Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Signed up!

After expressing interest in doing the 12WBT challenge last round I ended up signing up to the BobHarper website.  Where the promise of videos of Bob doing workouts seemed motivating enough.  So a few months down the track and I've made a couple of breakfast smoothies from the recipes and worked out with a bunch of videos.  Unfortunately they've gotten progressively more rep based with lots of standing around listening to instruction or require a chair, step or room to do walking lunges.  As much as I like doing a workout which is under 15 minutes I'm not convinced that it's doing that much for me.  Sometimes I just want to switch the brain off and follow an exercise workout (not worry about reps, keeping count, etc).

So Michelle Bridge's new 12wbt program was announced and a few people I knew were doing it so I thought why not.  My workout regime had dropped off - seriously who wants to work out in Winter with the cold and darkness!

I must admit I felt a little overwhelmed by how pumped everyone sounded on the forums - within days people had organised meetups. At first I was like Nah I don't think I'm ready to meet up with people yet, I want to ease into the program - but then wondered why I was posting on forums introducing myself and what area I lived in if I didn't really want to meet up with people offline. So after a few private messages from people (thanks tania and natalia!) I thought what the hell and agreed to go to the meetup on the Saturday. Turns out it wasn't that scary after all :)  Though I'm not sure I love the Boatshed menu and service.  When we walked up to the bar to pay the guy goes $30.  Umm ok how about printing out a bill for us with a breakdown because there's like 6 of us standing to pay?

It's going to be a massive challenge sticking to 12 weeks of an eating plan and exercise routine.  6 days of workouts??  I've missed the warm-up period (so I feel a little behind already) but in time for the pre-season tasks.  Time to get the head right :)

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