Monday, August 27, 2012

And they're off....

So the fact that I published this after entering only the title suggests how tired I'm feeling lol.

At about 4pm Sunday I went grocery shopping.  About 5:30pm I finally left the supermarket a little in shock at the first grocery bill.  Hopefully there's a few items which will be reusable/last awhile as I don't want to be spending that much every week!  I guess I wasn't preparing lunches at home before but still.

Get home, get everything packed away (already had done a bit more of a tidy of the freezer and the pantry finding stuff that was out of date), then put the pumpkin in the oven to make pumpkin soup.  I made the mistake of then sitting down on the floor with my dog who attempted to curl up in my lap (he's not very little).  This made it more difficult to get the motivation to get back up and do the other half of the preparation (doing the potatoes, leek, onion in stock).  Whilst that was cooking I made Cacao Bites.  Yet to try them as I'm not sure they're going to be that sweet.  Dates, Cacao Powder and Walnuts... hmm... other people have said they're good so fingers crossed.  So after dinner (which Jase thankfully cooked) I processed my soup in the food processor (a little too full as it leaked out the top), I decided to keep it thick in the hope that Jase will eat it (not a soup fan).  The recipe was supposed to use another 2 cups of stock.. so that kind of sounds like it would be mega runny.. unless it thickens more with more heat??  The recipe was written as if you were eating it straight after but 2 tupperware containers went into the freezer, one in the fridge for dinner and another small mug in the fridge for lunch.  Tasted alright as I'm not a massive pumpkin fan.  Though I'm not sure how full I'm going to feel after eating it.  So after all that it was time to wash all the dishes I had messed up.. ALL the dishes, and the bench tops - although being a sunday night I just wanted to kick back in front of the telly.

In bed around 9:45pm with the tv on (I know that's bad.. but within a tv episode I managed to drift off to sleep). The plan was to wake up at 6am and be exercising by 6:05. I was obviously too excited about getting up early as I was awake at 2:30am, and then again at 5:20am with tossing and turning inbetween.  By 5:45 I decided there was no point going back to sleep to get up at 6 so I got out of bed.  The dogs were super excited that I was up and wanted to be up too so I let them out of their crates - then decided to put them out the back so I could do my workout in peace.  My dog decided to go bark at the neighbour's dog (or at the side door I'm not sure which) so they were brought back inside to their crates.  Now I was feeling pretty tired and not quite ready for Michelle Bridges super bubbly, excited attitude.  It took me a little while to get into the workout.  I'm not sure what size living room other people have but mine isn't so conducive to running around in a 4 pace square . Can't say I loved the Toning dvd, and burnt only 136 calories in 45 minutes (focus was on strength work though).  I think I might alternate with Bob Harper's strength dvd even though that goes for over an hour.  As I'm not after a massive weight loss I'm not going to try to make up to 500 calories for the day.  Feeling a bit sore now.. but also sore in my forearm - so it doesn't all seem like a good sore :/  In theory this is what I should have been looking like this morning!

For my cardio day I had planned to run with the dog and then do the cardio circuit after I was warmed up - but spanner in the works... the sun isn't up at 6AM and I don't feel safe running in the dark through the local streets near me :(  So the alternative is eating breakfast first (porridge) and then running - which might make me feel ill, or I ditch the planned breakfast and have a "smoothie" so that I can get up later :)  Or of course get up earlier, do the DVD warmup, then the circuit and then a run... but umm.. given how I'm feeling today after lack of sleep I'm not feeling so keen at getting up EARLIER than 6am.

Breakfast this morning was Berry Bruschetta.  I had halved the recipe as it would have been wasted on Jase - though forgot to halve the ricotta.  So had 2 pieces of grainy bread toasted, topped with (too much) ricotta, and too many berries - apparently the two "handfuls" were supposed to be smaller.  That and the berries hadn't fully defrosted yet... after one piece of toast I'd had enough and the other bit got chucked out. Made lunch which was a Roast beef sandwich with rocket, horseradish, beetroot and tomato.  Quite tasty!  Still feeling hungry though - am trying a big glass of water!!  At least my Quaker's oat apple & cinammon cookies were yummy. :)

Big brain dump today!! Let's see if I grow to love mornings.

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