Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So I've started this blog as part of Michelle Bridges12wbt challenge. If it reads a bit weird it's probably because I seem to be writing my blog posts in the wrong order (as it was the Say It Out Loud task that triggered me creating a blog).

I'm a software developer who spends way too much time in front of a computer/tv.  I ride a scooter and have a Puggle puppy who probably needs to be on this program with me. :)

I have a weird fascination/like of polar bears (seriously how cute are they?!), and love going out to restaurants to eat nice food and drink wine.  I'm probably known at work for loving dumplings (way too much) and for trying to drag people off to different food venues that I want to try out. I'm also a big fan of I Can Has Cheezburger site with its funny pictures of cats - so I'll most likely include a few gems throughout my posts.

I used to really enjoy Body Combat classes and also did some running back in the day when Nike Town existed in Swanston St and they ran free training sessions where you could win prizes - I did - and try out their shoes - best idea ever!  My longest fun run was the Run for the kids which I think was 14km. After that it was kind of downhill from there in terms of motivation to keep running. I even went through a phase where I was doing Personal Training sometimes going several times a week with a martial arts guy - until he vanished from the gym and adjusted my direct debit in an attempt to rip me off.  Good times!

I'm hoping to document my journey over the 12 week program at the very least as a reminder to myself of the experience.

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