Sunday, August 26, 2012

My last Hoorah

So Friday afternoon Mish sends out an email saying not to use the weekend prior to the program as a last binge.  Her motto "Start the way you intend to finish". Some people were complaining about how the email should have been sent out earlier.

I'd already been to Trunk Diner for a wagyu beef burger with Cheddar cheese, avocado and the salad they give you (the burger isn't massive), fries and an awesome "Gaytime" milkshake.  I noticed they also had a Tim Tam Slam milkshake AND are doing hot dogs now (which look massive - there was one with chilli con carne).  The fries were a waste of time.  They're the shoestring fries but were broken so you'd get tiny bits of fries.  Disappointing.  But the burger and milkshake were fantastic.  I might have felt a little ill afterwards!

Friday night work drinks was a cider and then some chips (as I wanted something to help absorb the alcohol).  The packet - not hot variety.  Then off to highpoint for Gomez Y Guzman (or something similar to that name) burrito bowl goodness.  Now granted I'd had a couple of chips - but when I got my burrito bowl with a side of guac I couldn't get over how big the serving was.  I would have been lucky to get through half of it.  They could easily do half serves (and charge half as much) and that would make me happy!

From there I went to Big W, and then back via Ben & Jerrys for a farewell 2 scoop cup.  Now that tasted awesome - but I had eaten way too much food. Not so awesome was the walking outside to the freezing cold eating ice cream (I haven't bought B&Js in months!!)

Next day was a healthy banana shake/smoothie thing before the SSS.  Lunch was a very nice pork sausage ragu with penne (really wanted the risotto but they were out), also had a peppermint tea.  So the drinks are getting easier with sticking to water and tea mentally.  Unless I start thinking about it :)  Saturday night was dinner at a friends place.  Moroccan themed meat dishes and grilled? vegetables, oh and couscous.  Very yummy but I had a few drinks that evening so I woke up early Sunday wanting to die.  Sunday was a piece of raisin toast and no lunch as I couldn't be bothered going to go get something.  Went to a friend's place so I ended up having corn chips and dip.  For dinner a nice roast lamb, with roast potatoes, steamed vegetables and gravy.

So the friday isn't how I intend to finish.  I imagine I'll have treat meals, but not have like 3 treat meals in the same day :)  I do think I'm eating less than what I used to - but I still look at MB's recipes and wonder how I'm supposed to feel full after a 125g "Chicken Parmigiana" - but maybe I have indeed been eating too big a portion size!!

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