover

So this task was about clearing out your kitchen - and as shiney as it sounded it didn't quite happen like the video demonstrated :)

Step 1.  Pull a bin into the middle of the room, open pantry and proceed to chuck out doritos, tim tams, etc..

OK - no biscuits or corn chips to be found in the pantry.  There are however non salt reduced asian sauces, my baking goods, and a packet of pop tarts which I spent about 2 hours tracking down someone with stock to get some as I hadn't had them in about 20 years (am I that old?!! :( ).  Granted I haven't touched the box of pop tarts in at least a month. Some other stuff I might have eaten (ssh!) - like the Muesli bars I have at work (but they are Low GI and Wheat Free).  So technically I might have failed the task as my theory has been I won't rebuy it but I'm not chucking it out! :)

I did throw out some things like the sugar laden ginger beer that's been sitting in the fridge for months and anything past its use by date - but I'm not in the habit of opening up the pantry and hunting through it for snacks.  I also didn't see the point in throwing out my asian sauces and baking goods.  I doubt I'm going to turn into a person who thinks "this food is evil" and never touch them again - I'll just make sure there's an abundance of healthy stuff being consumed :)

I won't be buying crap at the supermarket so if anything comes into the house that Jase wants to eat he'll be buying it! I'll be sticking to the shopping lists I hope :)

Step 2. (ARGH! Now I have the lyrics to the NKOTB song going through my head). Have an enrolment conversation with everyone in the house.

Well I didn't throw anything significant out so there wasn't much of a conversation to have.  Before I signed up there was the warning of "You probably won't like the food - but it's what I'll be cooking, you can fend for yourself if you don't like it" :)

Step 3. Use the shopping list to stock up on healthy foods.

So we haven't seen the eating plan, or the first week's shopping lists but she mentions stuff to get us started.  Now a lot of the Pantry Essentials I wouldn't know what to do with without a recipe, and I don't want to eat anchovies or tinned fish.  I do have MSG free stock cubes, canned tomatoes and dried herbs but there was lots of stuff I didn't have.  I figured instead of spending a fortune stocking up the pantry 2 weeks before we get our eating plan that I would just wait and buy pantry stuff as needed.

As a plus I do have kitchen scales and measuring spoons (I'm not sure where the whole set is) but might need to get a new set of measuring cups, just because I know I'm missing some of the measurements - and someone else blogged about these awesome babushka style owl cups. But on the whole - check!

I don't have the fridge essentials - and am not super keen on the low-cal (skim) milk or soy milk.. but I thought my almond milk was supposed to be healthy so I'll stick with that.  Again I'll wait for my eating plan before stocking it up.

It's a little frustrating not having the eating plan yet - I'm sure that would help with the shopping but never mind :)


  1. Hi Jen,

    Just to let you know the food is amazing. :)

  2. The food rocks :)

    I still do some of the dishes from R1 & R2 last year and nobody who has eaten it knows it is from the eating plan and they're only eating about 300 cals :)

    I can't wait to see this round's food.

    I haven't bought any of the pantry essentials, there are things on there that I don't eat and other's I will see whether I will need or not.

    I am also bad and didn't go down the skim path for my milk last time & not going to this time.